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WEIGHT WATCHERS ONLINE: Free Trial scam, unauthorized billing

Weight Watchers weight loss customers have reported problems getting refunds due to them, and having their credit cards charged after they’ve cancelled.  Some have alleged that the Weight Watchers free trial is a bait-and-switch scam.   Have you had a problem getting a refund from Weight Watchers?  Or have you had a good experience?  Share a comment below.

Friday, January 22, 2010 on the Ripoff Report, Haraldg of Washington, Iowa) wrote:

“After canceling our online account and WeightWatchers closing it so we could no longer access it, they continued to charge our credit card.  I did not notice it because they waited three months to charge the first amount then did it intermittently sometimes monthly, sometimes with two months in between.”

Saturday, February 21, 2009, James of Atlanta, GA wrote:

“I am a online user experience expert reviewing weightwatchers.com for an upcoming blog article. I signed up for the FREE 7 DAY trial to conduct the review.

“I clicked the FREE TRIAL button and was redirected to a sign up page. I didn’t see anything about a free trial so I went back to the previous page and clicked the FREE TRIAL button again. The website landed me back on the same sign up page.

“So I assumed I was signing up for the free trial and continued through the flow. When I came to the credit card entry form I assumed my card would be charged at the end of the seven day trial or at the least the funds be refunded when I canceled.

“After I completed a my usability review of the website I clicked on the Cancel Account link. I also sent a cancellation email to the customer service department.

“An agent named “Kelle” with Weight Watchers Online accounting department responded to let me know that my credit card was charged $65.00 and that I would only be receiving an $18.10 refund. So my two-hour “FREE TRIAL” actually cost $46.90.

“The agent was not at all concerned when I told her that I clicked on the FREE TRIAL link and cancelled after only 2 hours. Instead of addressing a significant error in the user interface, she referred me to the 10 page legal agreement I was supposed to read during sign up.

“After a bit more research I learned that Weight Watchers Online has an UNSATISFACTORY record with the BBB of New York and has had 43 complaints in the last 12 months! I also found many more users complaining about this very same issue in various forums.

“Weight Watchers Online baited me with a FREE TRIAL offer on their website. I signed up under this pretense. The fact that they immediately invoked the legal agreement without addressing an obvious problem on the website leads me to conclude that this is a deliberate BAIT AND SWITCH technique employed by what I believed was a trustworthy brand.

“In my opinion this despicable practice constitutes blatent online fraud. I will do everything in my power to make sure that Weight Watchers Online is investigated by the New York attorney general’s office. James Atlanta, Georgia
U.S.A.” (Ripoff Report)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005, Corrie from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania wrote:

“Last posting: Wednesday, September 17, 2008
I purchased one month of weight watchers online in June. After two weeks, I decided that the service wasn’t worth the cost. I decided not to renew. However, I apparently did not read the terms of service/small print closely enough.

“They automatically renew your subscription without telling you. They have charged me for June (the month that I purhased), plus July, August, September, October, and November at a rate of 16.95 each month.

“I have emailed them at least 20 times. After about 15 emails, they decided that I can have a refund of 2 months. What about the other three months of service they charged me for but I did not use? Corrie, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania U.S.A.” ((Ripoff Report)


JENNY CRAIG COMPLAINTS: Problems getting refunds

Jenny Craig weight loss customers have reported problems getting refunds due to them.  Have you had a problem getting a refund from Jenny Craig?  Or have you had a good experience?  Share a comment below.

On the Consumer Affairs board, Susan of Simi Valley, CA wrote:

“On Sept. 23, 2009 I joined Jenny Craig in Simi Valley, Ca.,however, the next day I changed my mind. I was not given a copy of the contract I signed so I went to the center and got my copy which said I had 3 business days to cancel “without penalty or obligation. I sent my request to cancel via Fed Ex on 9/24/09 and Jenny Craig Corporate offices received my cancellation letter on 9/25/09 at 2:42pm signed for by K F at Jenny Craig per FED EX. Several attempts to find out the status of my refund have been futile. The corporate offices state my letter is “m.i.a” and the manager at the Jenny Craig office in Simi Valley where I signed up states I was obligated to purchase a full week of the product in order to qualify for a refund even though the contract clearly states I had 3 business days to cancel “without penalty or obligation”.

“Futhermore, the contract states that upon receipt of request to cancel the buyer will be refunded in 10 days. I am getting a run around now from the corporate offices and the center. The very fact that the manager of the center did not give me my copy of the contract made my husband suspicious. And when I went to pick it up the next day an employee retrieved it in an unsecured area of the office with my credit card information available to anyone that entered this area. I left a message for the manager who did not call me back until the corporate offices told her I was unhappy with the treatment I received from her.

“All I want is my credit card to be refunded as I did all the right things according to the contract. Instead I am being told by the manager that I am going to be penalized because I did not keep the agreement for a full year!”


JENNY CRAIG COMPLAINTS: Outrageous shipping, No refund

Jenny Craig online weight loss members have complained about outrageous shipping charges, and to not receiving refunds promised to them.  Have you had a similar experience with Jenny Craig online?  Share a comment below.

February 4, 2010 Jenifer of Garland, TX posted this complaint with Consumer Affairs:

“On January 14, 2010 I joined the Jenny Craig on-line program. On January 15, I called back to cancel after I realized they misrepresented their program and SHIPPING COSTS WERE 65.00!!!!!!!!!! They said 7-10 days for a refund. The next day the representative who signed me up for the program originally called me to confirm I wanted to cancel which is completely retarded. She said she had to talk to me before she could release my order. I told her to release the order.

“THEN by January 28 (13 days after I cancelled) I still did not have a refund. Lyndsey Nims is a supervisor at Jenny Craig and she said she was walking the refund upstairs "right then" when I spoke to her on February 3, 2010. However, when I called back today, Feburary 4 to make sure she had actually taken it "upstairs" I was told by "Brenda" that they didn’t have my credit card information and therefore could not process my refund. Now I’ve spoken to about 5 people regarding my refund and Brenda is the first person to ask for my credit card number. I am livid.”