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LA Weight Loss Centers Closing in Rochester, Minnesota

L.A. Weight Loss just announced its closing in Rochester, Minnesota center, according to the Post-bulletin:

“L.A. center to close

L.A. Weight Loss is trimming from its corporate waistline and that means Rochester’s center will close soon.

Current members will still receive the full program, the company said. “We are servicing out all of our clients. We’re not just closing our doors,” said spokeswoman Jackie Zima. “We’re there through the end of the year.”

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LA Weight Loss Center Closing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

L.A. Weight Loss just announced its closing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin center, according to a report on WQOW:

“L.A. Weight Loss just announced its closing in Eau Claire next Wednesday.

“When News 18 contacted the corporate offices, they sent us this statement: ‘We wish we could have stayed open after operating in the Eau Claire area for 4 years, but the economic conditions in our country at this time have forced us to close our centers.’

“Several members of L.A. Weight Loss contacted the station expressing their frustration. The members say it’s not just losing out on money they’re upset about.

“Members told News 18 they were looking forward to the extra support during the holiday season….”

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LA Weight Loss Center Closes in Great Falls, MT

The LA Weight Loss Center in Great Falls, MT has closed, according to local station KRTV:

"The Great Falls business community has suffered another loss, as L.A. Weight Loss closed this week.

The weight loss business was located in the Twilite Center on Smelter Avenue.

A toll-free number on the L.A. Weight Loss website states, "At this time there are no L.A. Weight Loss centers in your calling area."

It’s unknown how many employees the closure affects or what current L.A. Weight Loss customers can do to get refunds."

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LA Weight Loss Centers Closing in Portland, OR

All the LA Weight Loss Centers in Portland, OR are closing, according to a KATU report:

“PORTLAND, Ore. – The poor economy is forcing LA Weight Loss to close all of its franchises in the Portland area.

“The company is offering an alternative program and some customers may be eligible for refunds.

“Following is a statement from LA Weight Loss Franchise Company Inc., in Horsham, Pennsylvania:

“We wish we could have stayed open after operating in the Portland area for six years, but because of the economic conditions in our country at this time, which has forced us to close our centers. We are proud and happy to have helped the thousands of clients, who had success on our program and achieved their personal goal weights.

LA Weight Loss is currently still open and in the process of servicing out all active clients and are notifying all of them through letters and telephone calls, as well as in-person meetings.

We have a program set up called ‘LA on the GO’ to continue to provide the service and product as well as one-on-one counseling over the phone. Active clients who are currently participating on the program and have chosen to not participate on the LA on the GO program will receive a refund if eligible. Any active LA Weight Loss client that has questions can contact their local center.””

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LA WEIGHT LOSS: La Quinta Center Closes Abruptly, Strands Members

Here’s the report in the Desert Sun:

The Coachella Valley’s only La Weight Loss Center, previously at 79-220 Corporate Center Dr. Suite 102 in La Quinta, closed its doors without notifying customers Sept. 24. Franchise owner Patricia Gesswein has left a message on her cell phone, telling her customers she will miss them.
“I got instructions from the corporate office today and I had no notice,” Gesswein tells callers. “This was my job and my life. I’ve never been in a siuation like this.”
But the corporate offices for La Weight Loss, based in Horsham Township, PA. said she is responsible for the closure.
“We’re as befuddled as the customers are,” said Brian Siegel, senior vice president. “She took their money and shut without notice. She needs to give refunds because these are not our operating procedures.”

It is surprising that Brian Segal is “befuddled,” since LA Weight Loss has evidently closed more than sixty locations recently (See our unofficial list of LA Weight Loss center closings).  It’s also surprising that Patricia Gesswein claims she receved “instructions” from the corporate office and refers to LAWL as her “job.”  As a franchisee, she is the owner of the franchised business.

Comments on the story were unsympathetic to Gesswein.

Suzy Snowflake wrote:  “Hokey Pokey diet anyway. Doesn’t work.”

ChrisinPS wrote:  “Sorry Patricia, your excuse does not pass the smell test. You are the franchise owner, but say that corporate closed you down? Sounds like she took the money and ran.”




Weight Loss Complaints maintains this unofficial list of rumors and reports of LA Weight Loss center closings because LA Weight Loss chooses not to share information with the press or its members. The following list of recent and upcoming closures is compiled through press reports and tips from LA Weight Loss members and customers.
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This unofficial list is compiled and updated through comments, tips and rumors supplied to us by anonymous LA Weight Loss employees, LA Weight Loss members and ex-members, and news reports. Please post any corrections, additions or insights in the comments section below. Thanks!

LA Weight Loss Centers Reported Closed or Closing Soon

Updated 8/22/08

CA San Diego
CA Escondido
CA Encinitas
CA Bakersfield – East (Mount Vernon Ave.)
CA Bakersfield – SW (Ming Ave.)
CA Poway (San Diego)
CA Chula Vista
CA El Cajon

CA La Quinta

CO Colorado Springs (Closed 7/08)
CO Denver (Blvd Ctr – Sept. 08)
CO Aurora
CO Boulder
CO Lakewood
CO Centennial

GA Conyers
GA Alpharetta
GA Camps Creek
GA Lawrenceville
GA Stone Mountain

ID Boise,
ID Nampa

IN Evansville
IN Vincennes
IN Terre Haute
IN Bloomington

KY Elizabethtown,
KY Louisville/Hurstbourne
KY Springhurst
KY Frankfort (Closed 08/08)
KY Lexington Hamburg Pavilion (Closed 08/08)
KY Lexington Beaumont Centre (Closed 08/08)
KY Owensboro

MT Bozeman

NE Butte
NE Lincoln

NV Reno
NV Sparks

NC Jacksonville
NC Wilmington (Closed 7/08)

SC Asheville
OK Oklahoma City – North (10/08)
OK Oklahoma City – South (10/08)
OK Mid West City (10/08)
OK Edmond (10/08)
OR McMinnville (09/08)
OR Sherwood (09/08)
SC Greenville
SC Spartanburg

TN Chattanooga
TN Bartlett (8/29/08)
TN Columbia
TN Kingsport
TN Jackson
TN Bristol
TN Johnson City
TN Greenville

TX Temple
TX Waco (September 26th)
TX Killeen (September 26th)
TX College Station (September 26th)

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LA Weight Loss Closings: Poway, San Diego Centers to Close This Week

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This just in from clariece

Poway (San Diego) center closes at the end of the week. They’re referring everyone to either Oceanside (70 miles roundtrip), Mission Valley (40 miles roundtrip) or to L.A. Weight Loss online.

San Diego reports:

Another San Diego market update – All the remaining centers in the San Deigo market that did not close last month, are closing now! The centers is Chula Vista, El Cajon and Poway are closing their doors as of tonight (09-10-2008) leaving only the Mission Valley and Oceanside locations open for a week, before they close on 9-17-08. If anybody in the San Diego market reads this before those centers close tonight and you are owed any product, go get it now, if you can, and also as for your file so you can make sure your social security & credit card numbers and any other personal information don’t get dumped in the trash. Otherwise go to the Mission Valley or Oceanside centers before the 17th. Hope this news helps, and sorry for the short notice, but the news just came down the pipe an hour ago.
Funny enough, they also have a nationwide marketing campaign for a Friends & Family two for one signup scheduled for the 16th! I would not refer anyone to join in San Diego if I were you – not much value in a 24 hour program…

Here’s the updated list:  LA WEIGHT LOSS: Centers Closed or Closing (Updated List)


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LA WEIGHT LOSS: Oklahoma Centers Rumored to Close in October

This warning appeared today over at the 3 Fat Chicks forum, and was posted by hmmm. Keep in mind that this news – like the others on our list – is rumor, unconfirmed and unsubstantiated (LA Weight Loss’ policy is obviously not to comment), and should be verified. That being said, the rumors reported here and at www.franchisepick.com have had a high degree of accuracy.

Hmmm states:

October 3, 2008 is when South OKC, North OKC, Edmond and Mid West City WILL be closing their doors for good. They have not told their clients yet and starting August 25 they will only be open Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. The plan is to have everyone transitioned to “LA on the Go” by then. I don’t really know what that means or how it works though. It just makes me so sad though. I apparently have been one of the rare ones who had a really good center which for the most part had really good counselors (management, until about 8 months ago).
I have always been so proud of this program. I loved their philosophy, they really seemed to set themselves apart from everyone else. And now, to see it come crashing down, city after city, human being after human being with their personal stories thrown away like they were just some paperwork of a failed business. People who have tried other plans, lost weight only to gain it back again and again. People who somehow gather up just enough courage to try something different one more time and pour their hearts to a stranger that said, “I will help you. We will be here for you every step of the way. We’re going to walk you through this, you don’t have to do this alone.. We’re going to teach you how to eat right in the real world, with your own foods through weight loss then we’ll still be with you while you’re ‘maintainiing’ it.”
I’m so sorry for the ones who give up because of this huge mess LA Weight Loss has created…
So Oklahoma, go to your centers and get what belongs to you. Ask for your bars, or refunds or whatever you feel you need to do. But don’t quit losing your weight and being healthy!!!

Thanks go out to Hmmm and 3 Fat Chicks for the warning.

We’ll add them to the LA WEIGHT LOSS: Centers Closed or Closing (Updated List)

LA Weight Loss has 3 Oklahoma City locations listed:
Belle Isle, OK 1841 Belle Isle Boulevard, Suite L, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 (405) 879-3335

Palagio, OK 10400 South Western, Suite 3, Oklahoma City, OK 73139 (405) 691-7474

Midwest, OK
7201 SE 29th, Suite 205, Midwest City, OK 73110 (405) 737-2628

Edmond, OK Edmond University Shopping Center, 1193 East Second Street, Edmond, OK 73034 (405) 340-7510

If you are a member or employee of one of these centers, ask if they will continue to sell pre-paid memberships through October. Please let us know what they say.


LA WEIGHT LOSS EMPLOYEES: “How do you sleep at night?”

How do LA Weight Loss employees sleep at night?

That was a question asked in a recent email sent to us by a woman who had entrusted an LA Weight Loss employee with several thousand dollars of her hard-earned money… money she could not afford to lose.

She recounted how the woman had looked her straight in the eye and told her they were in this together, that they would work as a team to help her meet her goals and start a whole new era in her life.

The next week she returned to find the door locked and her team, like her money, long gone.

“Losing that much money was devastating, but that wasn’t the worst of it,” the woman wrote. “I felt absolutely violated. How do people do that to other people and be able to sleep at night?”

LA WEIGHT LOSS EMPLOYEES: Are you required to keep selling when you know your center will be closing? Do you know others who have?