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LA WEIGHT LOSS: Scammed in Mooresville, NC

Another sad story of a couple scammed by LA Weight Loss.  They prepaid for 6 months and never received a thing, not their money back:

“In July of 2008, My husband and I joined La Weight Loss at the Mooresville,NC location. We joined knowing that we could not do it if we did not do it together. The next day I found out that I was pregnant. We went to the center and they told us that we had recieved a huge discount and if we ask for the refund and wanted to join again it would be 2-3 times more expensive. So we said that we would pay and do the program after the baby was born (which he was just born March 26). The told my husband to try the program without me and if it did not work (because we kept saying that one of us could not do the program without the other) then he could start again when I started. Well obviously it did not work and we were so excited to start the program May 1st just to find out that the center had closed and there is NO centers opened. The phone numbers on the websites had busy-like sounds when you call.

I never even got anything from them and never got any consultations…..I gave them my money and got NOTHING!!!! How do I get my money back. We did not have the Care card but did set up a 6 month payment plan which is already paid for. Can someone help….do i need to contact an attorney? Thank you for any suggestions. On top of needing this money bad since my husband and I are both out of work with a newborn and another child, I feel scammed.”


LA Weight Loss rip-off, center closed, no refund, should be sued

“I paid A LOT for my LA WEIGHT LOSS MEMBERSHIP and had a few months left. I had some stressors and stopped going for a few months, then decided to get jump started now that summer is here. Went to the store, and was shocked to see there was no sign, the store was empty, no sign on the door, and then I called and the phone rang and there was not even a message! And to think that last week I received a card in the mail to “Come back to LA for free”! I know the stores in Illinois closed, and I am over the border in Wisconsin. Right before I left, the store hours changed twice, and corporate was in there. I had a bad feeling about it and that also made me stop going. I am mad,feel like I got taken for a ride, and wonder how many may have just joined and got ripped off! These people need to be sued!”