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LA WEIGHT LOSS Screws More Customers Closes Calgary Centers,

LA Weight Loss scams again.  This time it’s the residents of Alberta, Canada who lost more from their bank accounts than their waistlines.

Have you been a victim of LA Weight Loss?  How much did you lose?  Share your story below!

Here’s an excerpt from the story LA Weight Loss Closes Doors from CTV.ca

Albertans looking to lose weight will need to look elsewhere after L.A. Weight Loss has said they will be closing due to ongoing financial problems.

The company made the announcement in a letter to their clients dated Sept. 27.

It says that all L.A. Weight Loss centres will be closed in Alberta as of Wednesday, including all four locations in Calgary.

On Wednesday morning, customers found a locked door at the Glamorgan Plaza location and were left wondering what to do next.

Kerry Brackel says it’s unfortunate that the franchise has to close in the province. "There are a lot of people that are irritated here. It was a pretty good program. It helped me and it helped some people in my family. I heard about it last night, so we came by to pick up some stuff, but that is not going to be happening."

Brackel says that he can’t help but feel a little ripped off. "The company had to know this was happening because bankruptcy doesn’t just happen overnight."

Some customers only joined a couple of weeks ago and they’re stunned at the closure…

Brookman says that the company has been acting in very poor faith towards its customers.

The L.A. Weight Loss North Dakota franchise has offered to provide the L.A. At Home service for Alberta clients.

In this service, staff will be available over the phone on a weekly basis and the product purchased in the regular program will be shipped directly to customers.

However, the franchise is not responsible for any product left owing, shipping costs, or outstanding bulks from the closing Alberta franchise.

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Jennifer writes “I just received a pamphlet in the mail this weekend for their new Rapid Results Diet System and the pamphlet states “Until now, the program and products were only available at LA Weight Loss Ceters but now they are available online and brought to you by a NEW COMPANY: LA TO YOUR DOOR.” This REALLY PISSES ME OFF!

“My mother and I both became members of L.A. Weight Loss/Pure Weight Loss and were pursuaded to pay for the entire program up front in July 2007 to the tune of about $1,820.00. Then, they closed their doors in January 2008, but our counselor was able to assist us with filling out documentaiton for a refund from the company, which totalled right around $1,400.00. When I found out they were filing Chapter 7, I contacted the United States Bankruptcy Court for Eastern District of Pennsylvania and completed documentation needed to become a party to that action. As of this date, I have been corresponding with the trustee and was advised that he anticipated a distribution of funds in 2010; however, as of this date, I have not heard anything futher from him.


Charmaine writes:

“I just got the postcard in the mail, too. Now I am upset. I filed suit with the PA attorney general and got a letter saying there was nothing I could do, I am out over $500 owed to me for products. I contacted the PA attorney general via e-mail today asking how this can happen. Meanwhile, I was so disgusted, I threw out all the original paperwork. Somebody should contact 60 minutes and refer this story to THEM so nobody buys this crap ever again. I suggest mass emailings AND phone calls to the PA attorney general and to attorney generals in other states if you got your previous items there. And the center I was a member of did not notify consumers they were going out of business, so when I found out from a fellow member, I ran down there, but they were out of everything. I see they are also offering new franchises. BUYERS BEWARE!!!! DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!!”

Steven Ferguson:

“I just got the postcard many of you have mentioned and I am furious as well!

”I am owed quite a few LA lites from the abrupt closing of Pure Weight loss.

“It is true those bars are the best – but the ripped off customers should get the supply they never got free from this “new” company. Everything looks very close to the old LA Weight Loss! They have to be the same people.

“The PA attorney general should not allow this to happen without compensating the clients of the bankrupt company which has now re-opened!

“Has any one approached the PA AttorneyGeneral about this ?

“I hope we can get something back – either $$ or product!”

LA Lites, LA Weight Loss ripoff, LA To Your Door Scam, Horsham PA, Do not trust them

LA Weight Loss customers who were cheated out of thousands of dollars in prepaid services and products are infuriated by the reemergence of LA Weight Loss of Horsham, PA and their LA To Your Door program.

Rita J. Wilson writes:

“It is the exact same executive staff, they just changed the name of the parent company. Christy McKenna was in charge of Operations of the company when it had centers and she now is running this division. I would not trust them with my credit card information!”

BB writes:

“Well I used to work for them… I got the same postcard. Yes the company basically closed there doors and some of the employees from there…. started the LA to your door thing. Its still based out of Horsham but in a different location. They do still have the rights to the name and all. Its the same food and everything just they dont have the centers with counselors anymore just if you were interested in getting the product still they have it available. Its a shame what happened! I feel”

Kelly writes:

“OMG this is absolutely ridiculous. I just got this postcard in the mail–meanwhile I am still waiting for the $560 they still owe to me. This is nuts.”

Bernadin, N. writes:

“What a rip off !!! The place closed up with out a word and I am out 86 boxes of LA lites. Forget it on buying more, once Ripped off is enough!!!”

AG writes:

“OMG is right! I’m owed money as well after the centers near me closed with no warning. They tried to sell me on “LA On the Go” which I declined so they told me I needed to fax paperwork in to get a refund – numerous tries with no response and then the number was disconnected. Now I received a postcard in the mail to sign up for “LA To Your Door” – is there nothing we can do?”


LA Weight Loss to Refund Members $200,000

The Oregon Attorney General has issued the following press release:

The Defunct Diet Center Chain and Oregon Franchise Agree to Pay $200,000.

Attorney General John Kroger announced a settlement that will provide up to $200,000 for Oregon consumers who bought services and products from a now-defunct diet center chain.

“Misleading Oregon consumers is not acceptable,” said Attorney General Kroger.

Consumers who believe they are due refunds from LA Weight Loss should contact the Attorney General’s hot line: 877-877-9392 or fill out a refund form on the Oregon Department of Justice’s website: http://www.doj.state.or.us/releases/pdf/lawl.pdf

A 2007 lawsuit by The Oregon Department of Justice alleged that LA Weight Loss and its Oregon franchise owner made false and misleading claims about the program’s costs and fees. The state received 295 complaints about LA Weight Loss centers in Oregon.

The lawsuit named LA Weight Loss Franchise Company, a Pennsylvania-based company, and NWM, Inc., a Lake Oswego-based company.

NWM went out of business two months after DOJ filed suit.

By December 2008, all LA Weight Loss centers in Oregon had closed.

Today, DOJ filed in Marion County Circuit Court a $200,000 settlement with LA Weight Loss Franchise Company and LATO, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of LA Weight Loss Franchise Company. Under the settlement, the companies will also pay additional refunds directly to approximately 100 Oregonians for pre-paid amounts that were unused at the time their center closed in Oregon.

Earlier this year, DOJ reached a settlement with NWM.

Assistant Attorney General Eva H. Novick handled the case with assistance from Senior Assistant Attorneys General Greg Smith and Tim Nord.

Attorney General John Kroger leads the Oregon Department of Justice. The Department’s mission is to fight crime and fraud, protect the environment, improve child welfare, and defend the rights of all Oregonians.


Stipulated Partial General Judgement

LA Weight Loss Assurance of Voluntary Compliance

LA Weight Loss Centers Close in Charlotte, NC

LA Weight Loss Centers in Charlotte, NC closed abruptly this week, leaving some customers owed hundreds of dollars.

According to the Charlotte Observer:

Tom Bartholomy, president of the Better Business Bureau of the Southern Piedmont, said his office started receiving calls this morning about the closures. The owner of the Charlotte-area centers, which are operated as a franchise, could not immediately be reached.

This morning, a sign posted on the door of the LA Weight Loss Center on Baxter Street near uptown Charlotte read: “Due to the current economic conditions and the notice from our Franchisor that they are ceasing operations we have no choice but to close our Charlotte and surrounding area centers.”

It said the company would contact as many of its clients as possible “to deliver the products owed to you,” and left an email address, customerservice@laweightlossnc.com.

In a recent comment left here, Kelly Clark, who says she is a former employee, reports:

Update on LA Weight Loss NC Franchise The following centers will be closing effective 12/11/08.

Rock Hill, SC
Hickory, NC
Pineville, NC
Mooresville, NC
Gastonia, NC
University, NC
Uptown, NC
Huntersville, NC


LA WEIGHT LOSS: More Wisconsin LA Weight Loss Centers Closing

The widespread closings of LA Weight Loss centers continue in Wisconsin, as elsewhere. The local Inches-A-Weigh franchise is offering a discount to LA Weight Loss members left stranded by the closings. According to the Appleton Post-Crescent:
“LA Weight Loss will close its two locations here next Wednesday. They are at 1005 Mutual Way in Grand Chute, near Wal-Mart and N474 Eisenhower Drive, Buchanan, near Regal Cinemas. Both opened in 2004. In a written statement, the company cited “economic conditions in our country at this time” as the reason for closure. The company will contact current clients and offer them phone counseling or a refund.

“Another women’s weight loss business, Inches-A-Weigh at 4774 Integrity Way, Grand Chute, will give a discount to anyone with unexpired LA Weight Loss contracts, said co-owner Dave Murphy.”

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LA Weight Loss Centers Closing in Milwaukee, WI

L.A. Weight Loss is closing all of its Milwaukee, WI locations according to the WITI-TV Milwaukee:

“Another sign of the times – a national franchise is closing all six of its Milwaukee area locations. This time, it’s LA Weight Loss that’s tightening its belt, leaving a lot of unhappy customers.”

Other recent closings include:

LA Weight Loss Center Closing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

LA Weight Loss Centers Closing in Rochester, Minnesota

LA Weight Loss Centers Closing in Portland, OR

LA Weight Loss Center Closes in Great Falls, MT

LA Weight Loss Centers Closing in Raleigh, N.C.

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LA Weight Loss Centers Closing in Raleigh, N.C.

L.A. Weight Loss just announced it’s closing in Raleigh, N.C., according to the News & Observer:

“The LA Weight Loss centers at 6675 Falls of Neuse Road in Raleigh and 163 SE Cary Parkway will close in mid-November.

“Company spokeswoman Jackie Zima said the closures were due to ‘economic conditions in our country at this time.’

“The centers are notifying members, she said. … In Durham Jenny Craig opened a new center at 8128 Renaissance Parkway.”

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LA Weight Loss Centers Closing in Rochester, Minnesota

L.A. Weight Loss just announced its closing in Rochester, Minnesota center, according to the Post-bulletin:

“L.A. center to close

L.A. Weight Loss is trimming from its corporate waistline and that means Rochester’s center will close soon.

Current members will still receive the full program, the company said. “We are servicing out all of our clients. We’re not just closing our doors,” said spokeswoman Jackie Zima. “We’re there through the end of the year.”

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LA Weight Loss Center Closing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

L.A. Weight Loss just announced its closing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin center, according to a report on WQOW:

“L.A. Weight Loss just announced its closing in Eau Claire next Wednesday.

“When News 18 contacted the corporate offices, they sent us this statement: ‘We wish we could have stayed open after operating in the Eau Claire area for 4 years, but the economic conditions in our country at this time have forced us to close our centers.’

“Several members of L.A. Weight Loss contacted the station expressing their frustration. The members say it’s not just losing out on money they’re upset about.

“Members told News 18 they were looking forward to the extra support during the holiday season….”

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