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LA WEIGHT LOSS Screws More Customers Closes Calgary Centers,

LA Weight Loss scams again.  This time it’s the residents of Alberta, Canada who lost more from their bank accounts than their waistlines.

Have you been a victim of LA Weight Loss?  How much did you lose?  Share your story below!

Here’s an excerpt from the story LA Weight Loss Closes Doors from CTV.ca

Albertans looking to lose weight will need to look elsewhere after L.A. Weight Loss has said they will be closing due to ongoing financial problems.

The company made the announcement in a letter to their clients dated Sept. 27.

It says that all L.A. Weight Loss centres will be closed in Alberta as of Wednesday, including all four locations in Calgary.

On Wednesday morning, customers found a locked door at the Glamorgan Plaza location and were left wondering what to do next.

Kerry Brackel says it’s unfortunate that the franchise has to close in the province. "There are a lot of people that are irritated here. It was a pretty good program. It helped me and it helped some people in my family. I heard about it last night, so we came by to pick up some stuff, but that is not going to be happening."

Brackel says that he can’t help but feel a little ripped off. "The company had to know this was happening because bankruptcy doesn’t just happen overnight."

Some customers only joined a couple of weeks ago and they’re stunned at the closure…

Brookman says that the company has been acting in very poor faith towards its customers.

The L.A. Weight Loss North Dakota franchise has offered to provide the L.A. At Home service for Alberta clients.

In this service, staff will be available over the phone on a weekly basis and the product purchased in the regular program will be shipped directly to customers.

However, the franchise is not responsible for any product left owing, shipping costs, or outstanding bulks from the closing Alberta franchise.

Read about more LA Weight Loss closings here:  LA WEIGHT LOSS CLOSING.


LA Lites paid for, never received, LA Weight Loss bankruptcy refunds received but still owed more, Weight loss complaints

LA Lites customers want the products they paid for from LA Weight Loss – not sales pitches or invitations to pay more when they are still owed thousands.

“I was with La weight loss for about 1 year and a half.” writes Trina. “They owe me over $2,000.00 I will say that I am very unhappy that they have never paid me back and I would like my $2,000.00 back. The only good thing I have to say about this company is that if you follow the program and excersize that it does work. I lost over 80 pounds. It is sad that so many individuals were owed $$$ or product or both, I think that they should have to pay everyone back before they can sell more. But just my thought! Wish there was something we could do to get our $$$ back or product owed to us!!!”

Kim writes:

“I did get a small amount back from the bankruptcy court but nowhere near what they owed me. FYI: if they are the same folks, they already have your credit card info unless you changed cards or paid with cash. And you can put a stop on it through your card company if you are unhappy with the service/program. They can only bill for stuff sent after the fact. So don’t order in a hugh bulk. I loved the Lite bars and a MONTHLY bill for bars sent at their expense does not make them expensive for me. I have seen posts from folks who say that they get them at a fraction of the cost. I figure them to be $1.60 a bar which is about what the individual bars of other brands are at the grocery stores and places like Wal-mart. NOW, if they are packaged as the same size as they used to be . . .”

Trina Anderson writes:

“la weight loss owes me and my daughter over,$500.00. i wont deal with them again. i have the tools to keep my weight off now. would have been nice if they were honorable and paid people what they owed them. rip offs.”

Hillary writes:

“I am out $750. Trying to dispute it with credit card but BOFA wont do anything about it. How do I get my money back? I contacted everybody I can. Also filed a complaint with the FTC and BBB against them. Trying CA attorney general next.”

Sheila writes:

“For those of you who lost money…. I am not sure if it’s too late but I contact my sate attorney general and filed a claim. I got about half my money back. I am going to contact them and see if there is something I can do about the product.”


LA WEIGHT LOSS Employees Admit They Deceived Members

As LA Weight Loss centers close abruptly throughout the US and Canada, we receive stories from LA Weight Loss employees attesting to the fact that many of the weight loss facilities continued to sell long-term programs right up until the day before they are closing.

la1thumbSome employees admit to knowing in advance, others claim their franchise owners did not tell them that the center would be closing and that their members would be left stranded with neither their money nor the promised products and services they paid for.

On the post LA WEIGHT LOSS: Employee Alleges Unethical Closing Practices Jessica wrote:

“I was a sales Counselor for LA weight loss who then changed their name to Pure Weight loss. I loved to working with the clients and I really believed in the program. What made me extremely upset was when I found out tuesday morning that by the next week I would no longer have a job. The night before, I sold an A package for 1300 dollars. I had no idea that they would be closing the door. It really bothered me that they never told me and let us sell product like that!!! What makes it worse is that the headquarters was located in PA and people knew me around town. The corporation does not have to run into clients who want a refund, I do and I do not even have the information so that I can help them. I still run into clients who do not have their refund and it has been close to 2 years!!”

On the post La Weight Loss ex-employee warns of closings. Don’t prepay! Charlotte, NC  wrote:

I worked at LAWL in Charlotte are NC. I was let go for caring too much about the clients. I got inside word that our stores were closing down and though I did not tell the clients (tho I wish I would have) I did tell them to get all of their products because so many were closing down and I wanted them to be safe. When our District Mgr heard of this she let me go and held a big meeting for all the centers in north and south Carolinas assuring them that I was bitter and full of lies, that in fact they were growing and would not be closing…….6 weeks later low and behold all my friends went to work to find the locks changed and notes on the doors. Worst place I’ve ever worked, all the upper management got EXACTLY what they deserved, my heart goes out to all the clients though, good luck.

On the post LA Weight Loss Charlotte Franchisee Sheds Unwanted Members, Employees Desi Alexander* wrote

Hi there, when I heard of this terribly tragic end to LA Weightloss of Charlotte, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for both sides of the complaints. Both the employees & the clients. I was the manager of the Rock Hill, SC location for 6 months. We were trained to steal peoples money by the owner of the company, [name withheld]. I made Mr. [name withheld] so much money by taking the money of people I knew would likely not complete the program. Mr. [name withheld] often gave cash rewards to those managers who could get the most money off of people…

It was so bad, that clients gave clothes to one of my staff member who couldn’t even afford to clothe her child. Meanwhile, the center was earning over $30,000 per week. The company’s success rate at the time I was employed there was less than 10%. I came upon clients that were robbed out of weeks, food and essential tools so that they could meet their plans because of the owner.

* The identity of this commenter has been questioned by another commenter.


LA WEIGHT LOSS: Oklahoma Centers Rumored to Close in October

This warning appeared today over at the 3 Fat Chicks forum, and was posted by hmmm. Keep in mind that this news – like the others on our list – is rumor, unconfirmed and unsubstantiated (LA Weight Loss’ policy is obviously not to comment), and should be verified. That being said, the rumors reported here and at www.franchisepick.com have had a high degree of accuracy.

Hmmm states:

October 3, 2008 is when South OKC, North OKC, Edmond and Mid West City WILL be closing their doors for good. They have not told their clients yet and starting August 25 they will only be open Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. The plan is to have everyone transitioned to “LA on the Go” by then. I don’t really know what that means or how it works though. It just makes me so sad though. I apparently have been one of the rare ones who had a really good center which for the most part had really good counselors (management, until about 8 months ago).
I have always been so proud of this program. I loved their philosophy, they really seemed to set themselves apart from everyone else. And now, to see it come crashing down, city after city, human being after human being with their personal stories thrown away like they were just some paperwork of a failed business. People who have tried other plans, lost weight only to gain it back again and again. People who somehow gather up just enough courage to try something different one more time and pour their hearts to a stranger that said, “I will help you. We will be here for you every step of the way. We’re going to walk you through this, you don’t have to do this alone.. We’re going to teach you how to eat right in the real world, with your own foods through weight loss then we’ll still be with you while you’re ‘maintainiing’ it.”
I’m so sorry for the ones who give up because of this huge mess LA Weight Loss has created…
So Oklahoma, go to your centers and get what belongs to you. Ask for your bars, or refunds or whatever you feel you need to do. But don’t quit losing your weight and being healthy!!!

Thanks go out to Hmmm and 3 Fat Chicks for the warning.

We’ll add them to the LA WEIGHT LOSS: Centers Closed or Closing (Updated List)

LA Weight Loss has 3 Oklahoma City locations listed:
Belle Isle, OK 1841 Belle Isle Boulevard, Suite L, Oklahoma City, OK 73118 (405) 879-3335

Palagio, OK 10400 South Western, Suite 3, Oklahoma City, OK 73139 (405) 691-7474

Midwest, OK
7201 SE 29th, Suite 205, Midwest City, OK 73110 (405) 737-2628

Edmond, OK Edmond University Shopping Center, 1193 East Second Street, Edmond, OK 73034 (405) 340-7510

If you are a member or employee of one of these centers, ask if they will continue to sell pre-paid memberships through October. Please let us know what they say.


LA WEIGHT LOSS EMPLOYEES: “How do you sleep at night?”

How do LA Weight Loss employees sleep at night?

That was a question asked in a recent email sent to us by a woman who had entrusted an LA Weight Loss employee with several thousand dollars of her hard-earned money… money she could not afford to lose.

She recounted how the woman had looked her straight in the eye and told her they were in this together, that they would work as a team to help her meet her goals and start a whole new era in her life.

The next week she returned to find the door locked and her team, like her money, long gone.

“Losing that much money was devastating, but that wasn’t the worst of it,” the woman wrote. “I felt absolutely violated. How do people do that to other people and be able to sleep at night?”

LA WEIGHT LOSS EMPLOYEES: Are you required to keep selling when you know your center will be closing? Do you know others who have?

LA WEIGHT LOSS: Bakersfield, CA Centers Reportedly Closing

The Bakersfield Californian reports that the now-widespread LA Weight Closures have reached the other coast. The article states that the southwest Bakersfield, CA store on Ming Ave. displays a handwritten sign stating that the center closed in July. The east Bakersfield center on Mount Vernon Avenue states that it is open limited hours, but is full of packed boxes.

It should come as no surprise at this point that the manager could not be reached and phone calls placed to the corporate office in Horsham, PA were not returned.

According to the Californian:

Both of Bakersfield’s L.A. Weight Loss Centers appear to be closing amid nationwide reports that the Pennsylvania-based company is finished.

The east Bakersfield store at 2625 Mount Vernon Ave. is full of packed boxes. A handwritten sign says it is open three days a week. A manager was not available to comment.

Another handwritten sign on the door of the southwest store at 5113 Ming Ave. says it closed in July. No customer information was posted.

Celestine Davies, 50, enrolled in L.A. Weight Loss in June. She said she was shocked when she returned from a long vacation to find the store where she paid about $500 for a 12-week program had shut down.

“I specifically asked if going out of town was going to be a problem when I signed up, and they said no big deal, just pick up where I left off when I got back,” Davies said. “They didn’t say a word about this before they took my money.”

Company representatives could not be reached for comment Friday. Multiple calls to headquarters Friday were met with a busy signal.


LA WEIGHT LOSS: Evansville, IN Center Sold Memberships a Week Before Closing

14 WFIE  covered the all-too-common story of a woman who feels cheated by the abrupt closure of her LA Weight Loss center in Evansville, IN. 

Source:  14 WFIE 

Customers of LA Weight Loss in Evansville are coming forward claiming the store kept their money after closing. Some customers claim there were no warnings.

* * * * * * * * * *

“The problem is LA Weight Loss has closed and I’m not receiving services I’ve paid for,” said LA Weight Loss customer Anna Baldwin. 

Baldwin says she charged more than $700 to her credit card for payments to LA Weight Loss. So finding out the store was closed on Thursday came as quite a shock.

“I was pretty upset I was never notified that they just closed,” said Baldwin. 

Baldwin says she is only about halfway through her contract and she the owner still has her money.

“I’m still just left holding an empty bag. I’m in debt now hopefully I can work something out with my credit card,” said Baldwin. 

Baldwin says she paid $400 for a year-long membership with the company.

She also claims she bought 20 boxes of dietary bars for $300 and so far has only received four boxes.

“I talked up this place that they were really helping a lot of people and for them to just up and leave, they’ve let down a lot of people”

Other customers of the weight loss program tell 14 News the store was signing people up and taking their money just a week before closing.

LA Weight Loss released the following statement: “LA Weight Loss franchise company was just notified by the local franchise owner that due to economic conditions he can no longer continue operating the local Evansville, Indiana center.”

The statement went on to leave two contact numbers to reach the owner.

Baldwin called the numbers and says she’s gotten no response.

“I understand times are hard but now i don’t have $708. So I’m hurt just as much as he is. I signed a contract but it needs to be honored one way or another.” said Baldwin. 

…14 News also tried to call the owner and weren’t able to reach him

Indiana consumers should file complaints with both the PA and IN Attorney General’s Offices.

Contact Information is available here:  Contact List of State Attorneys General



LA WEIGHT LOSS: Centers Closed or Closing (Updated List)

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This unofficial list is compiled and updated through comments, tips and rumors supplied to us by anonymous LA Weight Loss employees, LA Weight Loss members and ex-members, and news reports. Please post any corrections, additions or insights in the comments section below. Thanks!

LA Weight Loss Centers Reported Closed or Closing Soon

Updated 8/22/08

CA San Diego
CA Escondido
CA Encinitas
CA Bakersfield – East (Mount Vernon Ave.)
CA Bakersfield – SW (Ming Ave.)
CA Poway (San Diego)
CA Chula Vista
CA El Cajon

CO Colorado Springs (Closed 7/08)
CO Denver (Blvd Ctr – Sept. 08)
CO Aurora
CO Boulder
CO Lakewood
CO Centennial

GA Conyers
GA Alpharetta
GA Camps Creek
GA Lawrenceville
GA Stone Mountain

ID Boise,
ID Nampa

IN Evansville
IN Vincennes
IN Terre Haute
IN Bloomington

KY Elizabethtown,
KY Louisville/Hurstbourne
KY Springhurst
KY Frankfort (Closed 08/08)
KY Lexington Hamburg Pavilion (Closed 08/08)
KY Lexington Beaumont Centre (Closed 08/08)
KY Owensboro

MT Bozeman

NE Butte
NE Lincoln

NV Reno
NV Sparks

NC Jacksonville
NC Wilmington (Closed 7/08)

SC Asheville
OK Oklahoma City – North (10/08)
OK Oklahoma City – South (10/08)
OK Mid West City (10/08)
OK Edmond (10/08)
OR McMinnville (09/08)
OR Sherwood (09/08)
SC Spartanburg

TN Chattanooga
TN Bartlett (8/29/08)
TN Columbia
TN Kingsport
TN Jackson
TN Bristol
TN Johnson City
TN Greenville

TX Temple
TX Waco (September 26th)
TX Killeen (September 26th)
TX College Station (September 26th)

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La Weight Loss ex-employee warns of closings. Don’t prepay!

“I also am an ex-employee of LA Weight Loss. I do not know when this company is going under but if they are not I will be VERY Shocked!

I for one loved working for LAWL and will miss helping my clients but felt completely lied to all of the time by our owners! As part of our jobs we would sell large bulks of product that the clients would pick up at their weekly visits, this could run up into the $1000.00’s easily! No longer knowing if you are unknowingly lying to your clients about product coming in, whether they would receive refunds and rebates that they were waiting for, whether they would ever receive all of the product that they had invested in made many of us lose our sleep at night!

I believe that the plan works and have saw it change so many peoples lives, however to much pushy sales and greed has run this company in the ground! So Very Sad! I am just waiting to hear any day that LA Weight Loss is no more! : (” Anonymous Employee