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LA WEIGHT LOSS Screws More Customers Closes Calgary Centers,

LA Weight Loss scams again.  This time it’s the residents of Alberta, Canada who lost more from their bank accounts than their waistlines.

Have you been a victim of LA Weight Loss?  How much did you lose?  Share your story below!

Here’s an excerpt from the story LA Weight Loss Closes Doors from CTV.ca

Albertans looking to lose weight will need to look elsewhere after L.A. Weight Loss has said they will be closing due to ongoing financial problems.

The company made the announcement in a letter to their clients dated Sept. 27.

It says that all L.A. Weight Loss centres will be closed in Alberta as of Wednesday, including all four locations in Calgary.

On Wednesday morning, customers found a locked door at the Glamorgan Plaza location and were left wondering what to do next.

Kerry Brackel says it’s unfortunate that the franchise has to close in the province. "There are a lot of people that are irritated here. It was a pretty good program. It helped me and it helped some people in my family. I heard about it last night, so we came by to pick up some stuff, but that is not going to be happening."

Brackel says that he can’t help but feel a little ripped off. "The company had to know this was happening because bankruptcy doesn’t just happen overnight."

Some customers only joined a couple of weeks ago and they’re stunned at the closure…

Brookman says that the company has been acting in very poor faith towards its customers.

The L.A. Weight Loss North Dakota franchise has offered to provide the L.A. At Home service for Alberta clients.

In this service, staff will be available over the phone on a weekly basis and the product purchased in the regular program will be shipped directly to customers.

However, the franchise is not responsible for any product left owing, shipping costs, or outstanding bulks from the closing Alberta franchise.

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LA Weight Loss is Back… Unfortunately.

LA Weight Loss is back in full expansion mode! Hide your wallets! Bury your checkbooks! Cut up your credit cards! Repeat these words like a mantra: “It’s better to be fat than broke. It’s better to be fat than broke.”

Yes, LA Weight Loss must figure all the people cheated last time have forgotten, died or gone mute. An LA Weight Loss Center is coming to a location near you… maybe in the same location that closed suddenly, owing you thousands of dollars in pre-paid services and products.

LA Weight Loss is back! And the Weight Loss Complaints website is gearing up for the potential onslaught of consumer complaints, grievances, and Attorney General investigations.

Here’s the latest press release from LA Weight Loss headquarters in Whoresham Horsham, PA:

“HORSHAM, PA., May 26, 2011 /NewsRelease/ – The openings mark the first phase of a bricks and clicks technique to expand LA Weight Loss throughout the U.S. The organization plans to open additional centers to expand its brick and mortar offering, while continuing to grow its direct-to-consumer online channel. Plans for additional openings in the greater Philadelphia region is going to be announced later this summer.

“Opening centers in the Philadelphia area, where we’re headquartered, supplies a place where clients can come for in-person counseling, individualized plans and the accountability they need to reach their weight-loss goals

“One from the nation’s best known brands in weight loss, LA Weight Loss, announced today the grand opening of six centers in the greater Philadelphia region. Clients will love new locations in Allentown, Pa.; Lancaster, PA; Camp Hill, Pa.; Newark, Del.; Cherry Hill, N.J.; and Turnersville, N.J.

“The openings mark the first phase of a bricks and clicks technique to expand LA Weight Loss throughout the U.S. The organization plans to open additional centers to expand its brick and mortar offering, while continuing to grow its direct-to-consumer online channel. Plans for additional openings in the greater Philadelphia region is going to be announced later this summer.

“All new facilities will offer clients LA Weight Loss’s proven rapid results program including individualized nutrition plans, one-on-one coaching along with a full line of products to aid weight loss. All Center Managers have previously served about the LA Weight Loss team and have a proven track record of helping LA Weight Loss clients reach their weight loss goals.

“Millions of individuals have looked to LA weight loss over the past 18 years to reach and maintain their goal weight,” says Marie Palumbo Vice President, Marketing of LA Weight Loss. “Opening centers in the Philadelphia area, where we’re headquartered, supplies a place where clients may come for in-person counseling, individualized plans and also the accountability they need to reach their weight-loss goals.”

“LA Weight Loss was recently purchased by private equity groups. It is well capitalized and it has an aggressive growth intend to capitalize on LA Weight Loss proven weightloss routine, starting with opening centers. Having a 60+% brand recognition, LA Weight Loss is poised for achievement.

“The Philadelphia grand opening dates, times, and locations are listed below:

  1. Allentown: May 9th, 2180 MacArthur Road
  2. Cherry Hill: May 9th, 1426 Route 70 E
  3. Newark: May 9th, 4557 Kirkwood Highway
  4. Turnersville: May 9th, 3501 Route 42
  5. Lancaster: June 6th, 2044 Fruitville Pike
  6. Camp Hill: June 6th, 3401 Hatzdale

“ABOUT LA Weight Loss

“More than 2 million people have experienced LA Weight reduction and their customized diet plans, a balanced diet, and one-on-one weight reduction counseling. For more information about LA Weight reduction, visit www.LAWeightLoss.com.”


LA Lites paid for, never received, LA Weight Loss bankruptcy refunds received but still owed more, Weight loss complaints

LA Lites customers want the products they paid for from LA Weight Loss – not sales pitches or invitations to pay more when they are still owed thousands.

“I was with La weight loss for about 1 year and a half.” writes Trina. “They owe me over $2,000.00 I will say that I am very unhappy that they have never paid me back and I would like my $2,000.00 back. The only good thing I have to say about this company is that if you follow the program and excersize that it does work. I lost over 80 pounds. It is sad that so many individuals were owed $$$ or product or both, I think that they should have to pay everyone back before they can sell more. But just my thought! Wish there was something we could do to get our $$$ back or product owed to us!!!”

Kim writes:

“I did get a small amount back from the bankruptcy court but nowhere near what they owed me. FYI: if they are the same folks, they already have your credit card info unless you changed cards or paid with cash. And you can put a stop on it through your card company if you are unhappy with the service/program. They can only bill for stuff sent after the fact. So don’t order in a hugh bulk. I loved the Lite bars and a MONTHLY bill for bars sent at their expense does not make them expensive for me. I have seen posts from folks who say that they get them at a fraction of the cost. I figure them to be $1.60 a bar which is about what the individual bars of other brands are at the grocery stores and places like Wal-mart. NOW, if they are packaged as the same size as they used to be . . .”

Trina Anderson writes:

“la weight loss owes me and my daughter over,$500.00. i wont deal with them again. i have the tools to keep my weight off now. would have been nice if they were honorable and paid people what they owed them. rip offs.”

Hillary writes:

“I am out $750. Trying to dispute it with credit card but BOFA wont do anything about it. How do I get my money back? I contacted everybody I can. Also filed a complaint with the FTC and BBB against them. Trying CA attorney general next.”

Sheila writes:

“For those of you who lost money…. I am not sure if it’s too late but I contact my sate attorney general and filed a claim. I got about half my money back. I am going to contact them and see if there is something I can do about the product.”


ACAI BERRY Weight Loss Scam

Weight Loss scam victims report that they gave credit card numbers for a “free” trial offer of acai (pronounced a-sigh-EE) berry products and ended up with unauthorized charges for acai products they never ordered.

Others claim that these supposed diet products are marketed with fake claims that they are endorsed by Oprah, Rachel Ray or other trusted celebrities.

Some claim that many of the “after” photos on these fake weight-loss, diet supplement and Acai Berry related blogs are just stock photos of models.


The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is warning consumers about “fake numberswiki.com

blogs, fake endorsements, fishy science, and hard-to-cancel credit card transactions,” all related to acai berry products.

According to Peggy Rowland on Blisstree:

“Even though acai berries are supposed to be the new, exotic super antioxidants, there’s no evidence to support any weight loss claims. Nor is there evidence to support other “magic powers” of the acai berry: cleaning colons or enhancing sexual desire. If you’re thinking of giving someone your credit card number to cover shipping for a free trial of the powerful acai berry pills, think again. They go by many names, but suspect them all.”



(Image via Pure Acai Berry, Blisstree)