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DIET MAX Diet Pill Scam

Weight loss and diet pill consumers are warning that they’ve been scammed by Diet Max.

Many of the complaints have to do with unauthorized credit card charges and information selling. There is talk of a class action lawsuit Diet Max in the works.

Have you had experience with Diet Max diet pills? Share your experience – good or bad – below.

Here are some of the weight loss and diet pill complaints about Diet Max:

On 2010-11-26, Nature070 wrote:

“Spent over an hour on the phone with customer service requesting cancellation and refund for a product we never received. Company refused to refund the CC charge. Company threatened to hang up on us because we would not budge from our refund request. Told company we would contact FCC and FDA with our complaint. They did not care. We disputed the charge with our CC Company who acknowledged additional complaints from other CC customers.”

About Diet Max unauthorized charges, on 2010-10-30 Cathy Mumm wrote:

“Two charges appeared on my charge card that were not authorized by me or anyone in my household as I am the only one with my charge card number. I called the number listed after the charges on my charge card statement and got a big run around.
They would not give me any information when I asked and the charges were made on a day when I was out of town for the day. When questioned, they kept telling me that they could not pull up my account information! Well, hello, maybe because I don’t have an account with them.
They then got very defensive and started to argue with me. They even claimed they could not pull up even the last four digits of the charge card that they just charged! Another scam to watch out for out there!!! I had to call my credit card company to dispute the charges and close my account.”