LA Weight Loss is Back… Unfortunately.

LA Weight Loss is back in full expansion mode! Hide your wallets! Bury your checkbooks! Cut up your credit cards! Repeat these words like a mantra: “It’s better to be fat than broke. It’s better to be fat than broke.”

Yes, LA Weight Loss must figure all the people cheated last time have forgotten, died or gone mute. An LA Weight Loss Center is coming to a location near you… maybe in the same location that closed suddenly, owing you thousands of dollars in pre-paid services and products.

LA Weight Loss is back! And the Weight Loss Complaints website is gearing up for the potential onslaught of consumer complaints, grievances, and Attorney General investigations.

Here’s the latest press release from LA Weight Loss headquarters in Whoresham Horsham, PA:

“HORSHAM, PA., May 26, 2011 /NewsRelease/ – The openings mark the first phase of a bricks and clicks technique to expand LA Weight Loss throughout the U.S. The organization plans to open additional centers to expand its brick and mortar offering, while continuing to grow its direct-to-consumer online channel. Plans for additional openings in the greater Philadelphia region is going to be announced later this summer.

“Opening centers in the Philadelphia area, where we’re headquartered, supplies a place where clients can come for in-person counseling, individualized plans and the accountability they need to reach their weight-loss goals

“One from the nation’s best known brands in weight loss, LA Weight Loss, announced today the grand opening of six centers in the greater Philadelphia region. Clients will love new locations in Allentown, Pa.; Lancaster, PA; Camp Hill, Pa.; Newark, Del.; Cherry Hill, N.J.; and Turnersville, N.J.

“The openings mark the first phase of a bricks and clicks technique to expand LA Weight Loss throughout the U.S. The organization plans to open additional centers to expand its brick and mortar offering, while continuing to grow its direct-to-consumer online channel. Plans for additional openings in the greater Philadelphia region is going to be announced later this summer.

“All new facilities will offer clients LA Weight Loss’s proven rapid results program including individualized nutrition plans, one-on-one coaching along with a full line of products to aid weight loss. All Center Managers have previously served about the LA Weight Loss team and have a proven track record of helping LA Weight Loss clients reach their weight loss goals.

“Millions of individuals have looked to LA weight loss over the past 18 years to reach and maintain their goal weight,” says Marie Palumbo Vice President, Marketing of LA Weight Loss. “Opening centers in the Philadelphia area, where we’re headquartered, supplies a place where clients may come for in-person counseling, individualized plans and also the accountability they need to reach their weight-loss goals.”

“LA Weight Loss was recently purchased by private equity groups. It is well capitalized and it has an aggressive growth intend to capitalize on LA Weight Loss proven weightloss routine, starting with opening centers. Having a 60+% brand recognition, LA Weight Loss is poised for achievement.

“The Philadelphia grand opening dates, times, and locations are listed below:

  1. Allentown: May 9th, 2180 MacArthur Road
  2. Cherry Hill: May 9th, 1426 Route 70 E
  3. Newark: May 9th, 4557 Kirkwood Highway
  4. Turnersville: May 9th, 3501 Route 42
  5. Lancaster: June 6th, 2044 Fruitville Pike
  6. Camp Hill: June 6th, 3401 Hatzdale

“ABOUT LA Weight Loss

“More than 2 million people have experienced LA Weight reduction and their customized diet plans, a balanced diet, and one-on-one weight reduction counseling. For more information about LA Weight reduction, visit”


22 thoughts on “LA Weight Loss is Back… Unfortunately.”

  1. Unbelievable!!! These jokers are opening back up after all of the money they scammed me and many others out of. I got stuck buying pre-products that I never finished using and almost $2000 in debt that was never paid back!!! Aaargh!!!
    Well since they have money now to re-open… can I get my money back now???

  2. First of all… To the last comment.. No one is made to buy the product. I am sorry but I love the protein bars and they really helped me and yes I saved money on them. Just like many others did. Was it right that you did not get the product or a refund when they closed.. No! This program works wonders and I will always stand by it! It has taught me a better way to eat and live a healthier life! I think it is sad that people have accusations about the company that has done a lot of good for many. Again, no one made you buy all your bars for your entire program… That was YOUR choice and I think people need to own up to their own mistakes! You could have purchased the bars weekly. If I was not able to get my money back, I would have been angry also but the comment above is false! No one ties you down and steals your credit card… Think about that before you play the blame game! This is a great nutritional program that I would highly recommend! Besides people, what are the odd’s they will go out of business again… I am sure your money is safe and you could be well on your way to a healthier new you!!!

  3. Really…..Get a life people, the program works if you follow it and all of you haters out there never followed so shame on you! It is a new company and if you did your research you would know this…so continue with you negative lifestyle and piss poor additude….Good Day!

  4. Unfortunately they won’t be able to give you any money back, they are now owned thru a Canadian based company. I too lost $, but the program was excellent I lost 80 lbs with them. It is just like kmart or any other company, nothing is promised. So before you go on a bf tantrum, think of the companies that go out of business without your consumer concerns. Have a good day;)

  5. I have had no problem in getting products from LA to Your Door for over a year now, They even stop the shipping or ship early/late if I call them and request this when my vacation schedule requires it. They have been more than gracious.

    I know, from personal family experience (my son), how one business partner can mess the whole thing up and take everyone else’s reputation down. It happened to my son who has since gone on and learned from the experience. It made him a stronger business man. I have the old diet and use this and the support of a friend to talk to.

  6. All i want to says is the name la weight loss has nothing to do with it. this was all a greddy mans fault the program works and i know it. i was an employ that worked on the customer service side of it handling refunds and cusotmer calls. this was not our fault it was that indian guys fault. i hope that the new owners take good care of la wieght loss.

  7. I was on this program 10 years ago and lost a lot of weight quickly and safely. The program was similar to WW but you got to eat the protein bars ( which I really looked forward to). I think I paid under $300.00 for the whole year program which is about the same as WW or a little cheaper. I had tons of energy also. The only downside was I had to give blood before and I hate giving blood. I do have to say though that after my initial visit, the salesperson was a little pushy, but that was actually a good thing because she told me if I walked out the door without joining that I would never return nor would I lose weight. She was correct (and a good sales person). I joined in April and by December had lost 40 pounds total but most of the weight came off quickly after about 3 to 4 months. I will join again if the price is right. Anyone know what it costs?

  8. Whatever! “No one made you buy your bars ahead of time.” Yes, they did!!! They talked you into doing so to get a better price and they did so just before they went out of biz. So get over your “learn to protect your money and don’t diz this wonderful company.” It is not a wonderful company. Think of how much they made if the average person lost $1,000 each. Say a million customers? That is 1 bil. Ok…say just 500,000 people at a $1,000. Just 500 mil. They say they had 18 mil customers total. Then they sold the rights to this company and not the debt and went their merry way with our money.
    The original folks should be held responsible especially given how well they came out by reselling the company.
    Does anyone know if they were sued?
    This new wonderful company, was so considerate that they offered me a $10 off coupon for my $1,000 loss.

  9. I lost 40 pounds and was super sad when they closed. I’m hoping that one of the locations is near me so that I can get the bars and the pills again. I miss being a size 8.

  10. First, the original company, concept and personnel of the centers was great. I lost 30lbs. and kept it off for 3 years. Never will NEVER hear me complain about “THE PROGRAM”. My complaint comes with, as other have shared, the PRE PURCHASE of products. You kind of did feel that ur arm was twisted to buy in bulk in advance to receive the MINI discount. Then , for them to ‘close shop, lock doors and run away in the cloak of darkness without warning has MADE ME VOW>>>>>>>>>> “NEVER TO PRE PAY, BUY, or purchase anything like that again.” I am owed 12 boxes of product to this day… and it would be nice .. (of which I know) will never happen. if at some point we could be compensated for said loss. The basic premise of the program i hv never forgotten,, and I “want” to consider returning to the program centers… but i am soooo scared to trust the company again. (with MY $$ ) My question, HAVE ANY PROVISIONS been put in place to re gain the public trust to WARRANT our return to the company???? as far as NOT requiring large, bulk purchase.. or at least REDUCE the price of the products . I THANK LA WEIGHTLOSS for helping me lose the “padding” on my hips… but i certainly didnt want to “PAD YOUR POCKETS” with my PRODUCTS and money.

  11. Yes, I was a member, and I was scammed out of $1200.00 worth of pre-paid product. I am furious. Please refund me my money.


  12. I lost 35 pounds several years ago. It was a great program and it’s a shame that someone had to mess it up! I loved the chocolate crunch bars. I missed them so much.

  13. I was going to join LA Weight Loss back about 5 years ago…and they scammed me…I had 10 days to whether or not if I wanted to join…But going over the cost of this program, I decided to give them my letter on the 9th day to let them know I was not joining. But things went from bad to worse. They charged me over $800.00 for what….I didn’t join anything….And so they sent it to credit collection (GEMONEY) to get their money…and I wasn’t paying anything cause I did not join. And now to date…this hurts my credit standing…so thanks to LA Weight Loss Centre. I would not think of joining a weight loss centre or group.

  14. It was the best plan I ever went on. It worked, I lost lots of weight quickly and consistently, I did not eat their bars or shakes due to severe food allergies. I gained some of it back due to medical problems and medication but now I’m ready to take it off. The fact that they are owned by a new company is enough for me to give them another chance. I will sign up as soon as there is a center in my area because I what that one on one personalization. I lost some money too but again its a different owner so I’m glad someone is bringing the centers back.

  15. OK, people who are ranting on here!!!! Look, its not the same owner. The company was sold and maybe the bankruptcy courts made them sell. The new owners, which is a large Canadian corporation with plenty of money, has no obligation to reimburse any of us. They bought the company not the debt. The remaining debt was wiped out in bankruptcy court. This is America people and this is how it works. Don’t hold grudges again the new owners, they didn’t lie and steal your money the Armenian guy Val, who owned the company did and he should be in jail for soliciting us at the very end when he knew they were going out of business. I paid for months in advance due to a discount and days later they are out of business. I blame myself partly because by then, they had closed several centers in my area and I never bothered to look into it. Its a great program and I’m glad a new company bought it and is bringing it back.

  16. I had a good experience with these weight loss program. Yes they pushed a little on selling products but I just brought what I need for the week and only bought the protein bars. The bars helped out alot with night time eating and I used them to help with my sweet tooth.
    I would re -join if there was a location close to me.

  17. I had great success with L.A.Weighloss Program. As a widow and single mom, one day I hopefully made a phone call to a center, which began my journey to a healthier me. 60 plus pounds and 7 months later, learning of the closing was like a slap in the face — I had bonded with the staff at the Turnersville NJ location and we sat in disbelief when the phone call came in. These girls who knew of my every pound and ounce from beginning to end – had listened to more personal issues and helped me through some difficult times — were out. Just like that. Not to mention I had about $1300 dollars invested, beytween recently renewed product agreements and program membership rewards for having achieved Goals and incentive programs successfully!! All lost…sure, the eating habits and tools we learned to use were ours– now it was up to us to see it through without the encouragement of the staff and products. It just still hurts to this day to have had our trust in those services and products taken by a simple phone call or even worse…a note on the door…that the center was closed. Yes, this is America…and on this 4th of July I find myself insulted at the lack of culpability for the negligence shown faithful customers whose hard earned money was never returned, with no attempt to offer compensation even with product. I miss my closure with the company and was excited at the attempt to restart recently, but..once burned…I couldn’t trust them again. If anyone out there knows anything more on this, I’d be thankful for info.

  18. PLEASE open centers in Massachusetts again. I lost 80lbs. 10 years ago when they were here and put it all back on when they closed. I need to meet with the girls there and get advice and atone to someone. I would go back in a minute.

  19. I LOVE this program. I never purchased any of the bars. Only the juice. I had a counselor who advised against the bars and etc. And still i lost 68lbs. I miss being a size 10. Yeah. If they come to my area again, I’m all in.

  20. I couldn’t stand their bars or anything else they had. Those fat burners constipated me. I hear LA Weight Loss has gone out of business but an all new program is now in existence; totally unlike the old one. The counselors contradicted themselves, and I couldn’t get into what they were telling me. Should LA come back to this area, they better be prepared to run as they will be chased by me! They are also a bunch of crooks to boot!

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