Jenny Craig is a weight loss scam, writes WLC reader “vb Night”. 

Do you have experience with Jenny Craig weight loss? 

Do you think Jenny Craig weight loss  is a scam?  Please share your thoughts and experiences with a comment below.

Here is vb Night’s full comment:

“JENNY CRAIG is a SCAM…..The cost to join is way to high and the food is not that great.

“After two days on the food I was bloated, nauseated and vomiting. I also had severe gas, by the way was not explained to me by my advisor. All those girl that worked there look sick and unhealthy. Please advise you friend not to join JENNY.

“Also I cancelled in three days and was not given my full refuned they scam me out of 100 dollars. I hate the day I went into JENNY. All those center need to close…….I dont think any of them know anything about food and nutrition.

“Please pass it along, no oneelse need to give JENNY another penny of there hard working money. JENNY is crazy. And her soup are nasty. When you see a JeNNY craig RUN do not walk.”


6 thoughts on “JENNY CRAIG is a Scam”

  1. My own experience was far worse than mere failure to deliver on dieting promises.

    On my Web site, you can find the full details. In brief; I was misled by employees of Jenny Craig into thinking I was purchasing Jenny Craig foods when, instead, I was being sold store-bought foods and the employees were pocketing the price difference. I was fed the cheapest possible, high fat, high calorie foods purchased at a local grocery store and these were wrapped up in Jenny Craig packaging. Not only did I gain weight but much of what I was sold turned out to be unhealthy and unsuitable to my restricted diet. As a result my body suffered terrible damage before I discovered the scam.

    Many many more victims are out there.


  2. If you dont cancell your contract within the 3 days, Jenny Craig will continue to withdraw funds from your accounts even if you cancel your agreement and they send you nothing in return…definitely a MONEY SCAM AND A RIPOFF!!!
    We cancelled our agreement in the first month and 6 months later they are still drafting $$ from our credit card

  3. i am very disapointed with this jenny craig!! i was sent a hamper most of the food is all the same for everyday plus still had to buy food to go with it eg..yogurts,crackers ,cheese,ect i did not loose weight the first week so went back to weight watchers and lost 5 and a half pounds plus eating the same food as the rest of the family . NOT HAPPY with this at all would not recomend also am glad i got it when was on offer as that was a lot of money to pay plus did`nt get sent a menue to pick what i would like to eat ..when i phoned up for some help with somethink i was just told to eat it .hence to say i have cancelled :/

  4. I went to Jenny with high hopes. When I met my consultant she was just about as big as me and said she had lost her weight 10 years ago and started to work there. In my head I was thinking hummmm you still need to lose a few more, but I try not to judge. I know everyone is different.

    ANyway, to the money part ya pay this you get this pay this you get that BUT PAY THIS and you get a lifetime… how much? well over 300 for a YEAR!!! Not to mention the food… AND then you still have to buy more food…

    I did do jenny for about a month… And I started to do the math at the store with say a Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers meals… AND veggies and fruits you can pay soooo much less doing it on your own! AND if you do it this way YOU CAN EAT with your family… MAKE healthy meals for everyone! GEEEZZZ I felt like a idiot after a month

    It really is a joke. People just learn to watch what you eat and get the body moving! No science to it…

  5. I was on Jenny Craig for at least 10 years and I didn’t lose weight.. The staff was very unprofessional and immature, especially the last counselor that I had. When I had a bad week, she would always ask me “Why do you want to be on Jenny Craig?” This went on for may weeks until one bad week, she blew up at me and accused me of not trying hard enough and also accused me of “Taking advantage of the program.” The following week (my last appointment), I was running fifteen minutes late because of traffic. When I went in, the receptionist went into the back room to talk to my counselor and returned and said “Let’s get you weighed and get your food and get you out of here.” When I got went into the back to get weighed, I saw my counselor finishing weighing the client who was scheduled after me. She took one look at me and said, “Peggy, you missed your appointment” and quickly walked off before I could have a chance to apologize. I’ve been jerked around by these people many times, but this took the cake. I cancelled all my future appointments and left the program two days later. Five years later, I have lost over twenty pounds and I’ve been doing all this on my own by eating healthy and it saved me a hell of a lot money. It’s true when they say, “If you want to something right, you got to do it yourself.”

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