LA to your door, LA weight loss fraud, ripoff, diet scam, Don’t trust these people they will take your money like they did everyone else in the centers.

LA Weight Loss ripped off thousands of customers and left them stranded without the products, services, and boxes of LA lites they paid for and without the diet and weight loss program they had contracted for.

Then they barrage them with postcard sales pitches for their LA to Your Door program, asking them to pay again for products they never received in the first place!  Here are some reactions from our readers:

Mary writes:

“When I see this kind of thing, my blood boils. Harold Katz, Kristy McKenna, Tim Britt and Bill Warrin all cheated every L A Weight Loss client and then pulled this further scam. They ought to be charged by the Attorney General. They owe people bars because they screwed us by closing the doors with zero notice. Now they want us to pay for the very bars we already paid for. Please Mr/Mrs Attorney General…..dont let them pull this kind of stunt. In setting up this “new” company, but with the same group of theives, it would seem like some type of fraud was at hand.”

Jean writes:

“I also had LA bars owed me which I never received nor was given a credit. Customers beware as the saying goes.”

Karen writes:

“Yes! I lost alot of money to La closing thier doors, I think they could give a discount to those Ladies that have already invested, or free products to help us back!!! I learned alot from LA.. I have already ordered again a yr ago…I believe this is the Best,, Safe, Fun. No Hunger Diet plan but I need help so Im back!!”

Marion writes:

“It is bitter sweet seeing this postcard from LA Weight Loss. I worked for the company for 10 years and loved it! I hope this works out for them. I miss my job there and have great memories of this job and met alot of great people and do not regret it! This is a great program and it really works I still have my menu plan…good luck,.”

Cindy writes:

“Don’t trust these people they will take your money like they did everyone else in the centers. These people are selling bars that people have already paid for. I hope the attorney general can help, stop them crooks there goal is to make money not to help people. Everyone please be careful when dealing with people like them.”


2 thoughts on “LA to your door, LA weight loss fraud, ripoff, diet scam, Don’t trust these people they will take your money like they did everyone else in the centers.”

  1. Yep. Happened to me too. The previous owners of LA Weight Loss ripped me off for $120.00 worth of their bars. They gave me a good rate for bulk buying, and they told me that my bars would be there whenever I was ready to use them. By leaving them there instead of taking them home, I would always be assured to get fresher products. (The bars DO get stale). Then they closed their doors and went out of business. Lo and behold I am now getting advertisements from them. When I called and told them of my experience they would not compensate for my loss, either monitarily or with services. They were not responsible they said to me. Well, they certainly ARE NOT REPONSIBLE!!! When they took over the business and the clientele list, they should have (at least as a gesture of good will) made special offers to those who were ripped off. Perhaps the ripped-off list is staggeringly long!! I keep calling them (5 times already) and told them I do not want ANY communication from them but it keeps coming. I will keep calling and telling them off.

  2. Since they don’t want to offer any kind of compensation, the VERY LEAST they could do is show some respect for OUR losses by not bothering us anymore with their ads; especially when that request has been made repeatedly!!!!!!

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