LA Lites, LA Weight Loss ripoff, LA To Your Door Scam, Horsham PA, Do not trust them

LA Weight Loss customers who were cheated out of thousands of dollars in prepaid services and products are infuriated by the reemergence of LA Weight Loss of Horsham, PA and their LA To Your Door program.

Rita J. Wilson writes:

“It is the exact same executive staff, they just changed the name of the parent company. Christy McKenna was in charge of Operations of the company when it had centers and she now is running this division. I would not trust them with my credit card information!”

BB writes:

“Well I used to work for them… I got the same postcard. Yes the company basically closed there doors and some of the employees from there…. started the LA to your door thing. Its still based out of Horsham but in a different location. They do still have the rights to the name and all. Its the same food and everything just they dont have the centers with counselors anymore just if you were interested in getting the product still they have it available. Its a shame what happened! I feel”

Kelly writes:

“OMG this is absolutely ridiculous. I just got this postcard in the mail–meanwhile I am still waiting for the $560 they still owe to me. This is nuts.”

Bernadin, N. writes:

“What a rip off !!! The place closed up with out a word and I am out 86 boxes of LA lites. Forget it on buying more, once Ripped off is enough!!!”

AG writes:

“OMG is right! I’m owed money as well after the centers near me closed with no warning. They tried to sell me on “LA On the Go” which I declined so they told me I needed to fax paperwork in to get a refund – numerous tries with no response and then the number was disconnected. Now I received a postcard in the mail to sign up for “LA To Your Door” – is there nothing we can do?”


One thought on “LA Lites, LA Weight Loss ripoff, LA To Your Door Scam, Horsham PA, Do not trust them”

  1. I too paid for boxes of L.A. Lites. The only way I got any of them is because I was in the San Diego Mission Valley office the day they were closing. I was told to call PA to get the remaining 42 boxes owed –to no avail.

    They say they’re a different company but they have same name (L.A. Weight Loss)& same food products. Can’t they be made to refund money or send boxes of lites owed?

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