JENNY CRAIG COMPLAINTS: Problems getting refunds

Jenny Craig weight loss customers have reported problems getting refunds due to them.  Have you had a problem getting a refund from Jenny Craig?  Or have you had a good experience?  Share a comment below.

On the Consumer Affairs board, Susan of Simi Valley, CA wrote:

“On Sept. 23, 2009 I joined Jenny Craig in Simi Valley, Ca.,however, the next day I changed my mind. I was not given a copy of the contract I signed so I went to the center and got my copy which said I had 3 business days to cancel “without penalty or obligation. I sent my request to cancel via Fed Ex on 9/24/09 and Jenny Craig Corporate offices received my cancellation letter on 9/25/09 at 2:42pm signed for by K F at Jenny Craig per FED EX. Several attempts to find out the status of my refund have been futile. The corporate offices state my letter is “m.i.a” and the manager at the Jenny Craig office in Simi Valley where I signed up states I was obligated to purchase a full week of the product in order to qualify for a refund even though the contract clearly states I had 3 business days to cancel “without penalty or obligation”.

“Futhermore, the contract states that upon receipt of request to cancel the buyer will be refunded in 10 days. I am getting a run around now from the corporate offices and the center. The very fact that the manager of the center did not give me my copy of the contract made my husband suspicious. And when I went to pick it up the next day an employee retrieved it in an unsecured area of the office with my credit card information available to anyone that entered this area. I left a message for the manager who did not call me back until the corporate offices told her I was unhappy with the treatment I received from her.

“All I want is my credit card to be refunded as I did all the right things according to the contract. Instead I am being told by the manager that I am going to be penalized because I did not keep the agreement for a full year!”


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  1. I didn’t no that when i placed my order you will be sending me shipment automaticly,that i don’t want.So starting from today i don’t need any shipment no more.I will contact you if i want any order of shipment.I will also need your return address to mail back some item like the chocolate drink you send me i will prefer vanilla .So i will like to send back the chocolate for vanilla. I will also appriciate if you could send me a number to call you on.Thank you.

  2. I too have been having problems getting a refund. It’s been a month and still nothing. When I called again they asked for my debit card – as if they did not already have it. Well, how else did they charge the other 1500 hundred!

    Now, just for the principle of the matter, it’s a terrible business policy for consumers – it’s obvious they have an internal policy that drags the process down so they can make money on your money until they refund it back.

  3. JENNY CRAIG is a SCAM…..The cost to join is way to high and the food is not that great. After two days on the food I was bloated, nauseated and vomiting. I also had severe gas, by the way was not explained to me by my advisor. All those girl that worked there look sick and unhealthy. Please advise you friend not to join JENNY. Also I cancelled in three days and was not given my full refuned they scam me out of 100 dollars. I hate the day I went into JENNY. All those center need to close…….I dont think any of them know anything about food and nutrition. Please pass it along, no oneelse need to give JENNY another penny of there hard working money. JENNY is crazy. And her soup are nasty. When you see a JeNNY craig RUN do not walk.

  4. I had called the Victoria office to order my food. Within 10 minutes I had changed my mind. They had already charged my visa with $391 even though it was not to be delivered for over aweek, but were greatful that I had called and that it would be refuned. Well a month later they have all the excuses in the world why I have not got a refund. I had planned on going back on the program after the New Year but not now

  5. I maintained my weight loss for 1 year after I hit my goal. The policy is you will recieve 1/2 of your enrollment fee back but… here it is 4 months later and I haven’t recieved a penny… I have called 4 times and there is always an excuse, the paper work wasn’t done right and had to be resubmitted??? I am tired of having to call and ask, but… they sure are happy taking our money but… they obviously don’t stand by their policy!!!!!!

  6. I was a lifetime member but was one week late in renewing due to a hospital emergency and after 20 years was told I had to do another program. Nice way to treat a loyal customer I will join weight watchers

  7. I too joined, and decided to was to much money the next day and cancelled. They also debit $84 dollar payment after I already wrote the letter and cancelled. I can’t believe this from a national company. What is a person to do, I can’t just forget about that money (like I’m sure all the other people can’t) Should I threathen to sue? Or report to the media or what? Does anyone have an answer.

  8. after the birth of our son and watching valerie bertinelli on oprah my wife and i decided that it was a good idea for her to join jenny craig. BIG MISTAKE the food is about $200 a week and the so called personal advisor could care less about you. because she was out of work the $200 a week was hard for us they talked her in signing up for a year a 1 week of food this cost $600 i wish i was there during the sign up process but i had to work, well she stopped going and we have not heard anything from our local PATCHOGUE JENNY CRAIG OFFICE here in LONG ISLAND NEW YORK It just goes to show that they dont tryly care about your weight loss success only your money and once they have your money its on to the next sucker i would advise not to go to JENNY CRAIG EVER.

  9. sorry it was a 1 year membership and 1 week of food for $600 in all fairness to them still to high and the 3 days to cancel is ridiculous. i called to see if they had any suggestions to reduce the weekly pricing and there answer was yes just skip breakfast and you will save $20 also with this $200 you still had to purchase your own fruits and vegtables.

  10. Cannot stand their RUDE refund process! I would never patron them or recommend ANYONE to join their program. The food is ok, but the service is POOR! I would never join again!! BEWARE!

  11. i called jenny and got charged about 853.00 dollars.
    I cancelled the day after I called. Didnt sign any agreement yet
    My cancellation was with a Jenifer Snepes. Order number 1861446. She told me it will take 3 to 7 business days to refund my money.
    Today I called back Jenny and asked why my money was not refunded yet, A lady called Mora said it will take 3-4 weeks to do that.
    She did not want to give me a reference or order number or any form of proof that I called today.
    I asked to speak to a supervisor she said they will tell me the same thing she said. 3 to 4 weeks
    I asked why did Jenifer say it was 3-7days and will the refund now take only 3 weeks..answer was “no, Jenifer did not process anything.”

  12. At JennyI reached my goal weight and kept it off for a year. I have been waiting for my refund of $200. since June 9th 2011. Every time I call they have an excuse such as so much paper work, mail strike etc. Last week I called and gave them 1 week dead line to let me know when I would get my money. No reply.
    I am going to the Star newspaper to report them. If necessary I will go to small claims court.I am sure that every newspaper would love this story.
    I have no intention of dropping this matter. I have a lawyer and am prepared to lead a class action against them. It is not just the money it is the principle of the issue. They are ripping people off.
    I live in Orillia Ontario Canada.
    If there is anyone out there in Canada who has had the same problem please email me [redacted]

  13. I have been waiting since May for a refund (today is September 18/2011). They keep telling me, “yes you will be getting your refund …”
    I cancelled within the time required and it is ridiculous. I would never have anything to do with them again. They told me I would have my refund within 6-8 weeks.
    Any suggesions?

  14. Hi,
    Jacquie and Deborah, I feel for you ladies. I went through the same thing and finally I got my refund after a month and half. Keep calling them till they get so sick of your calls. I did that…

  15. I finally emailed the head office in California and told them that I intended on getting a lawyer and calling the newspaper in Toronto. I received my refund within a week.
    I suggest going to the top. Do not waste time with your local center that you visited regularly. When I told my local centre that I had received the refund they were trying to get for me, they were shocked. They didn’t even know anything about it.

  16. I also have been waiting for my 50% refund for over 4 months and am getting the same run around from my location in Orland Park, Il. Same things are said to me as previously mentioned, not the correct paper work, it’s in accounts payable, then they can’t find it. I am so beyond frustrated I don’t know what to do. Now they say they will have the marketing rep call the center and they will get back to me in 72 hours. If not I will keep pursuing this to higher authorities.

  17. Hi ladies — my wife will be posting here soon. She just found out here in Calgary, Alberta they’re closing out all stores in Canada, again. We’re dumbfounded more than anything, and we agree to all the people who have posted comments, stating that it was “our own fault”. Right now my wife is counting herself lucky that she managed to get the bars that she was owed…in my opinion after reading the ingredients list…I’m amazed they can call those things “health bars” with all the hydrogenated crap and high-fructose corn syrup in them….I think these bars were built to screw you ladies over if you go off the plan, as your body will continue to crave that high-fructose crap….you just can’t get away from it.

    I’m VERY disappointed to hear that a Ponzi-like asshole yet again screws over a consumer….when can we ever trust anyone, really, nowadays it seems.

  18. Further to this – I think this little website is great….if anyone hears about a Class Action suit, I hope that they post it here…my wife will be on this like a buzzard on a gut-wagon.

  19. Jacquie, I called the main office and was in touch with a very pleasant customer service person. She emailed the marketing rep about my problem. This was on a Friday afternoon. I was told I would get a response by Tuesday but on Monday I called again., had the email that was sent to the rep forwarded to me and I did get a call from the rep, Jeri. She was excellent. I have had numerous emails and phone calls from her apologizing for the problems. She called the main office and within 1 day I had my refund as she had them overnight it to me because she knew I was waiting so long. I told her my concerns about my original center ( but mentioned that the counselors were great, but not the manager) and again, she couldn’t apologize enough. I felt she handled it tremendously and give her kudos. I would recommend anyone having to wait like we did, call the main office, talk to the service person and tell them you want the marketing rep for that territory to give you a call back.
    I am very pleased with my new location in Colorado Springs. It is a franchised jenny Craig, so maybe that makes a difference as opposed to one that is company owned. The owner is always available and the counselors are wonderful too.

  20. Jenny Craig is the single most dishonest, unprofessional and corrupt place I have ever been. I joined the Thursday before Memorial Day Weekend, intending to come back the next week to buy food (so I could get rid of what I still had at home). After several hard core attempts to get me to buy the food that day, I did. The next day I had a shocking death in my family, and knew the next few months would be hard, so I called and asked for a refund of the $149 I had spent on food. That was FIVE MONTHS AGO. To date, I have not received a refund. I have called 20 times, always get the run around. DO NOT GO TO THE SAUGUS MA STORE, LISA THE MANAGER IS THE MANAGER. AWFUL PEOPLE. AWFUL ORGANIZATION.

  21. I finally got my refund. At first they sent me $175.00 so I phoned back and told them they shorted me $20.00. The rep at head office said it was only suppose to be that amount. I pointed out to him that was American fees. I paid Canadian fees.
    He said he would look into it. Two weeks later I heard nothing so I emailed again and told him I was waiting for my $20.00. He said he was sorry and the $20.00 was sent to me 2 weeks later.
    I think I am one of the lucky ones. Had I not received the refund I told him my sister was a lawyer which is true and they were going to be sued.

  22. I was told that my refund for maintaining my goal weight which was the program that i paid for would be refunded with 4-6 week. We are on week 7 and everytime i call the Garland office, the manager is not there, or they’ll call me back. my contract specifically states, 4-6 weeks.

    The company was johnny on the spot to withdrawal but to refund, forget it. very poor customer service and i am filing a complaint with the better business bureau. Also, filing a consumer complaint about the company.
    Phyllis Graham

  23. I am in CA. # months ago I signed up for one year contract and now realise that it is costing me $624.90 per month which is to much for our budget. i need to get out of thisand don’t know how.

  24. I am in CA. 3 months ago I signed up for one year contract and now realise that it is costing me $624.90 per month which is to much for our budget. i need to get out of thisand don’t know how

  25. Here is the number for the Corporate headquarters of Jenny Craig.
    Jenny Craig, Inc.
    5770 Fleet Street
    Carlsbad, CA 92008
    (760) 696-4000

    I started there and then they put me in touch with a regional rep, who was great and helped secure my refund. I had trouble with the Orland Park, Il. office but my Colorado Springs, Co. office were excellent in trying to help me.
    Good Luck

  26. I joined Jenny Craid on monday the 18th of March 2013, on the 20th of March 2013 I did as they said which was wrote to the centre I joined at, took the food back to evoke the 5 day cooling off period. They refunded me $100 of the $250 i paid, saying that because the food had left the centre I wasnt entitled to be refunded for the food. Although in the 5 day cooling off period part it says that if the food is returned un-opened, it can be refunded, but they argue that it cant! where else can I take this?

  27. It doesn’t matter whether you meet the terms of the contract cancellation policy, Jenny Craig will not give you your money back in a timely manner. You will kick yourself when you wonder why you signed up with them. They expect you to live by the terms of their contract; however, they will not do the same. All I can say is good luck getting your money back.

  28. I joined Jenny Craig and finally stopped as I felt harassed with their phone calls. However decided to rejoin to keep on the diet but asked for no more calls. When I purchased my food on two occasions they over charged on the invoice, I told them and they said we can’t refund it but will keep a credit on your file for your next purchase. On the next three purchases they kept forgetting to use the credits and I still have never received the credit for the money they took off my debit card, I refused to continue with them. They are unskilled and unprofessional staff with little training for their jobs. I do not use then anymore but they still harrass me with phone calls.

  29. My wife has been waiting two months for a refund. I doubt seriously that we will ever see any of our money again. Each time that she calls about her refund, she gets a different story about why she doesn’t have it. For example: 1. Sent to the wrong address. 2. Didn’t have your debit card information. 3. The person who processes the refunds is out on medical leave. 4. The person who processes refunds quit and we are training someone new.

    Based on my experiences, I can say with certainty that my wife will never, ever refer anyone to Jenny Craig.

    Shane Matheson

  30. You might as well forget ever receiving a refund from Jenny Craig. My wife has been trying for two months to get a refund. When she calls California now, they hang up on her. She has no where to go with her requests for help.

    They have stolen money from us. They have money that we are due, that they are keeping, despite our requests for its return. My friend, that is theft by conversion.

  31. I just feel that I don’t matter. I feel that I’m rushed through my time with my consultant. Like today. (And last time I was there) I was taken in late as usual and rushed through my time and the next appointment was waiting the receptionist had to get my meals for the week, which was fine but no personal was spent. I swear Weighing etc under 10 min. not counting waiting for food. I really like the food. I have been on an other program and did get better guidance Just saying . Please help me in this matter as I’m not a complainer an I don’t no where to go from here. If I can’t talk to my consultant who can I talk to.

  32. Its a little too costly I even get charged for the amount of salad dressings and syrup. When I went to set up a budget that way I can still stick with the program. My coach, secretly added more things to my bill there fore it went from. $80 to $112, and then questioned me when I did not want to buy any dinners. The amount of my bill covered at least 7 days worth of dinners (totally besides the point). I explained to her that I am no longer working a regular schedule, and that I took a leave from work to finish up with school. And I really do not like the fact that my bill still ended up to be $100 +. For this I would like to cancel (FOR THOSE WHO ARE COLLEGE STUDENTS) this program isnt for you!!

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