JENNY CRAIG COMPLAINTS: Outrageous shipping, No refund

Jenny Craig online weight loss members have complained about outrageous shipping charges, and to not receiving refunds promised to them.  Have you had a similar experience with Jenny Craig online?  Share a comment below.

February 4, 2010 Jenifer of Garland, TX posted this complaint with Consumer Affairs:

“On January 14, 2010 I joined the Jenny Craig on-line program. On January 15, I called back to cancel after I realized they misrepresented their program and SHIPPING COSTS WERE 65.00!!!!!!!!!! They said 7-10 days for a refund. The next day the representative who signed me up for the program originally called me to confirm I wanted to cancel which is completely retarded. She said she had to talk to me before she could release my order. I told her to release the order.

“THEN by January 28 (13 days after I cancelled) I still did not have a refund. Lyndsey Nims is a supervisor at Jenny Craig and she said she was walking the refund upstairs "right then" when I spoke to her on February 3, 2010. However, when I called back today, Feburary 4 to make sure she had actually taken it "upstairs" I was told by "Brenda" that they didn’t have my credit card information and therefore could not process my refund. Now I’ve spoken to about 5 people regarding my refund and Brenda is the first person to ask for my credit card number. I am livid.”


One thought on “JENNY CRAIG COMPLAINTS: Outrageous shipping, No refund”

  1. My complaint is not too much different than the one above. I unfortunately, joined Jenny Craig on September 14, but canceled it on September 16th (well within the 3 day refund as required by law). Here I am a month later and it’s excuse after excuse regarding my refund which is over $200. The latest is that someone from Corporate is following up on it….what is there to follow up? They had no problem cashing my check immediately…….but they seem to have difficulty finding my refund money. In addition, I think it’s outrageous that they make you keep the horrible, so-called food that they charge astronomical amount of money for. That’s the main reason I quit is because I couldn’t stand to nasty, tv dinner crap. I only wanted to lose 10 or so pounds, but they’ve put me through so much stress that I’ve probably lost more than that already.

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