LA Weight Loss Pushing LA Lites via LA to Your Door

Despite the fact that hundreds and maybe thousands of cheated LA Weight Loss customers can’t get the products they prepaid for before their LA Weight Loss Centers closed, it appears LA Weight Loss (or someone licensing their name) is still in business, pushing their LA Lites directly.

Former member Elizabeth Martin who was allegedly ripped off by LA Weight Loss was furious when she received this postcard solicitation after never receiving the products she paid for.  She writes:

I received a COUPON for After checking out the website, it’s the exact same thing as LA Weight Loss, but they are trying to say it’s a different company, and are not affiliated with LA Weight Loss even thought he LA Weight Loss name is all over the product and their previous website takes you directly to LATOYOURDOOR.COM. LA Weight Loss was out of Horsham PA, and the coupon I received is from Willow Grove, PA. The towns are five minutes apart.

I am so angry i can’t see straight. The best part is they are also using LA Weight Loss records for their mailings. this coupon was sent to a residence that I haven’t lived in for 5 years, and the name on the coupon isn’t the name I had when I lived at the home, it was my married name. I have only been married for two years. I was on the plan once when I lived at my parents house, and went on the plan again right before my wedding, three years after I moved out of my parents home at a totally different location. THey connected my files and are using LA Confidential files for mailing out new coupons.

Here’s the back of the postcard Elizabeth received:


The obvious question is:  If LA Weight Loss can ship out LA Lights to anyone willing to pay, why can’t they ship out the products to those members who ALREADY paid and never got their products?

What’s going on here?


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  1. Elizabeth:

    It is the exact same executive staff, they just changed the name of the parent company. Christy McKenna was in charge of Operations of the company when it had centers and she now is running this division. I would not trust them with my credit card information!

  2. Well I used to work for them… I got the same postcard. Yes the company basically closed there doors and some of the employees from there…. started the LA to your door thing. Its still based out of Horsham but in a different location. They do still have the rights to the name and all. Its the same food and everything just they dont have the centers with counselors anymore just if you were interested in getting the product still they have it available. Its a shame what happened! I feel

  3. OMG this is absolutely rediculous. I just got this postcard in the mail–meanwhile I am still waiting for the $560 they still owe to me. This is nuts.

  4. OMG is right! I’m owed money as well after the centers near me closed with no warning. They tried to sell me on “LA On the Go” which I declined so they told me I needed to fax paperwork in to get a refund – numerous tries with no response and then the number was disconnected. Now I received a postcard in the mail to sign up for “LA To Your Door” – is there nothing we can do?

  5. I also had LA bars owed me which I never received nor was given a credit. Customers beware as the saying goes.

  6. When I see this kind of thing, my blood boils. Harold Katz, Kristy McKenna, Tim Britt and Bill Warrin all cheated every L A Weight Loss client and then pulled this further scam. They ought to be charged by the Attorney General. They owe people bars because they screwed us by closing the doors with zero notice. Now they want us to pay for the very bars we already paid for. Please Mr/Mrs Attorney General…..dont let them pull this kind of stunt. In setting up this “new” company, but with the same group of theives, it would seem like some type of fraud was at hand.

  7. Yes! I lost alot of money to La closing thier doors, I think they could give a discount to those Ladies that have already invested, or free products to help us back!!! I learned alot from LA.. I have already ordered again a yr ago…I believe this is the Best,, Safe, Fun. No Hunger Diet plan but I need help so Im back!!

  8. It is bitter sweet seeing this postcard from LA Weight Loss. I worked for the company for 10 years and loved it! I hope this works out for them. I miss my job there and have great memories of this job and met alot of great people and do not regret it! This is a great program and it really works I still have my menu plan…good luck,.

  9. I did get a small amount back from the bankruptcy court but nowhere near what they owed me. FYI: if they are the same folks, they already have your credit card info unless you changed cards or paid with cash. And you can put a stop on it through your card company if you are unhappy with the service/program. They can only bill for stuff sent after the fact. So don’t order in a hugh bulk. I loved the Lite bars and a MONTHLY bill for bars sent at their expense does not make them expensive for me. I have seen posts from folks who say that they get them at a fraction of the cost. I figure them to be $1.60 a bar which is about what the individual bars of other brands are at the grocery stores and places like Wal-mart. NOW, if they are packaged as the same size as they used to be . . .

  10. Don’t trust these people they will take your money like they did everyone else in the centers. These people are selling bars that people have already paid for. I hope the attorney general can help, stop them crooks there goal is to make money not to help people. Everyone please be careful when dealing with people like them.

  11. Yeah, I also just got the postcard and, I have to say however – I’m so tempted to order the TAKE-OFF juice, to continue what was LEFT of my weightloss plan when they were still in business.

    It’s really a shame what happened. I figured the LEAST they could do, if operating under a different name, is to offer their FORMER clients, some sort of discount.

    I went to the website to see how much it would be to order just the Take Off Juice, by itself- it’s basically $60.00 …. can you imagine paying $60.00 for two bottles of highly concentrated fruit juice with Niacin in it? While tempted to do it, the posts here reminded me of just why I won’t do business with these people ever again.

    If it weren’t for me paying for the program with that health credit card thing they were pushing, I would have never gotten my $1,000 back.

  12. la weight loss owes me and my daughter over,$500.00. i wont deal with them again. i have the tools to keep my weight off now. would have been nice if they were honorable and paid people what they owed them. rip offs.

  13. I was with La weight loss for about 1 year and a half. They owe me over $2,000.00 I will say that I am very unhappy that they have never paid me back and I would like my $2,000.00 back. The only good thing I have to say about this company is that if you follow the program and excersize that it does work. I lost over 80 pounds. It is sad that so many individuals were owed $$$ or product or both, I think that they should have to pay everyone back before they can sell more. But just my thought! Wish there was something we could do to get our $$$ back or product owed to us!!!

  14. I am out $750. Trying to dispute it with credit card but BOFA wont do anything about it. How do I get my money back? I contacted everybody I can. Also filed a complaint with the FTC and BBB against them. Trying CA attorney general next.

  15. For those of you who lost money…. I am not sure if it’s too late but I contact my sate attorney general and filed a claim. I got about half my money back. I am going to contact them and see if there is something I can do about the product.

  16. Uh oh… I had done the LA program before, and
    just ordered LA Lites because of this post card.
    ($89 for 8 boxes)
    The bars that arrived yesterday did NOT say LA
    Lites on them…instead they say LA Bars.
    Not what I expected. Are these bars in
    the old packaging or something, that they are trying to get
    rid of before the expiration dates?

  17. Postcript:
    I got a quick response from by email
    and they have assured me that the LA Bars are the same.
    I have since tried one, and they taste exactly the same, and
    are fresh. Their product was delivered exactly when promised
    and it is possible to cancel at any time. LA To Your Door is
    not related to the LAWL franchises, but are able
    produce the products and make them available. At this point,
    I have no reason to question this business.

  18. Sheila,

    How long ago did you dispute it?

    I live in CA, and of course this happend 2 years ago already, so I feel it might be to late to dipute?

    The only thing I did was send a letter to Pennsylvania where the court case was, but never got a refund.

  19. You must not have gotten ripped off before like we all did, why dont you take the time and go on and read about what they done to so many people, and you wouldnt be a customer or be a part of supporting this rip off company !!!!!

  20. @ Becky

    I did take the time to read about it & all the things they did, but honestly it was already bringing to much stress for me @ that time. I dont support them!!!! I was ripped of $2000+, but no one I’ve read about was getting their money back.

  21. I too received the postcard. I did LA Weight loss for 2 years. I lost about 45 lbs and found it to be very successful. I prepaid and am OWED 18 BOXES of LA Lites Bars. I was told via emails that I would get them, and then told I would get a refund. THEN they no longer responded to my emails. As a business owner myself, I am upset with their lies and that I personally promoted and had so many people join the weight loss center due to my recommendations and continual promotion of the program. I NEVER post on threads such as this. I have decided to post on my blog about this and their dishonesty. I was not going to, but now I feel that others need to be aware of how LA Weight Loss did not honor ethical business practices. I have a large following on my blog and feel that it’s time I share what happened to me.

    Teresa Collins
    Murray UT

  22. i joined la weight watch and went 3 mo lost 32 pounds and they went out of business cannot find them they owe me a year it cost me over $1400.00 dollars some body needs to contact me and tell me why and see what you all are going to do about this matter im trying to do right about this i could do a lot but id like to solve this problem thanks a lot Dean lindley

  23. I too got this flyer in the mail. I am also mad about it. I have a form that the manager filled out before the store closed with the amount that was still owed to me. She had said that I may have to wait 6 or 8 weeks to get my refund.
    It has been about 1 1/2 years and I have still not received any of the money back that was owed to me. I contacted the company on the card and they were not helpful. I would like to find a way to sue LA Weight Loss for the money that they still owe me. Does anyone know if a lawsuit is in process against them??

  24. I also got this flyer in the mail. I was a client for around five years, I lost the weight and kept going after to make sure I kept the weight off. I was very close to and loved being around the people running the center that I went to. They closed the centers in the surrounding area at the same time with no notice so that the managers couldn’t warn their clients, so we wouldn’t know to ask for our product that we payed for. The person running the center in my area didn’t even know the store was closing. I also lost money in products already payed for and had already payed for another whole year. I am very upset with LA Weightloss and would never purchase their products again. The people who are purchasing these products in my opinion are only allowing this company to make even more money, after ripping off so many people who were depending on this diet and payed good money to lose the weight. I was lucky to have already lost my weight. But you can lose the weight without LA products. I now see a nutritionist and know that I can lose and keep the weight off with a healthy diet and exercise. I do not need to pay for these expensive bars and pills that they want you to purchase. Sorry so long needed to get this off my chest. Karen in N.C.

  25. So where are all the bars that were stored in the centers? I had a credit left but don’t remember how many now!

    When I told them I no longer wanted to participate after losing 16 lbs, they would not issue me a credit or let me have my bars. They conveniently could not find my chart after my attending over 6 months! I had a receipt but that didn’t help either!

    I wish someone would take t he time to track down the culprit{s} and make them pay everything t hat is due to anyone who was a member and was gyped! Someone out there has to know something!!!!

  26. I had prepaid for Lites & a propgram & they closed the center here…no warning!! I am out of 1,000 plus dollars with no product that I paid for & no reimbursement. I really like the LA Lites Bars, and would like to have what I paid for….anybody know how I can get this….when they closed I had no contact number no information on how to get my products. I am sure their home office got a fax or what I prepaid for and could have refunded or sent me my lites. If anyone can let me know what to do I would appreciate any & all information. this has been a few years going now & I hate to lose money!!!

  27. I have really mixed feelings about all this. I did loose money when they closed but it did not bother me that much because I was not following the plan 100% at that point anyway. I will say that it was the best program I ever did, stuck to it and lost 60lbs. I have been off the plan for about 5 years and have begun to gain some of the weight back so when I got the post card I was happy and concidered trying the at home prgram but now after reading all the postings and people that got screwed out of so much money I am second guessing this, not only because of what you have all experienced but also because I doin’t want to get scammed. Is anyone successfully on the at home program and receiving regular shippments?

  28. i also have prepaid for lites and the program. i suspended my program after i got pregnant and hoping to go back on. no notice was made. i really need to have what i paid for. i went on a payment plan and i am still paying the lender back. this is not fair. I need my money back.

  29. I spent over $3,000.00 for 2years lost most of my 50lbs still owed 56weeks of lites then i receive post card to purchase more stuff wheres all of what i already payed for!

  30. April 24 12:42

    I too had 3boxes of llites that I never got but our State had a as in the paper in regards to LA if anyone had anything coming to them to file for a bankrupsie and I did and got money back from this special fund that the NY state has for these kinds of problems

  31. I also have gone to LA weight loss. I paid for a second year and for the products.When I found out that they were going out of business, I contacted the store. I actually got someone and they told me I could come pick up my bars owed me. I got there and the doors were closed and locked. The sign on the door said that they had no more bars SORRY! I was furious and very upset at the money I lost. I also received the post card for the LA to your home. I emailed them complaining that they owe me and how dare they sell this when they owe so many people money and product. Guess what no response, and I just received another post card. The nerve of that company!!!!!!!!!

  32. I, too, feel badly for all those that were cheated. I joined LA Weight Loss 8 years ago and lost 65 pounds. I lost my job and had to stop going. And, despite the fact that I have tried just about EVERYTHING else, i.e., Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Atkens, etc., etc., etc., this is the only thing that has ever worked for me. I rejoined a few months ago and have already lost weight. As I said, I feel very badly for those who were taken by the old company, but, for myself, I couldn’t be happier.

  33. I got in connect with the staff of LA weight loss in Kamloops British Columbia and they were very helpful with shipping me products and menus so i could continue on my program. If you want to contact them they have a free number which is 1-888-338-1025 and they are all very helpful and nice.

  34. As everyone else did, I got a flyer and tried to find out all about the new deal. I also had a balance with the original company but I also, after a long time (well over a year), got about 10% back on the dollar . . . (normal from a bankruptcy case).

    I thought about the postcard and things I read on line (mostly negative) about the new company long and hard and then decided to go for the Lite bars as they have been the ONLY way I have ever controlled my sweet tooth.

    Also, I know I can control my credit card as they charge the same day they ship and I get them within three days. If I don’t some time in the future I would just put a hold on the automatic withdrawal and my credit card company would help with the non receipt.

    As an aside, my son was in a start up business with a partner who essentially fell down on the job and made the partnership untenable. This guy ripped the business off but has lawyer friends who are making it impossible for my son, who is trying to maintain the business, to get back some of the company property the guy walked off with. My son has no money or the time (could take years) to take it to court even though he is 100% in the right and a VERY ethical young man.

    The world sucks and we only have ourselves and our personal lives we can control. Life is nothing but a series of options Each of us has to decide which ones we are going to take and how we are going to react to the negatives in our lives as they occur (and they will). Reliving the unpleasant past isn’t one I want to pursue.

    I am enjoying using my Lites and am back on the path of weight loss. My option. And LAtoYourDoor has not disappointed me.

  35. I was on the LA program about 8 years ago and it really worked!!! I like the 3 times a week weigh in …but when I got to my goal all of a sudden they claimed I was putting some weight back on (I was weighd at 2 DR’s office and the LA office on the same day) LA claimed I put on 5lbs the Dr’s scales were lower than my last weigh in at LA and showed I had lost more weight!!! They were very pushy and wanted me to purchase other products!!! I love the bars and they really kept my sweet tooth in check. I am purchsing the bars on-line and if I choose I can cancel the autoship at any time…

  36. I am like alot of you. I also lost the weight but I am still owed for my lites that I pre-paid for. I contacted LA to your Door. They informed me that they are sorry but they can’t help me. I wasn’t aware that they filed bankruptcy back East. Who do I cantact regarding this? I want my money back.

  37. Well, I went back for the LItes and have not been disappointed. For $89.99 debited from my bank account, I get a full month’s worth shipped to my door. I am retired so they don’t stay out melting on my porch (a consideration if you want to do this and work).
    The staff I have talked to are more than helpful and will answer you back almost immediately on work days. They sent me a double order this month as I will be away in July.
    Since the cost is charged monthly i feel in control of my money. And a plug for the current staff: They are really trying to do right by everyone as they move forward from bankruptcy.
    In this economy a lot of companies have folded. And not all partners do the right thing. My son can testify to this but he is also honest and stands by his work and has reenergized a business gone South without his crook partner.
    We all need second chances . . . folks on perpetual diets should know this best.

  38. Kim, you obviously didn’t get taken by the company. Most of us are owed hundreds if not thousands of dollars. If you’re starting off new, good luck to you! However, they claim they’re “not the same company”, and for those of us who gave them money , found out of business signs on the door. We are just telling you to beware. If they can do it once without any reprocussions, they can do it twice. I assume your food is prepaid, if so, one day the food might stop coming, but you’ve already paid. Welcome to our world!

  39. I just got the postcard many of you have mentioned and I am furious as well!
    I am owed quite a few LA lites from the abrupt closing of Pure Weight loss.
    It is true those bars are the best – but the ripped off customers should get the supply they never got free from this “new” company. Everything looks very close to the old LA Weight Loss! They have to be the same people.
    The PA attorney general should not allow this to happen without compensating the clients of the bankrupt company which has now re-opened!

    Has any one approached the PA AttorneyGeneral about this ?

    I hope we can get something back – either $$ or product!

  40. I am sorry that some of you feel so upset that you won’t take another chance.

    DId I know about the pending closing? YES, by about a week as I was attending 3x a week and the gals at my center shared this was going to happen (they were told in a month ~ it ended up being only a week and even they didn’t know and didn’t get their final pay when it happened). The staff at my center handed out the Lites they had on hand to any of us of us with credit who also were there for our ‘counseling and weigh-in.

    Did I get them all? NO, as I only like two kinds.

    Did I get money back after the bankruptcy resolution? YES, because I am from New York State and immediately filed against the company with forms I got from my center.

    Did I get back what was due me? NO WAY. I end up being out quite a bit as: 1.) they ran out of the Lites (no more shipments came into the centers as promised by the company but I believe that is because they were seized by the court and not a lie by the company); 2.) I had just re-signed for another period and paid up front as we all had to; 3.) reimbursed customers only got back a small % on their dollar as we were not.

    Can you do anything about it now? I DON’tT BELIEVE SO. The case was settled and assets disbersed. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME COMPANY even if some of the folks in the new company used to work with the old one.

    Read the following links that I looked up for this thread. And know that I feel your pain but have moved on for myself.

  41. I just got the postcard in the mail, too. Now I am upset. I filed suit with the PA attorney general and got a letter saying there was nothing I could do, I am out over $500 owed to me for products. I contacted the PA attorney general via e-mail today asking how this can happen. Meanwhile, I was so disgusted, I threw out all the original paperwork. Somebody should contact 60 minutes and refer this story to THEM so nobody buys this crap ever again. I suggest mass emailings AND phone calls to the PA attorney general and to attorney generals in other states if you got your previous items there. And the center I was a member of did not notify consumers they were going out of business, so when I found out from a fellow member, I ran down there, but they were out of everything. I see they are also offering new franchises. BUYERS BEWARE!!!! DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!!

  42. As far as controlling your sweet tooth, try Nonni’s biscottis and tusconies- very similar to LA’s old biscottis, which I loved, and about half the price.

  43. The story in Tennessee is the same as all the others I have read. Receiving that post card made me angry all over again!!!! I too was cheated out of money by LA Weight Loss and like many others I must admit that of everything I tried, it was the one program that I had success with. With that said there comes a time when you have to take a stand for what is right! And I can’t see myself entrusting these crooks with my credit card information or my business ever again!!! I am working out and eating right and it’s a slow progress, but I personally could not sleep at night if I gave LA one more dime of my money knowing the way they have treated me and all the other people they cheated out of our hard earned money. PS If you are looking for a juice that works like Take Off the Hollywood Diet Juice at Walgreen’s and many other drug stores worked just as well for me.

  44. Yes, I lost a bunch of money and lites, too. Why can’t the legal system do anything about this type of scam? It is just so easy for the crooks to do the same thing over and over and never get caught. I think there has to be a way
    to stop this.

  45. I was a member of LA weight loss and I loss quite a few pounds. Iwas a mew member and they sent my money back to me.

  46. I filed suit with the PA attorney general and got a letter saying there was nothing they could do. I am out the $500. Did I lose weight? Yes, for awhile. They cut my food intake drastically when I moved from the purple to gold plan, and I couldn’t sustain the diet. I was told I was eating too many VEGETABLES at one point, even though I was supposed to eat two LA Lites a day, high in carbs and sugar. The people at my center seems to control THEIR weight by smoking out back where you could often find them amongst cigarette butt litter. These people have no medical training. I told them my blood sugar was running high and my doctor said the LA Lites were too much for me, and they tried to sell me some beverage drinks with more sugar and calories. Why would I add calories with their beverage drinks? The Fast Take Off liquid is a mixture of fruit juices, which you can buy in the grocery store. Do you think the fast take off plan helped the people who were pre-diabetic? Many are and don’t know it for years. They refused to discuss a refund.

  47. I was also told that if I added exercise to the existing plan, which I did, they would have to up my caloric intake, but did not mention how. If you want to lose weight, see your family physician.

  48. I just received a pamphlet in the mail this weekend for their new Rapid Results Diet System and the pamphlet states “Until now, the program and products were only available at LA Weight Loss Ceters but now they are available online and brought to you by a NEW COMPANY: LA TO YOUR DOOR.” This REALLY PISSES ME OFF!

    My mother and I both became members of L.A. Weight Loss/Pure Weight Loss and were pursuaded to pay for the entire program up front in July 2007 to the tune of about $1,820.00. Then, they closed their doors in January 2008, but our counselor was able to assist us with filling out documentaiton for a refund from the company, which totalled right around $1,400.00. When I found out they were filing Chapter 7, I contacted the United States Bankruptcy Court for Eastern District of Pennsylvania and completed documentation needed to become a party to that action. As of this date, I have been corresponding with the trustee and was advised that he anticipated a distribution of funds in 2010; however, as of this date, I have not heard anything futher from him.


  49. I was disappointed that LA Weight Loss closed their doors. I lost the desired weight. I have since gained the weight back but it is my fault. I too was one that didn’t want to pay to lose weight. But sometimes paying gives you a bigger incentive to stay on the plan because you want your monies worth. I got my monies worth. It was not a waste. I am glad to see LA back in business.

  50. G, you missed the point. None of us are disputing that the program works, we are complaining that they had thousands of peoples monies, closed the businesses, then contacted us and told us we can have product but we have to pay AGAIN! If they did it once with no legal reprocussions, they can do it again. I would NEVER trust this company again!

  51. what a disappointment they turned out to be. loved the program, loved the support, lost the weight but they never followed through with their promise of money back upon reaching my goal, but MAN they could sell the “prepaid” products. can’t even remember how much money I gave them but what a scam ~ here they go again! buyer BEWARE!!

  52. I live in Kentucky and share the same situation as everyone else. The program was successful for me and I dropped off attending regularly but the local center of LA WEIGHT LOSS abruptly closed its doors without warning. When I inquired about my paid-for-but-unused-LA Lite bars, the reply was that I had to show proof of what I had purchased. That was a total surprise since they had a record of every transaction including balances of the lite bars! It seemed like all they wanted to do was sell stuff: supplements, drink mixes, meals, etc. Every time I walked in the door there was some kind of “special’ going on…it was way over the top. I almost signed back on with LA to Your Door but after reading what others’ experiences have been, I will not be duped again. How can we fight this???

  53. yes, i agree that LA weight loss centers (world-wide) is truly a scam. yes, we all lost the weight and yes, we paid for it, dearly. very costly program. go on-line (type in address: big city close outs.) they have the la lites (i’ve ordered) @ $1.00 per bar for 100 bars. this is much more cost effective than purchasing the la lites from LA weight loss. w/shipping the total is about $108. per order.

    the only catch is there is only one flavor that you can order, but, for that price, why not?

    hope this helps.

  54. I to lost alot of weight with la weight loss this is the only diet program i had been on that i had lost weight i had lost 10 pounds and 4 inches in month drop 2 sizes and i was on my weight to feeling better about the way i look and they closed the doors i too am out of a alot of money what made me mad is i had paid my money for the program and the doors shut im mad because the have not send me any money back and i was only at the program for a month you would think they would give us something back. Ive gain all the weight back and more and i just got the post card and i want to but products but i just cant afford the products anymore what they should do is give us a month of free product so that they have someone to say yes i used these products and they do work in helping you to lose weight.

    good luck rapid result

  55. I to lost alot of weight with la weight loss this is the only diet program i had been on that i had lost weight i had lost 10 pounds and 4 inches in month drop 2 sizes and i was on my way to feeling better about the way i look and they closed the doors i too am out of a alot of money what made me mad is i had paid my money for the program and the doors shut im mad because the have not send me any money back and i was only at the program for a month you would think they would give us something back. Ive gain all the weight back and more and i just got the post card and i want to but products but i just cant afford the products anymore what they should do is give us a month of free product so that they have someone to say yes i used these products and they do work in helping you to lose weight.

    good luck rapid result

  56. I would like to tell you about my experience with LA. I paid up front $e3,231.98. I have my receipts back in March 2005. I was disappointed in the way I lost weight. They had me on the wrong plan for about 3 months and I just didn’t lose any weight. Then they discovered I was on the wrong plan and put me on another plan and then I started to lose weight. I lost 25 lbs, but I paid dearly for those 25 lbs. They promised to give me credit for the months I didn’t lose weight but never received anything. I too, am upset. I refuse to buy any more products from this company. Apparently, their consultants were not qualified or they would have put me on the right program. Would never recommend this company to anyone.

  57. Thief, thiefs, thiefs,
    I joined the Poway, CA location 3 miles from my home After paying for a full year, membership and paying for food I was notified 2 weeks later that they were closing. I was told I could attend another location 30 miles away. When I asked for a refund, they sent me a check for $197.80 AND THE CHECK BOUNCED. I spent another $60.00 to file a small claims action in which I won a “judgement” in the amount of $600.00 plus my $60.00 filing fee. That was a joke, now I’m out the membership cost, the returned check cost and the court cost. Never saw a penny!

  58. Well, 2010 is almost over and neither myself or my mother have received a dime from the lawsuite filed against LA Weight Loss/Pure Weight Loss. The last e-mail I sent to the trustee, I was informed that now they are planning on making disbursements in early 2011 – will post again when I contact him in mid-January.

  59. I too joined back in 2007 at the center in Pasadena,CA and payed up front for what they told me it would cost to get to my goal.I did start loosing weight quickly and just as I was 20 pounds to reaching my goal the center just closed!! No warning or explanations, I just showed up for my usual saturday appointment and the doors were closed!!! Just like that.I just think they owe it to all the people who spend their hard earned cash, it’s not fair to just get ripped off!!!!

  60. I was never a client at LA weight loss. I work for another weight loss company. Someone had asked what happen to all the products in the centers. We leased a few of there locations after they had closed there doors. The locations were already set up for counseling services, a no brainer. The centers were full of products and client files. When looking through the files, I could not believe what they left behind. Thousands of Creditcard numbers, those clients who used Carecredit your social security numbers were on file. We leased 4 former LA locations and It’s a good thing were a Christian based company. The original plan was to just loss all files in the trash. After seeing that info we contacted each client and let they come and collect there file or we shreaded it. We did also offer to honor and LA clients who still had time left on there plan. I don’t know much about LA weight loss but WOW, how careless can you be. Those of you who went to Dallas-Ftworth locations know that your information is safe. Only 900 plus locations left to find out about right. If anyone would like learn how to lose weight though a healthy lifestyle with a Christian based company please look my my employers. I never do this kind of thing, but i know how hard it is to lose weight without a little help. God Bless CeeCee

  61. LA Weighloss was the only program that worked for me. When I heard the Tampa, FL location closed I immediately went to my center and got all of my LA Lites that I pre-paid for. I know I lost money too because I had pre-paid for weeks but I was still able to continue the program and lose weight on my own.

    I now need to lose weight within 6 months because of my graduation. I am a little nervous about purchasing from LA to Your Door but I am still going to place my order. If they don’t send the product, then I will dispute the charge on my credit card.

    I will send an updated post and let you all know how it turns out. Because alot of these complaints are about LA Weighloss CENTER.. not LA To Your Door.

    Has anyone had any complaints with LA To Your Door?

  62. Most of us believe it’s the same company. We were not as lucky as you, we didn’t even receive our lites. I wouldn’t give this company the time of day. They keep sending me postcards to join. Not in this lifetime. I just joined Weight Watchers. Unlike LAWL, I’m never hungry, I have better support, and I deal with a reputable company. Good luck to you.

  63. @ Eileen, I had joined weighwatchers before but it’s too much work counting points but good luck to you because it does work if you stick to it.

    Update on my last post, I made the order late Wed and got the Take-off and paperwork on Sat. I didn’t get my bars until today (Wed).

    So the New LAWL gave me what I paid for, just delayed a few days.

  64. Christine, did they honor your contract or just take your money and send you the bars? Good luck to you too. I wouldn’t give them another penny, they still owe me!

  65. Apparently Bowling Green, KY store is in trouble. Doors have been locked for almost two weeks now, with sign that they were closed for training until June 15. Today is June 22, still closed. No message on the phone when you call them either. I went in on Wed. 6/8 and back on Friday 6/10 to find the doors locked, lights out and the training note on the door. Not cool…

    Anyone have info on this situation, let me know.

  66. LA weight loss is a ripoff, I paid 3,000 dollars for la lites and the program and they closed the store down. They had signs up to go to another store in Murfreesboro Tennessee. I went there every month to pick up my bars and they had went out of business. They should be made to give everybody their money back.

  67. THEY STARTED THE BUSINESS AGAIN!! GOT A POSTCARD ENCOURAGING ME TO VISIT THEIR NEW LOCATIONS!! OMG! Bombard them with calls, y’all!! I want my $700 back too! Their number is 800-787-0395. Unbelievable that these crooks can start up again. I am calling my local news.

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