LA Weight Loss to Refund Members $200,000

The Oregon Attorney General has issued the following press release:

The Defunct Diet Center Chain and Oregon Franchise Agree to Pay $200,000.

Attorney General John Kroger announced a settlement that will provide up to $200,000 for Oregon consumers who bought services and products from a now-defunct diet center chain.

“Misleading Oregon consumers is not acceptable,” said Attorney General Kroger.

Consumers who believe they are due refunds from LA Weight Loss should contact the Attorney General’s hot line: 877-877-9392 or fill out a refund form on the Oregon Department of Justice’s website:

A 2007 lawsuit by The Oregon Department of Justice alleged that LA Weight Loss and its Oregon franchise owner made false and misleading claims about the program’s costs and fees. The state received 295 complaints about LA Weight Loss centers in Oregon.

The lawsuit named LA Weight Loss Franchise Company, a Pennsylvania-based company, and NWM, Inc., a Lake Oswego-based company.

NWM went out of business two months after DOJ filed suit.

By December 2008, all LA Weight Loss centers in Oregon had closed.

Today, DOJ filed in Marion County Circuit Court a $200,000 settlement with LA Weight Loss Franchise Company and LATO, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of LA Weight Loss Franchise Company. Under the settlement, the companies will also pay additional refunds directly to approximately 100 Oregonians for pre-paid amounts that were unused at the time their center closed in Oregon.

Earlier this year, DOJ reached a settlement with NWM.

Assistant Attorney General Eva H. Novick handled the case with assistance from Senior Assistant Attorneys General Greg Smith and Tim Nord.

Attorney General John Kroger leads the Oregon Department of Justice. The Department’s mission is to fight crime and fraud, protect the environment, improve child welfare, and defend the rights of all Oregonians.


Stipulated Partial General Judgement

LA Weight Loss Assurance of Voluntary Compliance

11 thoughts on “LA Weight Loss to Refund Members $200,000”

  1. I’m waiting for a full refund from LA. They owes me 56 boxes of bars (7 pack each)and paid by me office vizits. $ 876.00 are not just a trash! I have to work hard to have that money. LA easely took the money from people. I”ll be happy to have them back!

  2. I was a customer of laweightloss in Shreveport la. I went there on day ask them was their closing she said no. And before the next week they had went out of business. And i paid in full never . Im very made i work to paid them.

  3. I lost over $1,000 to LA Weight Loss. After joining, I stopped in one day and the doors were locked. It soon re-opened as Pure Weight Loss. I filed paperwork for the courts when I received notice of the bankruptcy, and haven’t received a penny. Since, I have received e-mails and now a post card offering LA to Your Door. This is the same product LA Weight Loss was selling, and you can’t tell me that someone else owns the rights to this product. It’s another scam to take our money. Yes, I am angry. I think it is so unfair that these companies can make you sign contracts and rob us, then open up again under a new name, over and over again. ( And then the nerve to contact the same people. I hope no one is stupid enough to fall for this). This has to be stopped.

  4. I was a client or should I say victim of La weightloss too!!!! I was a part of there program twice.The first time was in Dedham,Mass when the program first came out “I loved It’I lost a total of 84 pounds and I felt great!! I got pregnant with my 2nd child soon after and I put my program on hold and they said it was fine because as we ALL know we have to PREPAY and they also said that they would hold my La lites which were PREPAID also!!!!When I wanted to start the program again soon after my baby was born they had all new people working in there (of course) and they tryed to tell me that I never put my program on hold so it ran out! I LOST my MIND!!!! She gave me a phone # to call and told me that I could talk to a Manager of the company so I called and I WAS NOT PLEASANT i mean i just got done spending over three thoudand dollars on there program! The manager told me not to go back to dedham rather i should go to cumberland,RI because it would be easier for me because i lived closer to the center so I did thinking nothing of it.Well I was on there program and ended up loosing 92 pounds this time around I couldnt wait to start my maintenance program in just a few weeks!!!!So before i left i booked an appointment for my next weigh in and of course bought more la lites and “the Pills” they would sell and I left.I went back to weigh in and The doors WERE CLOSED,NEWSPAPER WAS ON THE WINDOWS and I was shit out of luck…….So i never went threw maintenance and they stiil owe me la lites too,……….LA WEIGHTLOSS IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!AND SO IS LA TO YOUR DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I figure with maintenance and la lites and all there other bullshit they sold me they owe me about two grand those pieces of SHIT!!!!!! Good luck People……………………………………..

  5. I joined LA weight loss in 2007. I paid for enough la lite bars to last 23 months. I went to pick up my bars and they had went out of business. They had a sign on the door to go to another facility which was in Murfreesboro Tennessee. I went there picked up my bars for a month, went back the next month and they had went out of business. I paid almost 3,000 dollars for the program and bars and didn’t get anything out of it. I should be able to do something to get my money back they are a rip-off.

  6. I had the story. It”s very interesting, a very known company just rubbed a half of american population ( including me ), and nobody can do anything? It”s a shame!!! Once I forgot to make my payment of $ 20.00 for the tools – the sent me to the Collecting Agency. But here not just $ 20.00 – its huge amount of money. Please do something!
    Salem, Oregon

  7. I was a member too. I lost 30 pounds in 13 months. I waa going to start my maintenance program and the doors were closed. I called and they saidwe are sorry. they owe me for the maintanance program refund, 10 boxes of bars and 4 months of registration fees, along with the suppliments I had to buy. Problably totaling close to $1,000.

    It is said in the newsletter that Oregon will be refunded for their loss, well how about the other states they scammed????? I live in Texas.

  8. I was part of LA Weight loss class action suite in 2007 in Ohio. Was this suite ever settled and what was the outcome. LA Weight Loss owed me about $200.00 and I have never heard from them or any one on this class action suite , although I moved from Ohio to Corpus Christi, Texas in 2007.

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