LA WEIGHT LOSS Employees Admit They Deceived Members

As LA Weight Loss centers close abruptly throughout the US and Canada, we receive stories from LA Weight Loss employees attesting to the fact that many of the weight loss facilities continued to sell long-term programs right up until the day before they are closing.

la1thumbSome employees admit to knowing in advance, others claim their franchise owners did not tell them that the center would be closing and that their members would be left stranded with neither their money nor the promised products and services they paid for.

On the post LA WEIGHT LOSS: Employee Alleges Unethical Closing Practices Jessica wrote:

“I was a sales Counselor for LA weight loss who then changed their name to Pure Weight loss. I loved to working with the clients and I really believed in the program. What made me extremely upset was when I found out tuesday morning that by the next week I would no longer have a job. The night before, I sold an A package for 1300 dollars. I had no idea that they would be closing the door. It really bothered me that they never told me and let us sell product like that!!! What makes it worse is that the headquarters was located in PA and people knew me around town. The corporation does not have to run into clients who want a refund, I do and I do not even have the information so that I can help them. I still run into clients who do not have their refund and it has been close to 2 years!!”

On the post La Weight Loss ex-employee warns of closings. Don’t prepay! Charlotte, NC  wrote:

I worked at LAWL in Charlotte are NC. I was let go for caring too much about the clients. I got inside word that our stores were closing down and though I did not tell the clients (tho I wish I would have) I did tell them to get all of their products because so many were closing down and I wanted them to be safe. When our District Mgr heard of this she let me go and held a big meeting for all the centers in north and south Carolinas assuring them that I was bitter and full of lies, that in fact they were growing and would not be closing…….6 weeks later low and behold all my friends went to work to find the locks changed and notes on the doors. Worst place I’ve ever worked, all the upper management got EXACTLY what they deserved, my heart goes out to all the clients though, good luck.

On the post LA Weight Loss Charlotte Franchisee Sheds Unwanted Members, Employees Desi Alexander* wrote

Hi there, when I heard of this terribly tragic end to LA Weightloss of Charlotte, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for both sides of the complaints. Both the employees & the clients. I was the manager of the Rock Hill, SC location for 6 months. We were trained to steal peoples money by the owner of the company, [name withheld]. I made Mr. [name withheld] so much money by taking the money of people I knew would likely not complete the program. Mr. [name withheld] often gave cash rewards to those managers who could get the most money off of people…

It was so bad, that clients gave clothes to one of my staff member who couldn’t even afford to clothe her child. Meanwhile, the center was earning over $30,000 per week. The company’s success rate at the time I was employed there was less than 10%. I came upon clients that were robbed out of weeks, food and essential tools so that they could meet their plans because of the owner.

* The identity of this commenter has been questioned by another commenter.


5 thoughts on “LA WEIGHT LOSS Employees Admit They Deceived Members”

  1. I cannot believe my eyes! La Weightloss (the website) is still advertising programs. To include their new program – “Rapid Results”. How can this company, in receivership, still take money from innocent people? This is ridiculous! Here’s the website – Does anyone know of any way that this can be stopped? Oh yeah, LA Weightloss Charlotte Franchisee, Richard Rex, has still yet to respond to the better business bureau or give at least an explanation to those he screwed over. What a con-artist!

  2. thanks to all you ex employees of LA Weighloss I just tore up my card. that I received last week . i originally, signed up with them about 4 years ago in Sugarland, Texas there was a nice lady their named Stacy who ran that location and before you knew anything they were gone 8 months later. I didn’t buy many food supplies but I did use the diet . I’m diabetic, I did loose weight on the diet.

  3. This is really an insult to send us customers that have already been cheated out of our money a card telling about thier new business, did they not get enough the first time around? They cheated untellin amounts of people….They never even responed to none of thier customers emails or letters and now they think people would fall for the same thing… PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK YOU GOT ALL YOUR GONNA GET OFF ME !!!!!!!!!

  4. LA Weight Loss not only owe me for more than 50 bars, they had the nerve to send me a flyer in the mail to try to get me to buy more.

  5. yeh–scam artists—I seen it coming from other viewers–too bad these guys are ripping everyone off—they are real jerks–but hey–what goes round comes round——

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