LA Weight Loss to Pay Refunds to New York Members

Here’s the story posted on Fitness Business Pro:

ALBANY, NY — New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced last week that LA Weight Loss Centers Inc. reached a settlement to pay $275,000 in refunds to thousands of New York state customers who paid for but never received services after LA Weight Loss closed its doors in January 2008.

Cuomo’s office has identified more than 100 customers so far who were affected by the closures.

“As more companies fall victim to the harsh economy, they still have an obligation to abide by the law and be forthright with their patrons,” Cuomo said in a statement. “Many New Yorkers who paid for and never received services from LA Weight Loss now have some vindication.”

In January 2008, LA Weight Loss Centers closed all of its 45 centers in New York state, then filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Philadelphia. Cuomo’s office had received several complaints from customers who did not receive a refund from the company or did not have the charges removed from their credit cards for advanced payments.

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11 thoughts on “LA Weight Loss to Pay Refunds to New York Members”

  1. I am over over it. I followed every step the company told me to and even received a certified letter response; however, I have yet to see a dime. NYC got probably some of their money. When will the rest of the country get our shot at LA/Pure

  2. The closing of L.A weight Loss was a tragedy, especially for those who benefited form the program. However, we “The People” paid for services that were not rendered. I have followed the instruction keenly on how to get all monies refunded, I have wrote letters after letters requesting an explanation as to why the refunds weren’t being sent… up until today, I still haven’t heard one word from LA Weight-loss, I think the way we are being treated is ridiculous, I feel like I’m begging for something that is rightfully mines, all we’re asking is for an explanation as to why, if the funding aren’t available for distributions, FINE!!! But inform us, done just leave us out to dry!!!

  3. I joined LA Weight loss like half of America ;i feel like i was robbed i lost over 500 dollars.They never called to tell their clients they were going out of business.I went one day they had pad locks on the front door ,called the manager she never returned any of my calls .It bad when you’ve been robbed,an there’s nothing u can do about it.



  5. I was a member of LA weightloss were there any special form to fill out? I still have weeks left in the program when it closed.

  6. I recently (October 2008) joined LA Weight Loss in Prince Edward Island in Canada for a one year . 3 weeks after I joined they closed the doors without any warning. We were told that we would get a full refund from LA. I had gone through Care Credit Company that was suggested through LA and almost a year later and fighting with them to be credited. I think it’s terrible how they treated people!

    Just had to vent!


  7. Could you give me some info on what is going on? I know this is going to sound stupid, but I didn’t know all the LA centers were closed. I know the ones around Atlanta had because I wasn’t able to get in touch with anyone. I finally found someone to help me get an order from another state, but they said they couldn’t help me out with getting any of my money back. They didn’t have any record of my info, but I could order my bars from them. The last order I got from them the date on the bars was past due or due that month. Since then the number has been disconnected. Didn’t know if it’s to late to late to do anything or not. I’m not very good on using the internet and finding stuff out. Any info you can give me would be great. Thanks, Amanda

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