LA Weight Loss Centers Close in Charlotte, NC

LA Weight Loss Centers in Charlotte, NC closed abruptly this week, leaving some customers owed hundreds of dollars.

According to the Charlotte Observer:

Tom Bartholomy, president of the Better Business Bureau of the Southern Piedmont, said his office started receiving calls this morning about the closures. The owner of the Charlotte-area centers, which are operated as a franchise, could not immediately be reached.

This morning, a sign posted on the door of the LA Weight Loss Center on Baxter Street near uptown Charlotte read: “Due to the current economic conditions and the notice from our Franchisor that they are ceasing operations we have no choice but to close our Charlotte and surrounding area centers.”

It said the company would contact as many of its clients as possible “to deliver the products owed to you,” and left an email address,

In a recent comment left here, Kelly Clark, who says she is a former employee, reports:

Update on LA Weight Loss NC Franchise The following centers will be closing effective 12/11/08.

Rock Hill, SC
Hickory, NC
Pineville, NC
Mooresville, NC
Gastonia, NC
University, NC
Uptown, NC
Huntersville, NC


11 thoughts on “LA Weight Loss Centers Close in Charlotte, NC”

  1. Amazing and sad news. It’s a solid plan and diet system. Lost tons of weight and felt that I now knew how to eat.

  2. UNBELIEVABLE is all I can say. Although I am not surprised. I have been a member for 2 years. I had great success initially then staff started leaving, moving around…no stability. Food choices got limited. Staff attitudes were more about selling than weight loss. Now a good sales person puts weight first and that sells products! The Crown Point locaiton was in a downward sprial for a long time. I feel badly for the few staff that tried and were squashed by the cetner manager. How the heck do we get our products, of which I am owed ALOT!

  3. I loved Lawl. I was losing weight but I have purchased 120 boxes of LA Lite Bars and have only received a quarter of them. They also owe me some supplements. That’s a lot of money!!! I’m disappointed about not knowing the maintenance plan. It scares me. I was depending on the help and support from LA weightloss. I hate there was no warning so we could at least get the things we paid for.

  4. I was extreamly happy with the program—-I am to the point of going on the maintance part of trhe plan——-How can I find out what to do?  I have worked hard to get to this point, and I really need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Any help will be appreciated!!!!!

  5. I was extreamly happy with this program.  I am sure I am amoung many others that are very sad to have lost something that has helped me achieved something I have tried to accomplish. and failed many times. I am to the maintance of the program, and I need help to know what to do. Any professional advice would be much appreciated! ! !

  6. I too was very happy with the lawl program but i too am owed tons of product (bars and supplements)…..If anyone out there in cyber land knows what the next step is other than emailing customer service (no response there lol)….I am out a ton of money too….

  7. we need to get everyone to contact the state attorney generals office and see what they can do for guidence or help

  8. Mary Carter — I use to manage one oof the locations and if you tell me what plan you ended on then I can tell you what you need to do for maintenance. Did you already go through the stabilization part of the plan??

  9. I was very pleased with the LA program. No one has contacted me about the return of the bars that was paid for or the extra weeks purchased. Have contacted an attorney who sent an e-mail…as of 1/28/09 haven’t been contacted by LA Weight as yet..

  10. I’ve been with the LA Program for a couple of years, on going. I’m very sad that another corporation has to fold at our expense. I hope everyone gets their investment back. We have invested to a lot to improve on our health, only to feel lost with no support for our goals.

    I believe we need to keep a positive attitude and keep our focus on our goals of a healthier life style. I realize for me anyway, it always has been an up hill battle and I fall off the wagon more than I want to admit too. I don’t give up, because someday I will achieve my weight loss goal without LA. I will benefit from what they have taught me about weight loss. We all have the same goals and have to keep focused on a healthier life style.

    Please beware not to go out and throw away your hard working money aimlessly on gimmick and quick weight loss pills, we all know they don’t work. Let all try to eat healthier to keep a positive attitude and learn from this experience.

    To all the LA Weight loss clients and the LA weight Loss staff best wishes. I hope everyone fines peace in their life.

  11. I would like for Mary Carter —who use to manage one of the locations, to let me know about stabilization and mainteneance. I was about to start stabilization and don’t know what to do now for either.

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