LA WEIGHT LOSS: All Ottawa Locations Close Abruptly

“All four LA Weight Loss centres in Ottawa abruptly shut down on Monday, apparently without warning to customers or employees.

“According to media reports, local employees weren’t aware of the closures until they arrived at work this week. Customers looking for a refund were encouraged to call LA Weight Loss’s customer service line.

“However, OBJ‘s call to that number was directed to a full voice mailbox. The diet program’s website still lists the Ottawa locations as active.

“The franchise, operating under the name LA Weight Loss Franchise Co., has shuttered a number of locations this past month, including all nine in Atlantic Canada and all 10 in Charlotte, N.C….”

Excerpt Source:  Ottawa Business Journal

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2 thoughts on “LA WEIGHT LOSS: All Ottawa Locations Close Abruptly”

  1. my name margaret,i too joined la weight loss in mocton, new brunswick. i was in the program 3 weeks and was told they were closing for good and a refund would be automatically given to me.since then i have been unsecessful at reaching anyone for infromation , except a lawl frachize in the u.s.. i feel i have been taken for a ride and ripped off .

  2. The owners of LA weight loss in Canada have just opened another company. What out yogurt lovers, Michael and David Shneer opened the new menchies.

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