LA WEIGHT LOSS: More Wisconsin LA Weight Loss Centers Closing

The widespread closings of LA Weight Loss centers continue in Wisconsin, as elsewhere. The local Inches-A-Weigh franchise is offering a discount to LA Weight Loss members left stranded by the closings. According to the Appleton Post-Crescent:
“LA Weight Loss will close its two locations here next Wednesday. They are at 1005 Mutual Way in Grand Chute, near Wal-Mart and N474 Eisenhower Drive, Buchanan, near Regal Cinemas. Both opened in 2004. In a written statement, the company cited “economic conditions in our country at this time” as the reason for closure. The company will contact current clients and offer them phone counseling or a refund.

“Another women’s weight loss business, Inches-A-Weigh at 4774 Integrity Way, Grand Chute, will give a discount to anyone with unexpired LA Weight Loss contracts, said co-owner Dave Murphy.”

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2 thoughts on “LA WEIGHT LOSS: More Wisconsin LA Weight Loss Centers Closing”

  1. You should really contact the Franchisee of your specific center if you’re owed money or want to get a refund. Your money does not directly go to the corporate headquarters. They sell the franchise licenses to operate, who in turn sell you programs, with products the franchisee has purchased from the corporate headquarters. Centers in a metropolitan/geographic are generally all owned by the same franchisee

    With that said, the LA Weight Loss Franchise office has in the past purchased underperforming franchisee territories in some cases. If this is the case your center is actually owned directly by the headquarters company.

    Phone Information:

    Executive extensions may be setup to ring administrative assistant phones first, who then had to put the calls through to the actual extension. The actual extensions do not have direct dial in numbers.

    The main switchboard number (215-346-4400) should have an Auto Attendant, which also contains an employee directory you can search by name.

    If you’re searching through the Auto Attendant employee directory found of the switchboard you won’t find some extensions of executives by the persons name.

    You may be able to find these “hidden” internal extensions by searching for multiple Z’s (ZZ, ZZZ, ZZZZ) in the search by name function. There is a minimum number of characters to search on, so you might want to try AAA, BBB, etc as well

    Phone numbers might be in these ranges:

    215-346-8800 to 215-346-8899
    215-346-8900 to 215-346-8999
    215-346-4300 to 215-346-4399
    215-346-4499 to 215-346-4499

    Phone number ranges were not contiguous and they were shared with Pure Weight Loss. You will likely find a lot of non-working numbers, fax numbers, utility numbers, or “dead” numbers that go to voicemail boxes that will likely never be checked.

    Good luck.

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