LA Weight Loss Center Closing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

L.A. Weight Loss just announced its closing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin center, according to a report on WQOW:

“L.A. Weight Loss just announced its closing in Eau Claire next Wednesday.

“When News 18 contacted the corporate offices, they sent us this statement: ‘We wish we could have stayed open after operating in the Eau Claire area for 4 years, but the economic conditions in our country at this time have forced us to close our centers.’

“Several members of L.A. Weight Loss contacted the station expressing their frustration. The members say it’s not just losing out on money they’re upset about.

“Members told News 18 they were looking forward to the extra support during the holiday season….”

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3 thoughts on “LA Weight Loss Center Closing in Eau Claire, Wisconsin”

  1. The centres in Ontario are also closing and the information they provided you for the LA on the Go program is not valid, the number is out of service and the email address does not work. I think people should file a class action lawsuit against this company for breaking their contracts.

  2. I was on the LA WeightLoss prg also, went to the Eau Claire, WI center. I had been gone to 2 weeks for vacation came back and the center was closed. The center didn’t even notify people, would it have hurt the center to call and or send notices to clients. I am out quite a bit of money, my monies for food and also for the maintence prg.

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