Closing Canadian L.A. Weight Loss Offering Members “LA on the Go” Phone Counseling

According to the Chronicle Herald, all the L.A. Weight Loss Atlantic Canadian franchise centers are closing Dec. 5, 2008.  Instead, they will offer a phone-counseling service called “LA on the Go” to their stranded members.  According to the Chronicle-Herald:

David Shneer, president and CEO of LAWL Maritimes Inc., said in an email Tuesday that the company, which operates LA Weight Loss Centres in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford and Sydney, is changing its business model. “Over the weekend, we decided for two main reasons that we cannot continue to operate the centre-based business,” he said. “So we have informed our centres that we are going to close.”

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Mr. Shneer… said LA Weight Loss clients have the option of continuing with the company’s LA On the Go program or requesting a refund. The LA On the Go program was designed for clients who could not visit the centres, he said. “It provides them with weekly one-on-one counselling but just over the phone instead of in the centre,” he said. “They also still have the same access to optional products.”


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  1. When my centre in ON closed, I was not given the option of having my money returned although I did ask for it. Instead, I was told that I was required to participate in the LA On-the-Go program and was given a phone number to try today. The phone number is not active and the email address that was given to me does not work either.

  2. I live in Saint John, NB. When they told me that the center was closing they gave us all an email address to contact. When we contact the email address this is what we got in response:

    ” Dear Chelsey

    Thank you for your note.

    We are sorry that our Centre closing has caused you some inconvenience and concern.

    We acknowledge receiving your request for a refund. Please note, that should you wish to continue on the L A Weight Loss program, you can do so by taking advantage of our “LA-On-the-Go” program. This program will provide you with weekly one-on-one counselling over the phone and access to our optional products. LA-On-the-Go was designed for clients who could not attend the Centres on a regular basis. Should you wish to reconsider, then kindly contact or call 902-830-7076.

    We are now in the process of getting all the client files from the Centre. As the Centre is closing on Dec. 5, we anticipate receiving the files by no later than Dec. 15. Upon receipt of the files we can then look into your request and establish, what amount, if anything, is owing. In the interim, we ask you to please be patient as we do our best to attend to these issues as quickly as possible.

    We thank you for your understanding while we go through this process.

    Yours truly,

    Customer Service”

    Then when I replied again on January 5 and asked when I could expect my refund this is the response that I received:

    “We take this opportunity to inform you that LAWL Maritimes Inc., the company that operated the Centre you attended, has been put into receivership by the secured creditors of the Company.

    Unfortunately as a result of the receivership, the Company no longer has any capital and is unable to provide any refund. We are sorry but we are unable to process your request.

    Customer Service”


  3. We all should come together and file a class action lawsuit. I reached out and asked for a credit and then decided to participate in the LA on the go program. Which they gave a generic response and said basically no one was interested in the program and the program didn’t take off. (Which I find very hard to believe, that no one was interested)They wanted the money up front for all the products and wanted you to buy weeks in advance, for that I am thankful I only lost 400.00, but I am not wealthy by any means and there are others out there that lost alot more than I did.

  4. I am another frustrated member of LA Weight Loss in Amarillo, Texas. I have called and have been given the run around about receiving a refund. As well as not recieving all of my products I PAID for IN ADVANCE. After reading some of the other comments. It looks like I probably won’t. LA On The Go was not convenient for me. I do not have a home computer/fax machine. I believe that by all the stores closing was a breech in contract on LA’s part. We don’t have the one on one with a specialist that we all as members paid alot of money to have. Not to mention the expensive products we all paid for in advance. Why do they tell us when we call that we can speak to customer service and then a recording says they will only repond by email. I can not access the on the computer I have to go to at the Public Library. I would appreciate a responce!!

  5. I am very mad at the fact that the just close the doors without letting anyone know and they gave some email address that if you try to use it , it do not work at all. I wish they would at least send a letter to all the member and give us another choise and give us back some of the money we had already payed in advance

  6. i havebeen thru the circle many timesevery time i get a contact peson you close thecenter or change the locationi need help i am frpm san jose, california. I am tired of the run around i have lost 65lbs but i am putting it back on due to the lack of customer service please contact me

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