LA WEIGHT LOSS: La Quinta Center Closes Abruptly, Strands Members

Here’s the report in the Desert Sun:

The Coachella Valley’s only La Weight Loss Center, previously at 79-220 Corporate Center Dr. Suite 102 in La Quinta, closed its doors without notifying customers Sept. 24. Franchise owner Patricia Gesswein has left a message on her cell phone, telling her customers she will miss them.
“I got instructions from the corporate office today and I had no notice,” Gesswein tells callers. “This was my job and my life. I’ve never been in a siuation like this.”
But the corporate offices for La Weight Loss, based in Horsham Township, PA. said she is responsible for the closure.
“We’re as befuddled as the customers are,” said Brian Siegel, senior vice president. “She took their money and shut without notice. She needs to give refunds because these are not our operating procedures.”

It is surprising that Brian Segal is “befuddled,” since LA Weight Loss has evidently closed more than sixty locations recently (See our unofficial list of LA Weight Loss center closings).  It’s also surprising that Patricia Gesswein claims she receved “instructions” from the corporate office and refers to LAWL as her “job.”  As a franchisee, she is the owner of the franchised business.

Comments on the story were unsympathetic to Gesswein.

Suzy Snowflake wrote:  “Hokey Pokey diet anyway. Doesn’t work.”

ChrisinPS wrote:  “Sorry Patricia, your excuse does not pass the smell test. You are the franchise owner, but say that corporate closed you down? Sounds like she took the money and ran.”



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