One thought on “LA WEIGHT LOSS: Texas Centers Reportedly to Close 9/26”

  1. Another San Diego market update – All the remaining centers in the San Deigo market that did not close last month, are closing now! The centers is Chula Vista, El Cajon and Poway are closing their doors as of tonight (09-10-2008) leaving only the Mission Valley and Oceanside locations open for a week, before they close on 9-17-08. If anybody in the San Diego market reads this before those centers close tonight and you are owed any product, go get it now, if you can, and also as for your file so you can make sure your social security & credit card numbers and any other personal information don’t get dumped in the trash. Otherwise go to the Mission Valley or Oceanside centers before the 17th. Hope this news helps, and sorry for the short notice, but the news just came down the pipe an hour ago.
    Funny enough, they also have a nationwide marketing campaign for a Friends & Family two for one signup scheduled for the 16th! I would not refer anyone to join in San Diego if I were you – not much value in a 24 hour program…

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