PURE WEIGHT LOSS MEMBERS: The PA Attorney General Wants YOU!

I was in contact with the PA Attorney General’s office last week. They are actively investigating the closing and subsequent bankruptcy of Pure Weight Loss and the actions of Pure Weight Loss CEO Vahan Karian (aka Vahan Karabajakian).

If you were a member or employee of Pure Weight Loss, and have lost money or were otherwise injured by their abrupt closure and unethical business practices (no matter where you reside) you are urged to fill out a complaint with the office of the PA Attorney General. You may just get your money back, yet!
Here is the message from the Attorney General:

The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General has been involved in the Pure Weight Loss case since January, 2008. Please use the following link to review our press release detailing our consumer protection lawsuit against PWL and the company’s owner:


PWL, based in Horsham, PA, filed for bankruptcy shortly after the business ceased operating, January. The bankruptcy case, along with our consumer protection lawsuit, are both still actively working through the state court system and federal bankruptcy court.

We continue to encourage consumers who believe they suffered losses because of PWL’s actions to use the following link to access the online complaint for our Health Care Section (That is the section of our office handling this case):

At the very least, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you helped bring Mr. Karian to justice, and helped the PA Attorney General send the message that they will not tolerate this kind of mistreatment against consumers.


One thought on “PURE WEIGHT LOSS MEMBERS: The PA Attorney General Wants YOU!”

  1. People work hard for their money,but you think nothing about thinking of ways to swindle them out of it by making promises you never intend to keep. Buyer beware.

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