LA WEIGHT LOSS: Evansville, IN Center Closes

LA WEIGHT LOSS: Evansville, IN Center Closes

Source: 14 WFIE

Customers of LA Weight Loss in Evansville are coming forward claiming the store kept their money after closing. Some customers claim there were no warnings.

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Baldwin says she charged more than $700 to her credit card for payments to LA Weight Loss. So finding out the store was closed on Thursday came as quite a shock.

“I was pretty upset I was never notified that they just closed,” said Baldwin.

Baldwin says she is only about halfway through her contract and she the owner still has her money.

“I’m still just left holding an empty bag. I’m in debt now hopefully I can work something out with my credit card,” said Baldwin.

Baldwin says she paid $400 for a year-long membership with the company.

She also claims she bought 20 boxes of dietary bars for $300 and so far has only received four boxes.

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Other customers of the weight loss program tell 14 News the store was signing people up and taking their money just a week before closing.

LA Weight Loss released the following statement: “LA Weight Loss franchise company was just notified by the local franchise owner that due to economic conditions he can no longer continue operating the local Evansville, Indiana center.”

The statement went on to leave two contact numbers to reach the owner.

Baldwin called the numbers and says she’s gotten no response.

“I understand times are hard but now i don’t have $708. So I’m hurt just as much as he is. I signed a contract but it needs to be honored one way or another.” said Baldwin.

Now Baldwin tells us she’s working with the Better Business Bureau to solve this problem.

14 News also tried to call the owner and weren’t able to reach him.

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  1. Wow it’s so difficult some time to trust people, all we can do is stand up for our self’s so people like this stop waking over people with no concern of other other then them self’s.

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