LA WEIGHT LOSS EMPLOYEES: “How do you sleep at night?”

How do LA Weight Loss employees sleep at night?

That was a question asked in a recent email sent to us by a woman who had entrusted an LA Weight Loss employee with several thousand dollars of her hard-earned money… money she could not afford to lose.

She recounted how the woman had looked her straight in the eye and told her they were in this together, that they would work as a team to help her meet her goals and start a whole new era in her life.

The next week she returned to find the door locked and her team, like her money, long gone.

“Losing that much money was devastating, but that wasn’t the worst of it,” the woman wrote. “I felt absolutely violated. How do people do that to other people and be able to sleep at night?”

LA WEIGHT LOSS EMPLOYEES: Are you required to keep selling when you know your center will be closing? Do you know others who have?

2 thoughts on “LA WEIGHT LOSS EMPLOYEES: “How do you sleep at night?””

  1. I was one of those former employees and when I hear someone say this it hurts. I was not only an employee but I was also a member. LA Weight Loss is what made me lose weight I was at my lowest weight and never hungry and now I hate the fact that the company is gone because I’m back up in my weight. The program worked as long as you stayed on track and didn’t deviate. If you deviated that’s when you didn’t lose or you gained. That quote “If they cry, they buy” yeah it’s pretty much true but that wasn’t a quote we were taught in training. It’s common sense. If you get into someones emotions and reiterate why they are there, they realize how much they really do and have wanted to lose weight. Losing weight is and always has and will be a touchy subject, plain and simple. It will always be an emotional rollercoaster, hello??? Has no one watched Biggest Loser and not seen any of those individuals cry??? THEY ALWAYS ARE ITS EMOTIONAL!!! I didn’t know until the day I was let go that LA Weight Loss was closing it’s doors. I’m sure a lot of employees didn’t. Don’t hold that against any of us employees it’s not our faults. Some of us didn’t get our last paycheck I was lucky enough to get that check. I don’t know how many times I’ve been upset missing my clients which were more over my own support system. Stop holding the employees to blame, atleast in-center employees, the actual office in Horsham, PA those employees are a different story (the ones in the main office).

    I don’t know how YOU can sleep at night blaiming people that were hurt probably more than you, especially with the economy being so down, and losing jobs without any knowledge whats so ever.

  2. Eva, you are wrong to defend LA Weightloss in any way, shape, or form. Even if you feel like you were there for honest reasons, that doesn’t change the fact that so many people were left with no program and no money. I’ve gotta tell you, you are either in extreme denial or you have no morals. And your reference to the economy is shallow at best. The people that paid hard earned money for what they thought would be a healthy and positive experience are now out big $$$.

    I myself was a center Manager at an LA Weightloss in Florida. After my first few weeks of employment
    I was shocked. As someone that has struggled with my own weight, I was initially thrilled to be working in an environment where I would be helping others achieve their weight loss goals. I began to realize that the owners were less concerned about helping people than making a profit at almost ANY COST. After holding this position for only a couple of months, I was beginning to look for a new job when thankfully, my husband’s company required that we relocate cross-country. Aware that many of the LA Weightloss Centers were franchises, I was still naive enough to think that my experience at the Florida center had been negative because of the owners. I sought out employment at an LA Weightloss in our new city/state and felt reassured to find that this franchise was owned by an actual Physician (had to be credible, right?!). WRONG!! I ended up working for the new franchise for not even a month and a half and due to their inappropriate sales tactics and “they cry, they buy” motto, ended up walking out in the middle of a shift because I COULDN’T SLEEP AT NIGHT and refused to encourage my employees to take advantage of potential and current clients. I find it hard to believe that your upper management was any different. After working in the two different markets and hearing similar stories from other center managers, it was obvious to me that the core of the company was rotten. Even so, it’s wrong for you to take the stand that YOU alone are “hurt”. Alot of innocent people were basically exploited, and if you were in the business for the right reasons, you would be more sympathetic. I regret the day I ever worked for them and feel for anyone that was ever a client. In a nutshell, yes the basic program works. I myself lost 36 pounds on it. There was no need for the shady “tactics” used and they could have had an honest business and been very successful at it. Instead they turned it into a negative experience for so many people because of one word:

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