LA WEIGHT LOSS: Centers Closed or Closing (Updated List)

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This unofficial list is compiled and updated through comments, tips and rumors supplied to us by anonymous LA Weight Loss employees, LA Weight Loss members and ex-members, and news reports. Please post any corrections, additions or insights in the comments section below. Thanks!

LA Weight Loss Centers Reported Closed or Closing Soon

Updated 8/22/08

CA San Diego
CA Escondido
CA Encinitas
CA Bakersfield – East (Mount Vernon Ave.)
CA Bakersfield – SW (Ming Ave.)
CA Poway (San Diego)
CA Chula Vista
CA El Cajon

CO Colorado Springs (Closed 7/08)
CO Denver (Blvd Ctr – Sept. 08)
CO Aurora
CO Boulder
CO Lakewood
CO Centennial

GA Conyers
GA Alpharetta
GA Camps Creek
GA Lawrenceville
GA Stone Mountain

ID Boise,
ID Nampa

IN Evansville
IN Vincennes
IN Terre Haute
IN Bloomington

KY Elizabethtown,
KY Louisville/Hurstbourne
KY Springhurst
KY Frankfort (Closed 08/08)
KY Lexington Hamburg Pavilion (Closed 08/08)
KY Lexington Beaumont Centre (Closed 08/08)
KY Owensboro

MT Bozeman

NE Butte
NE Lincoln

NV Reno
NV Sparks

NC Jacksonville
NC Wilmington (Closed 7/08)

SC Asheville
OK Oklahoma City – North (10/08)
OK Oklahoma City – South (10/08)
OK Mid West City (10/08)
OK Edmond (10/08)
OR McMinnville (09/08)
OR Sherwood (09/08)
SC Spartanburg

TN Chattanooga
TN Bartlett (8/29/08)
TN Columbia
TN Kingsport
TN Jackson
TN Bristol
TN Johnson City
TN Greenville

TX Temple
TX Waco (September 26th)
TX Killeen (September 26th)
TX College Station (September 26th)

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58 thoughts on “LA WEIGHT LOSS: Centers Closed or Closing (Updated List)”

  1. Update on the San Diego LATO (Corporate owned take over centers) in the San Diego Market:

    It looks like corporate is starting to shut down the San Diego market as well now. 3 Centers just closed the doors recently, and the centers in Chula Vista, El Cajon are rumored to be closing soon as well. That will leave only the Mission Vally, Poway and Oceaside locations open and only 3 out of the original 9 that were in operation (La Jolla was closed quite some time ago). in the San Diego area.

    4911 Clairemont Dr # B, San Diego, CA‎ (858) 490-1560
    1024 W Valley Pkwy, Escondido, CA‎ (760) 737-2700
    165 S El Camino Real, Encinitas, CA‎ – (760) 632-5900

  2. Just another FYI – The Temple, TX center closed last month and the Waco, Killeen, and College Station, TX Centers are due to close on September 26th.

  3. Poway (San Diego) center closes at the end of the week. They’re referring everyone to either Oceanside (70 miles roundtrip), Mission Valley (40 miles roundtrip) or to L.A. Weight Loss online.

  4. I went to my center today in Gastonia NC which is just outside of Charlotte. They are now closing on Tuesday and Thursday. They are going to open two hours earlier on all other days..they called this their “Fall” hours. I see this as a bad sign!

  5. I rejoined La weight Loss Center because it helped me lose weight the first time I went. I had paid for all of my la lites up front. When I quit going the first time I still had 150 boxs left. I stopped going only because my mother passed away and I was having a bad time. I decided to rejoin because I had already paid for the lites and it did work. I paid another $562.17 to rejoin. This included some supplements but it was mostly for the program and maintanence. I was only able to use them for 6 weeks when they closed the doors in Colorado. I do not blame the employees. I have worked for companys before that have closed there doors and the employees are screwed too… What I have a problem with is the company knowing they are closing there doors and taking money still and nothing is being done about it. I am contesting the cost with my credit card and I might be one of the lucky ones and not lose to much money, but something needs to be done about this.

  6. 215-364-0400 Not sure if this will help anyone or not, but here is the DIRECT line phone number for the offices of Harold Katz, owner of LA Weight Loss Franchise Company Inc, the the top guy of all LA operations WORLDWIDE!!, hiding under the guise of Go to that website for his address as well. It’s very interesting if you read the profile if Mr Katz – no mention that he owns and operates the LA Weight Loss Franchise Co Inc. I wonder why? – to try hiding from all of his angry customers, on his way to a new venture? with OUR money?? But the assests page does list Katz Group owning 100% of LA Weight Loss Franchise. Look him up online, started Nutri/System, built it up to a half billion dollar company, ran it into the ground, sold it, then started LA Weight Loss, with partner Vahan Karian, who split with Katz a few years back, then went BK with Pure Weight Loss last year (formally LA Weight Loss Centers Inc.) This phone number also reaches Brian Siegel, General Counsel, VP LA Weight Loss Franchise, and Mr Katz’s personal attorney for over 30 years. He might be a good guy to contact to try and get out money back before they BK like Pure did and we all get nothing (slim chance anyway, but it will at least make you feel better. This # is direct to their office! Might not get you anywhere, but it might make you feel better to complain a bit! Good Luck.

  7. Latest Of LA Weightloss: Oceanside center is closing as well. It is so hard to believe that they are all closing. This program has been my life saver and now it’s gone. I called in to get my file and they are not allowed to give them out as they are property of LA Weightloss. I thank all employees at the Escondido branch for all their help and support. I lost 40lbs and have 44 more to go.

  8. I started up at the Poway office several years ago, and prepaid for hundreds of boxes of LA Lites. I was told it was cheaper that way. I lost about 25 pounds, and really liked the ladys there.
    My mother got sick, and I had to care for her, so stopped going during the maintenance phase. Then I got a postcard telling me I could start back up free of charge! I still had over 80 pre paid boxes of lites on the record too.

    I then went to the center in the Rancho San Diego area, and lost the 20 pounds I put back on, and would like to lose another 10. When the centers in the San Diego area all closed, I was refered to the LA On the Go program, The lady at one of the Oregon centers was my contact, and shipped 24 of my prepaid lites to me. Now I think they are closing too, because no one is answering the phone, and I still have 22 prepaid boxes of lites to receive.

    What do we need to do to get refunds or our prepaid product? I am probably luckier that some with only 22 boxes in the hole.

  9. Update on LA Weight Loss NC Franchise The following centers will be closing effective 12/11/08.

    Rock Hill, SC
    Hickory, NC
    Pineville, NC
    Mooresville, NC
    Gastonia, NC
    University, NC
    Uptown, NC
    Huntersville, NC

    I was a former employee who very much loved my job. They told us today that they were closing the doors. All clients who just recently purchased product will be the first to recieve product-until inventory rns out. All others we were told unfortunelty would be pretty much SOL. This was a huge shock to the franchise employees we wish our clients the best of luck in acheiving their weightloss goals.

    Good Luck


  10. Well the whole Charlotte just closed as well. As a previous employee with the company I am outraged because I would have NEVER sold anything to my clients if I had the slightest inclination that we were completly shutting down. If you are a current client please please please try to contact care credit if you financed through them and get your money back, otherwise- goodluck getting your product, they say that they will give it to you but I’m just uneasy about the whole thing considering how the employees were notified.

  11. I just discovered this AM that all the Charlotte NC and surrounding offices have closed. I did not purchase any of the products but wonder what my options are as to whether I have any chance of getting a refund on the money I paid for the entire contract $599.00.
    I was never contacted by anyone of this situation and I was just in the office Wed. of this week.
    While in the parking lot this AM I got names and phone numbers from 8 other clients. Any other persons in the area interested in joining our group to see what we can do are welcome.

  12. As a local employee of Mediweightloss Clinics in Charlotte, I am sorry to hear of the abrupt closings of the local L A Weightloss Centers. Mediweightloss has opened 3 Charlotte locations in the last 12 months with Charlotte patients losing in excess of 25,000 lbs! We are committed to the long term success of our patients. We do not require long term contracts and do not require the purchase of meal replacements and other items that drive the cost of the L A program. We will welcome ALL former LA Weightloss patients to come in for a free consultation. Let us show you why we are considered “The one that works!”

    Our program is under the direction of a very involved MD who is a member of the American Board of Bariatric Physicians. We also employ a team of Nurse Practitioners, Exercise Physiologist, Certified Medical Assistants and front office staff that are dedicated to our patients success. We will be happy to assist in any way we can to continue to have an impact on the epidemic of Obesity.

  13. Does anybody know about the Kannapolis, NC location? It is not on the list, but I would assume if all of the others in the area are closed or closing, that one would be too. I don’t have anything on order, but I paid a lot of money for my contract, also.

  14. I tried to call the Kannapolis location and there was just an answering machine saying they were not open at this time. Since they are supposed to be open at this time, I guess that answers my question. I guess I’ll move on to step two.

  15. Seriously do you think you will get your money back because you wont. The company doesnt care about you or helping you get your product or a credit back. All they cared about was selling the product to benefit their own paychecks. The counselors were obviously just sale consultants that did not have any nutrition experience. I have spent over 2000.00 with this program. I singed up right before hey changed their hours. When they changed to being closed on tuesdays and thursdays I should have seen that as a red flag warning. I went to the center Concord. How can the employees sleep at nght knowing that they have gotten away with taking our money? They asked me many personal questions about my life and showed me that the one thing that is different about this program is that they would be with me every step of the way to help hold me accountable and to provide support. WHERE THE HELL IS THE SUPPORT NOW. No one is answering my phone calls. If anyone has any luck in speaking with the owners please let me know. I purchased over 150 boxes of the la lites to get me through my program to get me SAVINGS WHAT SAVINGS did I really get in the long run. Nothing. It was waste of money. Good Luck for everyone out there because I know I am not alone. With the economy the way it is I cant believe the employees would still sell us product knowing that they were going to be closing. I am going to contact my lawyer I sugest you do the same.

  16. Wow, $2000, that’s a lot more than I spent.
    I was planning to contact the attorney general to see what we can do legally. I doubt they will voluntarily give us our money back. I know some attorneys in the area so I’m not afraid to contact them if I need to.
    I was wondering myself about those “new” hours. Just last week they were trying to give me four free weeks if I signed up for four. Well, gee, I think I signed up for enough already, thanks.
    Oh, yeah, I didn’t lose the two pounds a week they promised either, but of course, it was my fault, not theirs.

  17. To wow,

    The counselors didn’t know a thing about what was coming…and they are trained, caring people. My husband and I lost 60 and 45 pounds respectively and it was a very positive experience. Do some research before you start point ing your finger and spewing ignorant accusations at innocent people who are out their paychecks as well. If you had bothered to check you would see that Vahan Karian the owner of the company has done just this before…last year right before Christmas he closed up 400 “Pure Weight Loss” centers….and was hit with multiple class action lawsuits…Pennsylvania has been going after him since January. I understand you are upset….but spreading misinformation helps noone. You need to contact the NC Attorney General and file a complaint like the rest of us are. The fault in all of this lies with the thief behind it all……Vahan Karian.

  18. I do not believe that anyone that worked in my center in Uptown Charlotte knew that they were losing their jobs. I would be very disappointed in them if they did. I totally trusted them.

  19. OH, and do contact your credit card company if you paid for items with a card. I did today and they will be disputing the charges.

  20. This is absolutely absurd! I just visited the center on Wednesday and made an appointment to return on Saturday morning. If I had any inkling of the occurrences of the next 72 hours, I would have collected all of my product and subsequent mealplans! And to think there was a December Meltdown and Lites Special being promoted.

    Patsy May, I am interested in Joining your group. Thank you.

  21. Ok, I read on another thread that LA may offer the LA To Go as an alternative to the center program. It’s just a way of appeasing and controlling tempers on the fly, if you ask me. At any rate, according to the posts, there had not been much success with this program to date as followup and call backs from the counselors was not consistent.

    Ironically enough, during my visit on Wednesday my LA counselor received a call from someone wanting to know how to get started with the LA to GO in NC…she told them that she didn’t know and they would have to call the customer service number. I would love to believe that the counselors didn’t know anything about the impending outcome of the week here in Charlotte, but it’s a hard pill to swallow.

  22. To our wonderful clients,

    This is an employee from the Concord Location. I just want you to know that we knew NOTHING ABOUT THE CLOSINGS. We were told on a conference call Thursday that we had to go get our personal things and put a sign on the door. I am totally devestated,,,We truly cared about all of you. We are all out of jobs right before Christmas with no advanced warning. I feel sick in my stomach knowing that we cannot do anything to help you guys. I hope and pray that you will all get the money and products that you deserve, God Bless you All!!!!

    Yours Truly

  23. Missy wrote: . If you had bothered to check you would see that Vahan Karian the owner of the company has done just this before…last year right before Christmas he closed up 400 “Pure Weight Loss” centers….and was hit with multiple class action lawsuits…

    Missy: Vahan Karian’s LA Weight Loss/Pure Weight Loss is a separate company from the LA Weight Loss that has centers currently closing. The owner of this chain is named Harold Katz. They split into two companies a number of years ago. Karian is not involved in this (though he did close his chain at holiday time last year). These LAWL centers were and/or are franchised locations.

    For more info check out these articles here:

    Karian’s Pure/LAWL was just hit with a $20M judgement from the EEOC:

  24. Thank you Caring Counselors from Concord. I feel really bad that you guys are out of jobs in this economy, and especially this time of year. May God bless you all. I really felt your sincerity and bid you God’s speed. As for me, most immediately, I am going to dig up my receipts and dispute the charges through my credit card company.

  25. I lost 109 lbs. and my daughter 80 lbs. with LA Weight Loss. My daughter and I enjyoed going to the Mooresville Center. Candace the previous manager and her staff helped us in so many ways. We now have the confidence that neither of us ever had before the program. We enjoy eating healthy and exercising. If I had not picked up the phone and called a year ago for my free consultation my daughter and I would be tipping the scales at close 250 lbs im sure by now. We will live longer and more enjoyable life thanks to LA Weight Loss. They always kept things fun and exciting for us. We looked forward to going into the center three times a week. If we ever needed help with receipes or needed a menu written out they always made time to help us. If I ever started getting bored I would meet with Candace or Melisssa and they would get out the cookbook and plan menus with foods I would have never thought of and then guess what I would see good results on the scale. The girls on several occasions even emailed me in there spare time just to say hi and see how I was doing throughout the day. LA Weight loss waas more than what I ever could have expected. I understand that some of you are upset that there was alot of turnover. However it does take someone special to do what those girls do. And to be honest I wouldnt want just anyone to work there. I totally trusted the Mooresville center and although yes they changed their hours it was only to make things easier for us the clients. Not to mention they wanted us to come in on mondays so we could get back on track after the weekend and my daughter and I loved that theory and most of the time we lost or maintained on mondays. When they changed the hours to being closed tuesdays and thursdays there was no way we could try to put off in coming in on a monday. We personally liked them opening up at 7am like they used to a few years ago and to be honest when talking to other clients when waiting to be seen not one had a compliant. I too bulked all my product up for my daughter and I and I wouldnt have done it any other way. Had I not done that I dont think we would have reached our goal weights. We would have stopped when things got tough. I spent alot of money and am not sure if I will get that money back or my leftover product if I dont ohh well. It’s not like I’ve ever spent money before on things at the mall or home appliances etc. Its just money, Its money well spent. Don’t take out your anger on the staff. They never forced me to purchase anything. If I wanted something I bought it. They always reccomended products but never anything that wouldnt help me achieve my happiness. In other words they didnt hold me down, tie me up and steal my money. I made the decision to spend over 4000.00 at the center and it was the best investment I’ve ever made. Stop blaming these girls for the closing. I am sure they didnt know anything about it. Candace left the company several weeks ago and I still stay in contact with her. I am sure as the previous manager she would have known if the centers would have been closing and she would have told me. Not once did she mention the centers being in trouble. This decision must have came from upper management within the company. Please remember that these girls helped so many people out there reach their goal weights-and are now out of a job. We need to also keep them in our prayers. With that said I wish you all the best with your cont. success. HOLD YOURSElF acountable, stop making excuses, move on, and achieve your own personal happiness. And thank you LA Weight Loss for making a difference in mine and my daugthers life.


  26. To Caring Counselors,

    Thaks for you comments. I, too, feel bad for you all being out of a job right now with the holidays coming and all. You were always very nice to me, made me feel good when I came into the center. I hope things work out for you. I don’t blame you for this. My husband was at work a half-hour yesterday and they walked two people to the door and told them they no longer had a job. So I know that things happen that way.
    I have gotten my receipts together and will be trying to get some of my money back, if possible.

  27. I too was a former employee of LA Weight Loss. Even though I have not worked there for several years, my heart and passion has kept me in the health and wellness industry. I am saddened to hear of the recent closings and know how hard this must be for all involved. I now work for a nutritional company that does things right. If anyone out there is still interested in achieving their weight loss goals, please contact Total Nutrition Technology. We have been in business for over 15 years, specializing in health maintenance, weight management, and sports performance. We offer a highly customized program without the pressure of purchasing supplemental products. We have 9 locations throughout the Charlotte area and employ registered dieticians and degreed professionals. I wish you all the best of luck.

  28. Just like the Concord Employee I too would like to say that I am so sorry that this has happened. Like Concord said we were all blindsided and we would have never been with the company if we knew this would happen. The thing about our jobs is that we actually build relationships with our clients and we want you guys to get to your goal. Thursday was a very sad day…..again I am so sorry and I know that all the Pineville Counselors and Managers wish everyone luck with refunds and receiving your products. We all loved each and everyone of you!

  29. To my dear clients,

    On my other email I didnt want to give my real email address because of the fear of my safety but I figured if there was anything that I could do to help, I want you all to be able to respond. I truly feel so terrible about this whole situation. I really will truly miss all of you. If there is anything that I can help with– PLease let me know…. Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to be apart of your lives. I hope you all reach your weight loss goals. As for me, I would love to stay in the weight loss industry- so you never know we may meet again..

    Take Care, Amy

  30. Well, I took a break from them in July-Aug. I also needed to purchase additional weight loss weeks. They closed the center in Marietta, GA and the only option was the center in Camp Creek. I went online to get their number today and only TN centers came up! I purchased my LA lites in bulk and would like to either receive a refund or get the lites. What a mess…

  31. I am a former member from gastonia. I was very saddened with the closing, I had only been a member tech 3 months due to surgery. But in that 3 mths I did manage to lose 21 lbs & have kept it off so far! I have contacted an atty in gastonia abt the situation, if any former clients want 2 email me u can and I will give u his name! I was reading abt care credit but haven’t called them yet.. Glad 2 see they are helping! Hopefully if we all back together like they have in the other states.. We will get something done! My thoughts and prayers are with each of you all!! And good luck in your stive and commitment to get healthier the right way!!

  32. To Amy and other Concord employees, I was so saddened that you all lost your jobs the way you did, who are we to complain about hundreds lost, when you are surely out more than most of us just in the time it takes for you to get a new job. I wish you all the best and hope things work out for you. I started the diet with my sister in law Kim just 2 weeks before the center closed, and have lost 10 lbs in these 5 weeks that I have been on the plan. I would love to hear from you Amy and I am sure Kim would too.

  33. I would like to continue with my eating plan because I too was very successful with the program but I am wondering if it will be successful without the bars? I mean isn’t the plan really based on the proper eating habits? Were the bars mandatory, or can I be just a successful with following my plan? I was on the red plan.

  34. I had just returned to LA Weight Loss last fall after being off on medical status when I went to weigh in and they announced they had a special on the “bars’. As I had done in the past, I prepaid for a large quantity and within the next 2 weeks I learned on the local TV news that they would be closing.

    I went in to the Center and asked for my bars and was told I could only pick up 5 boxes. Since they reduced their hours to 2 1/2 days a week and the open time was during my work hours, I asked my husband to pick up bars for me. He was able to do it only once and was limited to 5 boxes with no choice..only coconut. I went in to the center one more time to pick up bars and was asked if I would like to buy some office fixtures in lieu of bars. I did not take this offer. They owe me 14 boxes.

    A note on the door said there was another location open in Vancouver. Further checking I learned it is closed.

    Is there any way to get the bars online or is it going to be a fruitless effort to ask for a refund?

  35. Hey, I just got a call from LA Weight Loss corporate office. They told me since I put my plan on a temporary hold that they REFUSED to refund my money. I rejointed for additional help with them in August. They folded their doors in September 2008. But she said they would send me 33 boxes of bars. She said I wasn’t a member. I find that funny since I pay monthly to their finance company and she admitted they owe me 33 boxes bars. I contacted my local TV station, Better Business Bureau & the Wa State Attorneys office. Those of you out there I hope you do the same. Especially your state attorneys office.

  36. I am a former client that is out about 1800.00 and this sickens me…..I loved the program and had great success but I would love to get my money back….all paid up front….bars, pills, juice etc……Looks like a good step is for all to contact the Attorney Generals Office of NC…..I cannot afford a lawyer and am not real good at starting things up myself….but it irked me enough to continue to contact AG Office. We need power in numbers…

  37. I also prepaid at the location in Rancho San Diego. What are other members doing about the products we are owed because we paid for them. Did any one file a complaint with their credit card company?
    This is extremely frustrating.

  38. i live in shreveport la. I join la weightloss i paid in full over 1.000 dollar one morning i went there ask the manager was this site closing she said no. The next two months they had closed. I never made it to the maintance part never got all my food or snacks im very hurt for it . someone need to slap suit on them.

  39. Hi, Kim and Michelle,

    I just happened to check this site and saw your email. Thank you. If you want to get in touch wih me– email me at I hope all of you are doing well and reaching your goals,

  40. Please if someone can tell me how to get my money back from LA Weight Loss the center closed and I have found no way to contact anyone, they owe me for 78 boxes of Bars. There should be something we can do because that is stealing in my book, hard earned money.


  41. Pat,
    If you paid by credit card you can dispute the charges with the credit card company. I got most of my remaining money from the program and products not yet picked up. I made copies of contract and explained it was all paid up front and listed the items not yet received including the weeks. They credited my card with the amount.

  42. The center in Abilene Texas also closed as well……..i had lost alot of weight with the center when i joined the first time. And then had to stop going for personal reasons and family reasons… I rejoined again and started going again when things got better for me personally….again it was working for me very well…..and i was back to my pre children days…..which was exciting!!! Then i had a surprise preganancy and gained weight….and i again thought to la weightloss to lose my baby weight again since it had worked so well for me in the past….i work right in the same area of where the center was located and the name was still on the building and the signs were all still up…..yet apparently the electricity had been turned off….there was no notice of our area center closing…the tv ads and everything were still being advertised…..they even won “the best weightloss center” in our Readers Choice Awards in our local newspapers annual business/people awards….I also have bars and suppliments that i have paid for and obviously wont get!! I even have some of the 30.00 juice suppliment too…..yeah yeah yeah!!! if i could get that money back….i mean people do fall on hard times…and losing out on money doesnt relieve that situation at all….

  43. hello,
    i currently work for la weight loss in Alberta, and it is a shame that they did this. Unfortunately, most lawl’s are fanchises. Most store are owned seperately. The owner of the one i work for owns 13 centres and we are ALL still open. I dont agree that they could take your money knowing they are closing down. that is not right. in alberta we had many calls regarding us closing and if you could redeem your la lites from our centre….. WE ARE NOT CLOSING OUR DOORS IN ALBERTA SASK. OR MANITOBA…..

  44. I joined the Rancho San Diego center and invested 2,000 in the program. I only used 5 boxes of bars and two months. I would really like to find some way to get either my money back or the proucts I paid for.

  45. I joined and when it stopped working I told them I wanted the rest of my lites because I had paid up front for them. They said I couldn’t get them. The biggest ripoff I have ever been involved with. I am happy they closed down. Oh, by the way it was my fault I hit a flat out no-loss for several weeks. Gee. They got their money.
    Now I am looking into another type of center that will let me go free (if it stops working) until they can help me figure out what will work best for me to loose the weight. I have several food allergies so this is going to be tricky for them. We’ll see what they can do.
    Avoid the LA group and what every they changed their names to. find a buddy and start again with better support in just your friends.

  46. I was a counselor for LA Weight Loss for 4 years. I left the company in 2005 because I had an opportunity to work “my dream job.”
    It really hurts and upsets me to see that people blame the counselors for all of this. When I worked for LA Weight Loss I put my heart and soul into helping every person I could. I made sure that my clients even had my cell number in case they were struggling. We helped people lose weight,increase their self esteem,reduce the amount of health problems they had and even helped some people get off of their medications completely; so that they can live a normal life.
    I think all of your anger and ill will towards the companies actions is justified. HOWEVER if you feel you must bad mouth the company please keep in mind that the counselors and most managers probably had no idea what was going on. I know I didn’t. I loved my job. I loved my clients. I still try to keep in touch with many of them. As counselors we got paid crap….we didnt stay for the money….there were no medical benefits and the hours were rough. Why do you think we stayed? Because we wanted to help people. I personally lost 65 pounds on LA Weight Loss. The program was great,the counselors (for the most part) were great and actually cared BUT I will say that the owners of this company obviously only had their best interest in mind.

  47. Angel, La Weight Loss was extremely expensive but it was the only weight loss program I ever lost weight on and I’ve been on most of them. My only problem I had was no one was ever able to help me get unstuck after I lost 50 pounds and stayed there forever and eventually quit. Had I been showed how to get unstuck I would have stayed. I did gain my weight back but it took several years. That’s right several years. So you have to know I lost actual weight(fat) and not water. Thanks for hanging in there. Cleo

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