1. I worked for your company for 2 years and quickly worked my way up to asst manager. I loved the clients and took pride in my position in helping people lose weight , However I soon learned that it was more of brainwashing people and hitting them up for thousands of dollars to join having them come back 3 days later and trying to pre sell them thousands more of your awful LA weight loss bars! Closing my center for the night I put my keys though the door and never went back. I sent emails to the “higher ups” in your business only to not be responded to. It breaks my heart to find out your centers were only a scam for people who truly want to change thier lives with weight loss.
    In training we were taught to make them for so bad about themselves and it was good if we could get them to cry. Then sell sell sell products and programs to them SHAME ON YOU!!!

  2. Dear Vahan,
    I worked for LAWL / Pure for 4 years and accepted each and every position / transfer that was offered to me. Why? I loved my job, I loved my clients and it was a wonderful feeling to know that I personally touched so many lives in a very positive way. My greatest desire was to retire from LAWL / Pure.

    Feel free to check your records and you will see that not only did I bring an “enormous income” into your pockets, but I continued to build your business using my integrity, compassion and understanding for all clients and staff members.

    In September of 2007, once again I accepted another promotion as Regional Asst. in the VA market. At the time of my transfer, I had been living with my elderly parents and assisted them in their daily routines. This was a huge decision for me as not only was I leaving my parents, but my children and grandchildren as well. My belief in the company was so strong that I left them behind hoping to be able to better my life and consequently their lives also. Needless to say my entire life changed because I believed in the company. I secured a 6 month lease in VA, had to purchase another vehicle due to all of the traveling involved throughout the state and I can’t forget the moving expenses I incurred.

    As this market was reaching an all time high (once again, records are proof), it became my responsibility to begin closing centers. I personally phoned each and every client, moved inventory, records, etc. December 12, 2007 along with many other employees, I got the boot, however, I continued to help my managers, employees and clients get through this transition as smoothly as possible…off the clock.

    I too, did not receive return calls from corp. nor did I receive a return call from you.
    I was stuck in VA. During these 3 months, I was reimbursed 1/4 of my out of pocket expenses and am still due in excess of $4400. I am residing in another state and still paying monthly rent for the apartment in VA, not to mention more moving expenses.

    My biggest regret is that I did such a good job for you and the company. I will most definitely continue to battle for what is mine. I hope at some point in time your conscience will destroy your greed and do what is only right and return what was not yours to each and every one of us “who believed”.

    In closing, God Bless you and your family.

  3. To: Eva, former LA Weightloss Employee

    You are wrong to defend LA Weightloss in any way, shape, or form. Even if you feel like you were there for honest reasons, that doesn’t change the fact that so many people were left with no program and no money. I’ve gotta tell you, you are either in extreme denial or you have no morals. And your reference to the economy is shallow at best. The people that paid hard earned money for what they thought would be a healthy and positive experience are now out big $$$.

    I myself was a center Manager at an LA Weightloss in Florida. After my first few weeks of employment
    I was shocked. As someone that has struggled with my own weight, I was initially thrilled to be working in an environment where I would be helping others achieve their weight loss goals. I began to realize that the owners were less concerned about helping people than making a profit at almost ANY COST. After holding this position for only a couple of months, I was beginning to look for a new job when thankfully, my husband’s company required that we relocate cross-country. Aware that many of the LA Weightloss Centers were franchises, I was still naive enough to think that my experience at the Florida center had been negative because of the owners. I sought out employment at an LA Weightloss in our new city/state and felt reassured to find that this franchise was owned by an actual Physician (had to be credible, right?!). WRONG!! I ended up working for the new franchise for not even a month and a half and due to their inappropriate sales tactics and “they cry, they buy” motto, ended up walking out in the middle of a shift because I COULDN’T SLEEP AT NIGHT and refused to encourage my employees to take advantage of potential and current clients. I find it hard to believe that your upper management was any different. After working in the two different markets and hearing similar stories from other center managers, it was obvious to me that the core of the company was rotten. Even so, it’s wrong for you to take the stand that YOU alone are “hurt”. Alot of innocent people were basically exploited, and if you were in the business for the right reasons, you would be more sympathetic. I regret the day I ever worked for them and feel for anyone that was ever a client. In a nutshell, yes the basic program works. I myself lost 36 pounds on it. There was no need for the shady “tactics” used and they could have had an honest business and been very successful at it. Instead they turned it into a negative experience for so many people because of one word:

  4. I know so much time has passed since I’ve worked for LA but there isn’t a day that goes by I don’t think about all the crap we as employees had to go through just to be an employee for LA. I was with the CO. for almost 6 years. The only reason I stayed that long was for the clients and some of the other employees. I was shipped to 4 different centers back and forth but NEVER complained about it. I do have to say the calls coming in from [whoever] test calling the employees was UN CALLED for and a violation in every sense. I could go on and on about how it was so very stressed out it was to be working there but I think everyone who knows anything about this knows. And the flaky women who were working as directors-gee I won’t even go there. I knew LA weight loss would close soon after I left-just a gut feeling. let me tell you how I got let go after 6 years. I trained a girl named Michelle and then she went to assistant mg-then to manager then right to on of the high and mighty’s and she turned on me and everyone around her. My Mother was dx of cancer in December 05 . I wanted to take a medical or personal leave [which from others was told it was OK] to talk care of her for awhile- Well miss high and mighty Michelle and the old lady Diane [trying her best to look younger] decided they would CALL me at the office while I was crying in my office because I just hung up with my sister telling me my Mother was just dxed with terminal cancer and only had a very short time left… I then took a call from the two ,they told me I was terminated and when I asked for a reason I was told they didn’t NEED a reason and told me to leave the center and do not come back for any reason. Well needless to say I was angry and went to see a lawyer and he said I had a case along with all the others suing LA Weight loss but I backed out because of the only GOOD person at LA-Zeke…He is the one and only person at all who was good and kind. Hopefully he has moved on to better things. By the way Vahan I honestly think you were also one of the good ones and your co. would of made it but you just hired the directors who brought your co. to an end. Bless you and your family.

  5. I joined LAWL because a friend of mine did so well on it. After I joined my diabetes, which was bad to begin with, became even more out of control and I had to go on insulin. I had my husband call the LAWL center where I was going to explain that I was not going to be going for awhile. When I returned, I was really looking forward to getting back in to the swing of things, even though by that time, I had started having migrained every week. This made it difficult for me, but I was trying. By this time, LAWL must have been in trouble in the Portland, Oregon area. All of the sudden the hours kept changing and the mood of the manager who was always so nice, was nice hostile to me. Then, next thing I know, they are closing. I never got my full 30 weeks or all of my bars. I paid for 72 and they still owe me like 63, Will I ever get them or my money back>?????


  6. This is to Debi, I am so very sorry that you are going through this. Let me tell you something YOU WERE NOT supposed to be eating the bars at all being a diabetic, there was not much you could have from the center if your a diabetic, who ever signed you up should of known that it is no wonder you got worst and why didn’t your Dr. ask what you were eating. I don’t mean to sound mean but this was one of the things that would upset me to hear that employees would do and Dr.s never asked questions, I as a manager would call people to stop them from using the lites and get their $$ back asap. Debi if you want to lose wt. just follow your plan and MOVE even if you just walk around the block 1 x a day it will help soon you’ll be running a marathon. I would love to help you more but I don’t know what plan your on and what your goal is. [I did not only wk 4 la i am certified in nutrition] why LA I’ll never know why I stayed. All my best to you and I know you can do it, just think of the future and what you want to do or look like and most of all think about yourself being alive and healthy and if you have a family think of them doing things with them. Good Luck

  7. This is to Carrie. I questioned them about the bars because they spiked my bloodsugars. Yet they kept telling me I had to eat them. Why would they jeopardize my health for the sake of the company? That is just insane. Maybe I need to let them (LAWL) know I have a lawyer and I want my money back. They placed me and my health in huge jeopardy all for money. I really appreciate your kindness and encouragement. It is the first time I have felt like I could get back into it and do something to get this weight off. They really screwed me over. Thanks so much.

  8. To Debi, I do really think you should have a lawyer and I think [but not sure] they have a class action suit against them [join it]. I loved my job there BUT ONLY to help people reach a goal and to be supportive through this most difficult time in life to lose wt. I wish there was a way I could help you, I am not real good with the computer but I do know I don’t want the whole world knowing my email address but if you know a way we can talk I would love to help you. I wish you all the best and my heart goes out to you I too know how it feels to need to lose wt. it is very heart wrenching in itself. BUT remember you are worth it and be a little selfish through this time of losing wt. make it about YOU. And be the way Debi there are diabetic bars you can get if you feel the need for snacks I use them and I’m not a diabetic I am hypo. God bless you and again good luck. Maybe Oprah, Ellen or Rachel can some how put us together LOL wouldn’t that be a hoot. Carrie

  9. I recently renewed my membership. Everyone knows how much that costs. Has anyone spoke with a lawyer or knows what steps to be taken to try and get our money back? I’m still making payments to CareCredit so I don’t ruin my credit score in the world but it sure puts a bad taste in my mouth with the money I’m paying for nothing. I’ve tried all the phone numbers for LA Weight Loss with no replys. Even emailed them. Nothing. Anyone out there have a suggestion????

  10. Hi Kelly,

    I am a former LAWL employee that posted back in September. I want to make it clear that I am no longer with the company and am only responding as someone concerned that you continue to be taken advantage of. If you paid for your membership with Care Credit or if you are continuing to do so, I suggest you call Care Credit and explain your situation. Simply tell them that you are paying for a program that no longer exists and that LAWL has filed for bankruptcy. I have talked to several people that are in your situation and they said that when they contacted Care Credit and explained the circumstances, all of their money was refunded. Your contract with Care Credit should hopefully be terminated as well. Make sure you get something in writing confirming the termination. That way you don’t have any future problems with negative credit marks from them.

    I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with this and I wish you the very best.


  11. To Kelly

    Did you get an LA On the Go packet? I was to get one in the mail after my file was sent. I never got one in the mail. The only saving grace was that the manager gave me one. I have never called them because I am still waiting for the “mailed” one. I, too, have emailed them directly through their web site and have gotten no responses from their customer service. I even threatened them with a lawyer. That was yesterday. I don’t know what number or email you are using, but here are some more to try. phone number 877-522-2577 email mylacounselor@laweightloss.com and fax 215-346-8514. These will be my next step. I am looking into finding a class action lawsuit to join or contacting my own lawyer as I have a lawfirm on contingency through our insurance agent. We have only had to use them once. It looks like we may have to use them again. Good luck to you.


  12. To anyone reading this…..

    Patty of Canby OR (01/02/09)
    I Just need to say first, the LA Weight loss center I went to is Wilsonville, OR. they closed and went bankrupt with no notice. I signed up for the full program with over 600.00 for the prgram and almost 400.00 for the LA LITES [product] I came into the center March of 2008 and they told me to attend at least 3 times a week if I could. I went into the office at least 4 times and recieved like 3 boxes of the bars and two of their meals at the most. I asked the ladys with the lab coat were they trained and they let me know that they were customers who got a job just talking to people as they came in and they were there to give encouragement on progress. But every time I went I was pushed to buy pills and vitamins and misc.

    I signed a contract to pay CARE CREDIT. I get a bill every month to pay it and I do because it will damage my credit. I have called numerous times and was sent to LA on the go, which they told me they have nothing to do with the franchise that did this to me. After screaming literally at one lady at LA on the go about how do I get ahold of anyone, she gave me corporate # to LA weight loss and I tried to no sucess at all. Its a fake voicemail that gives you a bunch of different directories and no one answers to the calls nor do you get to leave a recording because it says this mailbox is full so it sends you to a operator which says hold on the line but the call is never answered even if you sit on the call for a hour. I called the LA on the go again and they said well try their email which its fake too this is what they gave me: franchisecustomerser@la-weightloss.com Now that page cannot be found.

    I told the lady at the LA on the go again this did not work. She prceeded to tell me I dont care about your situation and I dont know what to tell you, she informed me their center was in Idaho and Corporate is in Pennslyvania. I let her know that LA weight loss centers have run a shady operation and have screwed thousands of people including me out of a great deal of money

  13. I was a client at la weightloss. I was so happy when I joined the center because it really worked with at the beginnings but after 2 month I shocked when I knew that the center will be closed and all my wishes gone. I wish that the center can be openened again.

  14. I use to be an employee in NC and We were trained to take clients’ money, PERIOD!!! The “if they cry, they will buy” method is sick and many coworkers used it and moved up in the company for doing it. Meanwhile, I was fired for not selling enough and caring for the clients. I even asked the manager one day, “If clients didn’t like me, but I was selling a lot, would I still have my job” The answer was “yes”. And she wasn’t lying because after I didn’t meet my quota, I was out. They came up with some bs about having clients pay up front to gain their committment, please. The owner of the stores in our area was cheap and cared only about money…and now I see it was a nationwide thing. This was a scam to prey on the vulnerable who were sincere about losing weight. Sadly, it worked. I hope you all don’t lose faith in losing weight and good luck to you all.

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