1. i attended pure for 3 months, every month they talked me into buying something new and told me if i didint buy i could not loose enuf weight to continue. the last time i went in to my visit they told me they were closing and they had no jobs and could not give me my money back.now im stuck paying a Huge care credit bill that i did noy even get to use this a bunch of crap. pure weight loss owes me about 800. dollars i live paycheck to pay check and this is crazy i cant afford to pay this any more.i need my refund so i can get out of debt.

  2. I lost weight with their program but it was very slow. I did not reach my goal weight, and all they did was tell me to keep buying their juice and their bars. When I questioned them about the bars, they said they were a must, but I just couldn’t justify the use of them, they were fattening and had tons of sugar. When they would tell me to change my veggies or fruits instead of the bars to get the weight off easier, I wouldn’t go for it. I stopped using those bars and still lost the same amount of weight each week, so that was one total rip off. I found that those bars were very constipating as well. They still owe me for my one year maintenance. I am really ticked off that this company could take our money and get away with it!

  3. I am upset I was not informed of the closing. I had purchased more weeks and products right before they closed. I was not attending at the time due do the fact I had a baby. Since I was breastfeeding exclusively, I could not follow the program. When I went back in I see the door closed and no way to get my records. Now I am out of my money and products. The worst part is cant go to the other companies they suggest to get my weeks because can not find the darn contract that was purchased in 2004. Don’t know what to do our how to get some help.

  4. This program worked for me and I was upset to hear the locations were closing. However, the employees let me know WELL in ADVANCE, it must’ve been one of the first locations to close. I sent in all of my refund paperwork in early November! I’m owed a GREAT deal of money (over $1,000), I’m a working mom with a family to provide for and that’s a lot for us. It’s now July, I have not been reimbursed and when I went to the center, back in the winter, to pick up products they had nothing left. I’m very disappointed that a company could operate in this fashion, misleading it’s employees and customers. I’m angered and hope that our judicial system will do it’s job justly. This whole thing smells a bit like Enron.

  5. Hi,
    I was on the LA Weight Loss plan about 6 years ago. Although it was pricey, I did lose weight and was extremely happy with the program. I have tried others before, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and loved LA the best. I was on their website to see if there was a center near me and nothing came up. Then I put the zip code for my old center and again nothing came up. I then googled LA Weight Loss and couldnt believe what I read. It is really sad. I had such a great experience with them and was looking forward to returning.
    With that being said, I do not have any of my old info. But I do remember that I was on the gold plan (losing 20-30 lbs). Can someone confirm that is was 2 protein, 3 veggies, 3 fruit, 2 startches and 1 fat? That is what I remember. I would like to try it on my own (and can get the juice and bars on ebay). I will miss the weigh ins and support (that was huge) but am williling to try. Also, just anyone have the restaurant guide/frozen dinner exchange guide?
    Thanks and look forward to hearing from someone.

  6. Consumers and employees BEWARE of LA Weight loss Franchise CO. They are in fact closing multiple units monthly. Everytime they take over a market from a franchise owner (because the owners were going into bankruptcy due to lack of support from the corporate office-Currently several of the owners have filed suit against Harold, Tim Britt, Bill Warin and Kriti McKenna for violation of the UFOC agreement-Not sure if Deb Towes was named in the suit because she is not an officer of the company) they make empty promises to the staff and clients acting like they are riding in on their white horses. They will start having blow out sales on product, DO NOT PRE PAY for product or you will regret it. Within a month to 6 weeks of the take over BAM! They start closing centers, changing pay structures, cutting staff. It is common practice to only have 1 person in center for the whole day to service clients. There goes client service. Then the refund request start coming in by the droves. The managment staff is put under a lot of pressure to make sure that certain amount is sold weekly if it is not there is hell to pay. In the end the result is always the same, the market shuts down. 100s of centers have already shut down across the US and now they are moving to Canada. They have just taken over Toronoto and centers have already begun shutting down. I agree with Kelly, the company is going to have a hard time surviving the summer. If they do survive then they will have to face Nov and Dec which is just as slow as summer if not slower for the weight loss industry. I am sure it is not easy being in the shoes of the individuals that make the business decisions for this company but wake up you keep getting the same result-FAILURE! Hasn’t Harold had enough bankrupt companies? He is not a stupid man, change your business model it obviously is NOT WORKING. I wish all current clients and employees much luck and strength. You are going to need it.

  7. They are also closing centers in Reno Nevada and Sparks Nevada. Hmmm….Maybe there are lot more closing than we know. I just know about the ones here in my region. They shut down 8 LA Weight Loss Centers in Las Vegas earlier this year. So this is 10 in this state that have folded without refunding money to clients.

  8. Alicia-What city are you in? Where is your center closing? My understanding is all the LA Weight Loss Centers in Tennessee are closing. I go to the one in Memphis. They have no stock and the staff is very young and unprofessional compared to when I went before. LATO is LA Take Over. If that is who you got your check from, that is a corporate managed center that used to be owned by a franchisee. They took these centers over in January because a lot of the franchisees were going bankrupt. That is why they use the name LATO.

  9. From my understanding the ones that are closing are franchises. Therefore you have LATO and they are corporate. Does anybody know anything differently? When I posted my last comment about it being crucial that I know how someone knows about centers closing I simply want to know because I would have to plan for new employment. My heart does go out to the ones whos centers have closed.

  10. Liz said: I simply want to know because I would have to plan for new employment.
    Do you really need to know the source of the information to make your career choice?
    I’d suggest reviewing all the employee comments at http://www.franchisepick.com regarding the closing of Pure Weight Loss earlier this year. Those centers were named LA Weight Loss months before closing and they were NOT franchised.

    Also read the store closing stories for LAWL and Pure at http://www.franchisepick.com and here. See how much notice the employees were given, and how well they were repaid for their dedicated service.

    Read those things and make your decision. Either way you go, I’m sure you’ll end up on the career path you deserve.

  11. Another one bites the dust… La Quinta, CA closed without notice. I paid for my program with the maintenance plan in advance, including the supplements and the LA Lites. I am out over $1000. The owner does not return calls, and neither does the corporate office. How is this not being investigated nationwide!!!

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