He took your money, but not your spirit. Tell CEO Vahan Karian – and the world – how the closing of Pure Weight Loss affected you financially & emotionally. Whether he’s on the golf course or at dinner at the club, we’ll make sure the gets your message. And we’ll copy the media and the PA Attorney General as well!

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2 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR MESSAGE”

  1. Dear Vahan Karian (or should I say Karabajakian, your real name?):
    I hope you are enjoying the money you took with you. Just a reminder that your enjoying your life style at the expense of my family, the employees you left without jobs before Christmas and the members that put their trust and money in us only to be abandoned overnight. You’re welcome.

    I am a former LA/Pure Employee (Manager) who invested 5 years into a job I was very proud of. I never let my employees look at our clients just as $$$$, and never let anyone disrespect clients in our center. I have seen thousands of successful clients with the program and many of them became good friends. I was never ashamed to run into them at the mall or my kids school.

    That all changed when you decided to cut and run. I had to close the doors and tell my staff they would go into 2008 unemployed. Merry Christmas. I had no good answer for angry clients who had just joined the week before and prepaid only to be told were were closing, good luck.
    Clients who know me know it wasn’t my fault, but what bothers me most is that the trust and goodwill we built over 5 years was ultimately what deceived them into prepaying for a service and for products they never would get.

    Are you able to look your former employees or Pure Weight Loss customers in the eyes? How does it feel to never know whether the person fixing your car or serving your food lost thousands of dollars to you? Or that the Attorney General is coming after your assets? Was it really worth it?

    I hope you enjoy your millions while you can. Just know that we will continue to spread the word so the next suckers know who you really are. Some day you might look in the mirror and see the same thing. That will be a sad day for you.
    Former PWL Manager,

  2. I work for Corproate LAWL–and no matter what they tell you, it is all the same company. They talk all this “split” stuff, but all the Marketing was done out of the same office. They only decided they “split” after they knew LA Corporate Centers were not making money. Let me tell anyone considering LA Weight Loss Franchise Company “DONT DO IT”. The entire company will be gone prior to the end of 2008. They are closing more than 100 centers this month and there were only 398 centers as of June 1st. Now they will have only 298 which are primarily franchise driven. The entire corporate office is crooks. They claim to have dieticians and Medical Personnel on staff to support the franchisees and client questions. If you go to the office, you will see all those empty cubes. Its near the end.

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