He took your money, but not your spirit. Tell CEO Vahan Karian – and the world – how the closing of Pure Weight Loss affected you financially & emotionally. Whether he’s on the golf course or at dinner at the club, we’ll make sure the gets your message. And we’ll copy the media and the PA Attorney General as well!

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9 thoughts on “SHARE YOUR MESSAGE”

  1. Dear Mr. Karian:
    I appreciate the opportunity to write to you to share some of the hurt and damage that you have caused in my life and I’m sure in the lives of thousands of others like me. I know you’ll probably never take the time to read this. and if you did you probably wouldn’t care. Maybe you’ll even get a laugh out of how you suckered us poor fatties out of our hard earned money. I read how you got all the money out of the company before closing it, so I’m sure you don’t care. But maybe some of your family members or friends or future suckers will read this and be interested in how you paid for you fancy house, car, and nice vacations at the expense of those of us you left feeling betrayed and stupid.

    I have been overweight all my life and tried every diet I could find with no luck. I am also diabetic and have suffered from depression. I saw the ads for LA Weight Loss (before it was Pure Weight Loss). I made an appointment, was bought your professional sales pitch hook, line and sinker. I prepaid nearly $2,000 to cover the cost of my program and my ‘lites’. I didn’t like prepaying, but they said it would insure my committment to the program.

    I began losing some weight and gaining confidence. . I slipped a few times but was determined to get back on track. They convinced me that I would need more lites to make up for the time I had slipped up and to reach my Goal Weight. So they told me to buy yet more lites because they were changing their name to Pure Weight Loss and all products with the LA name were on sale. I had some health issues to deal with so they put me on a ‘hold status’ until I was ready to restart my program.

    When I came back to my center to to get back on the program in January I found a note on the door saying they were closed and to try other weight loss programs.

    I never received a single call or letter or any notification of their closing to me. I filled out refund request forms and when I send them in they came back undeliverable. I was unable to get the money back, have gained weight because I counted on continuing the program, and could get no information on how to get my confidential records back or what happened to them.

    Congratulations Mr. Karian. You figured out a beautiful scam to get people to trust your comapny thinking you would help them. You betrayed them, took their money, and laughed at them. Some day you might wake up and look back at the harm you caused. I wonder if you’ll think it was all worth it. Hopefully you’ll wake up on the bunk in a prison cell.

    Enjoy my money, Angela

  2. Hello,

    I too was one of those whose money you took, without any regards to the pain and suffering you left behind.

    I am a military wife, on a very fixed budget. I bought your program, hoping to look better and be heatlhier for my hubby when he returned from Afghanistan. With my husband deployed, my three children and myself are living on a budget of almost 1/2 of what my husband made in his civilian job. I skimped on some stuff, and put the full amount of 1 year of the program onto my credit card.

    I was doing well on the program, then suffered the death of a close family member. I needed to take a few weeks off to take care of the situation, and take care of a health problem I was suffering.

    When I returned, the company was closing. I filled out for the refund, and actually received a check in the mail. But the check bounced when I cashed it. SO now I am out the money for the program AND the bounced check fee.

    I have filed with the PA Att Gen, but do not expect to receive and money back. SO now, when the hubby comes home, not only will I still be overweight, but we will be financially worse off.

    I wish they would send you to Iraq!!!


  3. I never got to do maintenance or stabilization. Now I have slowly put on fifteen pounds. I truly believed in LA Weight loss and feel that I was abandoned as were so many others. I truly believe what goes around comes around.

  4. I never in a million years thought i could be taken for my money like this,right i plain sight! i cant help but think how u are using mine and everyone elses money like u earned it YoU DID NOt .You lied cheated bribved and STOLD our money

  5. Mr. Karian,

    I am writing to inquire about my refund. In December of 2007 I submitted my refund application and I have yet to receive it. I am due to be refunded for the basic program as well as 33 LA Lites boxes. According to the form the process should have taken about 8 weeks, however, it is months later I have not received a Penny. The customer Services number which the center that I attend provided for me does not even work,

    Where is the refund? I am sure that I am not the only obe requesting that I be fairly refunded for a service and merchandise that I did not receive.

  6. Mr. Karian,

    I am a nutritionist and have developed a weight management program that may help the people continue on a healthy program.

    Very inexpensive


  7. I was convinced of everything that i needed to buy in advance and assured everything would be available to me when i needed it. Everything was working great, so great that i even got my mother to join. Now we are both out our hard earned cash. It is a total disgrace that any one can do this to such a large group of people. It was a total blow to my self esteem when i heard that it was all comning to an end. I finally was starting to feel good about myself then instead I started to feel like a total sucker…….all good things must come to an end right! it just seems that the whole program was too good to be true. I am owed about $1000 and my mother about $1200. We desserve every penny back. To this Mr. Karian or whatever your name is i really don’t care i hope you are having fun i hope you get fat and i hope all your good things come to an end what goes around comes around and i hope you lose all of that hard earned stolen cash!!!!!!!!!

    your family should be ashamed of you! how can you sleep at night …theif!

  8. I paid for a years worth of bars and 2 months later the Lafayette, Louisiana LA Weight Loss center is closed!!

    It is criminal to steal people’s money and it will catch up with you!

  9. I too spending about a thousand dollars in this LA Weight loss program, and they have my products, no consultation and they have my money. I HAVE NOTHING. I didnt receive a credit on my Care Credit Card at all. I feel totally robbed. I still have to pay all that money for nothing. WHERE IS MY CREDIT for the money you have. THIS IS SO UNFAIR. What do i have to do to get a refund????? What you just take peoples money and run out on them. How fair is that? You should refund everyone.

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